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Best selling sex toys 2014

It's epic

Rogue Vibrating Erection Enhancer Anal Stimulator (Rating: 5/5)

Reviewed By: Anonymous

View Item  Price: $31.29

A must have!

Cyberskin Renew (Rating: 5/5)

So I just got my new toys in today and if you have or thinking about purchasing a cyberskin type toy then this stuff is a MUST HAVE!! Trust me, this site sells it for the cheapest I've found! So don't waste anymore time and have fun!!!
Reviewed By: Anonymous

View Item  Price: $3.12

Is Jasmine a Virgin!?!

Jasmines Hot Mouth (Rating: 5/5)

4 words. tight like a virgin.
Reviewed By: Pete H.

View Item  Price: $7.98

wow this thing goes deep

Ram 12" Inflatable Dong Flesh (Rating: 5/5)

I pick my 12" ram dong up the other day i tried it out that night its crazy how deep i got it the whole thing inside and thos thing will open u up for real i pump it about 20 times and felt full
Reviewed By: bttmboy

View Item  Price: $35.82

The best pole for the $$

Mi Pole Professional Dance Pole (Rating: 5/5)

Well Built, Sturdy, No damage to the floor/ceiling. Strong enough to climb and spin. Hours of sexy fun at any party or for fitness.
Reviewed By: Anonymous

View Item  Price: $157.95