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Best selling sex toys 2014


Vac-U-Lock Attachment Hung White Realistic Dildo (Rating: 5/5)

When this first arrived in the mail, I said how big could it be - well, when I took it out of the packaging, my eyes popped! I knew that I would have to practice with this before complete entry, so I did for several weeks. Now, with relaxation and plenty of lubrication, this is absolutely satisfying beyond words. I can't wait to use it again.
Reviewed By: bigboldand happy

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Don't buy these!

Trojan Sensitivity Bareskin Lubricated (Rating: 1/5)

These condoms are horrible! I bought a box and used two, and both times it broke. It's not like we were having crazy sex either. It's the thinnest ever because it doesn't work. Mine as well not even use one.
Reviewed By: Anonymous

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A must have for Anal enthusiasists

Elbow Grease H2O Thick Gel Regular 8.5 oz (Rating: 5/5)

Quality product holds up well. Company name is clever. Recommended!
Reviewed By: Anonymous

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Dick Rambone 16.7" - Beige (Rating: 5/5)

Yes, I have this product, but also wanted to be the person to write the first 100th product review! First off, as others have said, this is not product for a first-time toy user, unless it is made for a gag gift. That said, an experienced ass-player can take the whole thing, and I thought I would tell you how I did it. I am only about 5'10'', so someone shorter may have more difficulty due to room for full insertion. This started months ago with much smaller toys, each a little larger to continue the stretching. The two larger toys that I used for preparation were the Natural, and the LA special. Both compare in width so that is a good test. The natural has a more pronounced taper which I really liked, how it would pull in once that point was reached. All three are about the same stiffness and have to be worked in slowly to navigate the curves. So of course before starting with any of the larger toys, you have to have cleared your bowels and bladder!!! Just not enough room for everything. I found it possible to lay on my back in a reclining desk chair and using another chair or the edge of a table, slowly be able to work both deep into my ass. It is necessary to use a lot of lube, and keep your back/innards straight to allow the deep penetration. Once you can take these two on, I think you're ready for the Rambone. I found lying down would not work and since Rambone has the suction cup, I chose to stand and used a heavy duty night stand turned at an angle so a corner was between my legs and the Rambone securely stuck about 6 inches back WITH THE BALLS POINTING AWAY FROM ME!. For some reason this made a difference. Also, if you worry about your floor, be sure to have a large towel down in front of you because there will be drips of lube, maybe a little blood, and of course, you'll cum probably more than once as your prostrate gets massaged! Then using a lot of lube I started to impale myself slowly. Often taking the Rambone out completely and resting for a short time. Trying to take a little more each time, which wasn't always possible. There are three critical areas. First is working past the inner sphincter muscle. This takes some time to stretch, just like the outer one. Then there is the curve. This is where standing up makes the most sense. I found I could maneuver easily while applying pressure by sitting and would find the most comfortable place to pass the curve. The last sticking point is where there is about 2 inches left. Of course this is "virgin" territory since this is that much bigger than the LA special. It took me to my third time with the Rambone before I could sit up very straight and add more pressure to bury the Rambone to the balls. I could only take that for a few seconds and I was cumming without even touching myself. There was an intense full feeling and one of accomplishment, simply unbelievable. Yes it can be done, but it is a lot of work. Worth it? you won't know until you try.
Reviewed By: Ultimate fun

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Is Jasmine a Virgin!?!

Jasmines Hot Mouth (Rating: 5/5)

4 words. tight like a virgin.
Reviewed By: Pete H.

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