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Best selling sex toys 2014

Loved The Product

8" Hollow Strap-On - Black (Rating: 5/5)

Woooooow Speechless,what a great toy to have for your lady.Once I took the inner tube out,slid my meat into the product and it was on point.She was nervous about it at first.So I lubed it and let her got on top.Once she had the feel for it,she was amazed.Great toy,just needs to be about a inch smaller.She couldn't believe the feeling of it,we fucked for about a hour..She was coming and coming over and over..when I took it off she sucked my dick like never before.the thing is that you need to have some expensive lube because it will get dry..Everything was and is great about this complaints or worries it will get the job done..I have to give this product two thumbs up and a perfect 5 ratings..Who ever made it hit a home run..I'll recommend this too everyone who's dick is 4-6 inches. Because she's not going to tell you and hurt your feelings because she loves you,but this is what she wishes you had..Everyone who read this buy it and you will never have to worry about your lady looking for another guy with a dick that's bigger than yours!! I guarantee that. MUST BUY!! MUST BUY!! MUST BUY
Reviewed By: J.P Man

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Not for me

Hello Touch (Rating: 4/5)

I think it's great it's just not strong enough for me. Although my husband LOVED it. So I'll have to play with it a little more.
Reviewed By: Anonymous

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Stiff 4 Hours 2 Pack (Rating: 1/5)

Reviewed By: Anonymous

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Proper tool for the job

Male DP Strap On Large (Rating: 5/5)

If you have read our previous reviews you know we have some large toys and the girls are slim so they need a sturdy harness to control two or three pounds of cock. This is a very sturdy harness that cradles their hips snugly and can be adapted to fit any girth cock with replacement rings. The girls say that the quality of the harness gives them the confidence to go crazy while they are ramming 13 inches into me.
Reviewed By: Their Bitch

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Wife loved it!!!!

Black Mamba Cock Sheath XL Penis Extender (Rating: 5/5)

Now so you all know this toy has ALOT of girth. Anyway my wife loved it, stretched her pussy lips wide around this big fat cock. We have other toys like this and she said this is her new favorite. If you want to see your wife be a 100% satisfied and make moans you never heard before, this is a must buy!!!
Reviewed By: Anonymous

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