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My nickname is Loreann, 41 years old, I'm 41 years old, i'm straight, i'm here since 2011-06-07, my last connexion 2014-08-21 08:18:08

Loreann 2014-08-21 08:18:08
 41 years old
rufe peoples

I am mature women what like daily sex or mastubate online :) I can be online in the daytime. I like many things in the sex. You can still tell me what you want to do with me. I like to play with my sextoys. rufe peoples

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Vibrator #1 - Purple (Rating: 4/5)

Well I bought this and it was very interesting. It shipped fast. When I opened it I noticed it had a smell, Im not sure but I think it will fade with time. It also has a taste, its the same as the smell not bad but unexpected. I think its a good length for any hole you wish to fill. And the vibrations are wonderful especially on the highest setting. However there is one draw back, it seems to loose lubrication easily, like if I lick it i drys quickly. I would suggest using lube with this rather than saliva, seems like it will stay lubricated longer that way. Overall Id give this a 7/10.
Reviewed By: Kiaranii

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