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Best selling sex toys 2014

Proper tool for the job

Male DP Strap On Large (Rating: 5/5)

If you have read our previous reviews you know we have some large toys and the girls are slim so they need a sturdy harness to control two or three pounds of cock. This is a very sturdy harness that cradles their hips snugly and can be adapted to fit any girth cock with replacement rings. The girls say that the quality of the harness gives them the confidence to go crazy while they are ramming 13 inches into me.
Reviewed By: Their Bitch

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Best C-Ring out there

Super Soft C Ring Silicone Cock Ring Red (Rating: 5/5)

Going on 3 months now and this cock ring is the best by far on the market. Just enough tension, stretches easily making it easy to get on or off regardless of erection size. Very comfortable for long term use and actually does seem to prolong ejaculation for a few minutes. Cleans up easily and made from high quality silicon which is very soft.
Reviewed By: Anonymous

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Tantus Cock Ring

Super Soft 1.5" C Ring - Red (Rating: 5/5)

Great cock ring. Fits snug at base of cock-stays in place during fucking. Recommend lube and some trimming of cock hairs .Ladies like the texture of the shaft with this ring!
Reviewed By: Anonymous

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Very Strong Vibes

Vibro Erotems Medium Butt Plug Black (Rating: 5/5)

I have the Large version of this buttplug. I rarely use it because it is literally a pain in the assshoving it in and pulling it out. But this Medium plug is perfect. It fills my asshole up nicely, goes in easily, very strong vibrations. So strong that I spew gobs of cum after only a minute or two of putting the vibes to max. I'd like to see a Medium-Large version of this - somewhere between this plug's 1.6" and the Large's 2.3" diameter. And if they could power it with 2 C batteries it would really shake up my bowels! Only downside was the controller stopped working so I grabbed the controller from my Large plug. The light comes on but no juice to the plug. Maybe the power jack is shot? Cheap.

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Tantus Super Soft C Ring

Super Soft 1.5" C Ring - Red (Rating: 5/5)

Just finished fucking with this cock ring. .Use a little lube and trim cock hairs and place this ring around your balls and cock-will keep you hard for a while. Cumming feels great with this lady liked the big cock head and the bigger veins on the cock shaft. Fucking Great!
Reviewed By: Big Red

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