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Best selling sex toys 2015


Senso Sapphire (Rating: 1/5)

this product was one of very best until the manufacturer decided to greatly reduce the density of the rubber and it looks like the ribbing was also reduced. the previous version was a real kick! but don't buy this!
Reviewed By: Saddnes

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Best Dildo

Carmens Fun Cock 8.5in Jel-Lee Blue (Rating: 5/5)

I don't normally do this but this dildo is the best one I've ever used. Can ride this for hours if my butt would hold out! Not too big, just the right size and length. Couldn't ask for anything better.
Reviewed By: The Pirate

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Excellent Harness

Vac-U-Lock Supreme Harness W/ Plug (Rating: 5/5)

This is an excellent harness. My wife and I use it on each other regularly. The harness can even go straight into the washer with your cloths after each use unlike harnesses that have a lot of metal or are made of leather. Excellent choice.
Reviewed By: Anonymous

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Make sure you're big enough...

Vibrating Cock Sling Clear (Rating: 3/5)

I bought this thinking that my penis, which is just under 5.5 inches would be long enough considering that the sling is 5.5 inches. I think you need 5.5 inches not including your head, however, which means you really need a 6.5 inch penis. I bought it for my girlfriend as a surprise and it was a little awkward when she tried putting it on me and I wasn't big enough for it. We still used it and I strapped the lower circle around my balls so it stayed in place. It still felt pretty great for both of us, but would've been even better if I were big enough to use it as it were meant to be used. Anyways, if you're big enough go for it, but if you're not maybe try something else
Reviewed By: Anonymous

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oops again

Animal Pouch Short Extra Large Leopard (Rating: 2/5)

Not for big body guys little guys I'm plus size.
Reviewed By: Anonymous

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