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Best selling sex toys 2014

Thank god someone got it right!!!

Fierce Passionate Vib Cyberskin Strap On (Rating: 5/5)

I am no stranger to disappointment from internet orders of cheaply made, uncomfortable, and pathetic excuses for sex toys, BUT I am very pleased to say that this item is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!! I would really like to thank the creator of this one!! Id rate it a 10!! And if your ordering it don't forget the cyberskin renew powder! Its a must with this product and this site offers it for the best price that I've found.
Reviewed By: Anonymous

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It's okay but not great.

Triple Ecstacy Thruster Pink Vibrator (Rating: 3/5)

I was expecting a lot more out of this one than it delivered. It is not that thrilling and the worst part is that it doesn't have a lot of power or varieties to select. It is very not wow.
Reviewed By: Anonymous

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Vac-U-Lock Attachment Hung White Realistic Dildo (Rating: 5/5)

When this first arrived in the mail, I said how big could it be - well, when I took it out of the packaging, my eyes popped! I knew that I would have to practice with this before complete entry, so I did for several weeks. Now, with relaxation and plenty of lubrication, this is absolutely satisfying beyond words. I can't wait to use it again.
Reviewed By: bigboldand happy

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Best ever

Luv Twins Double Date Inflatable Doll (Rating: 5/5)

These are the very best blow up dolls ever. No sharp plastic edges to rub your dick raw. Feels like a real pussy when you are in the heat of the moment. I humped these girls all night. clean up was easy. I am going to fuck them again soon. I thought my dick was going turn inside out.
Reviewed By: Anonymous

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Lives up to the name!

Delightful Dong - 8" With Balls - Black (Rating: 5/5)

Truly delightful! Although a bit fearful seeing this up close and personal I wasted no time removing from the package, Quite hefty and awe inspiring. After respectfully handling the beast then testing my gag reflex with it got down to business. Happy to have also ordered an 8.5 oz. bottle of thick 'Elbow Grease' lube with it experienced great pleasure when the realistically shaped head penetrated my sphincter muscle and the pleasantly veined thick shaft did everything but cum! Suction cup is great and seeing it prominently dangle from a mirror or wherever I leave it starts each day off with a smile. Best part? Never goes soft and no cuddling or Yappity yap after!
Reviewed By: Anonymous

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