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The Spirit of Halloween Despite our species' abiding fascination with dividing ourselves up by skin color, ethnicity, origin, language, politics and religion, every human alive now and over the last several thousand years shares one abiding truth:  we are and have been all remarkably genetically alike.  Given nature's love of diversity, how do we account for this global lack of human genetic diversity? Sifting the pieces of our present and of earth's history, scientists across several fields point to a curious event that happened about 73,000 year ago.  The Toba super eruption. Today's Lake Toba in Sumatra, Indonesia, is the remnant of the planet's last super volcanic eruption, 73,000 years before present plus or minus 4,000 years.  Toba's super explosive eruption is reckoned to have blanketed Southeast Asia in ash fall, spewing enough ash and gas into the planet's atmosphere to cause a worldwide drop in temperatures.  At least years of ecological disaster followed, if not decades, in the wake of the volcanic winter.  The last ice age, already underway, was not caused by the eruption, but it surely got a nice boost. Meanwhile, study of genetics reveals that today's entire human population might have derived from about 1,000 to 10,000 breeding pairs of humans who lived 50,000 to 100,000 years ago.  The narrowest estimate puts our genetic Adams and Eves at about 70,000 years ago, right around the time of the Toba event.  Any period where a species' numbers drastically decline, reducing possible genetic diversity, is called a genetic bottleneck. Scientists who place the facts together theorize that the super volcanic eruption of Toba stressed the planet's life, including human life, to the point where a handful of survivors were left to repopulate the world after the thousand-year effects of Toba.  If so, imagine those survivors.  They would have been a hard and determined people.  The only members of our family to survive the latest worst ecological disaster in life's history. It is cool to consider that at the time of the Toba eruption our species was still not the only members of the genus Homo on the planet.  Neanderthal humans still shared our world with us, and it looks like Homo floresiensis managed to cling on for some time on the island of Flores.  Our ancestors, following Toba, began to migrate out of Africa.  We know that our ancestors and Neanderthals lived among each other for a very long time.  For whatever reason (many theories are out there), by 20,000 years ago our ancestors were the only human species left on the planet.  All others had joined the long list of Earth's extinctions. From that genetic bottleneck of a small number of humans, our ancestors spread across the globe.  By 10,000 years ago humans had started to plant crops, selecting grains and grasses for abundance and yield, kicking off the Agricultural Revolution, the single greatest social and biological development in our species' history. Our ancestors also began domesticating animals, beginning with dogs, and then sheep, goats, cattle, chickens and pigs.  By 4,500 years ago our ancestors had built cities, created writing, and began to develop complex political and legal systems and mythlogies to domesticate humans out of a hunter/gatherer psychology and morphology and into today's 9 to 5, coffee-clutching human. Out of a dark and hostile distant past, Homo sapiens sapiens has claimed the planet.  We domesticated its resources, and in turn domesticated ourselves.  We are not those struggling, shivering, starving few who led to us. Out there, right now, is the potential for another Toba-like event.  It is not a question of it it will happen.  Only when it will happen.  Our planet's clock moves on a geological time scale, not on our 9 to 5 one.  But, the planet's clock never stops.  Not for our ancestors, and not for us. Enjoy the loveliness of today.  The abundance around you.  Appreciate it and realize this:  we are all related, after all.  Given what our own planet has done and will again do to us, perhaps our domesticated fears and desires seem a bit silly in comparison? Happy Halloween.

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Is This Our Extinction Level Event? By The Sleuth Journal Forget Fukushima and the ecological and climatic damage caused by the Gulf Oil Explosion. These events are child’s play compared to what is coming from Yellowstone super volcano. The problem is that it is impossible to predict when the massive explosion will occur. This event will end life as we know it, but will it happen next week or in 10,000 years? Nobody knows, and for certain, nobody can do anything about it. I have been ignoring the hysteria and hype surrounding the claims that Yellowstone is a massive super volcano ready to blow its enormous top. Sensationalist journalists have been claiming for years that if there is a volcanic explosion at Yellowstone, it could constitute an extinction level event (ELE). Yeah right! At least, that is what I believed until last week. Last week Roger Landry, the Director of the Liberty Beacon Project, called me and reported that there was renewed discussion regarding Yellowstone related to the fact that we could be looking at a massive eruption which, at minimum, would destroy the United States and the resulting ash cloud could threaten all of humanity. More

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Two years ago, I began having strong feelings that I needed to leave California... the west, in general. I also began having 'day dreams', where I could be driving down the freeway, and suddenly see that landscape around me as if it was underwater. With debris floating, and caught up on the light standards along the freeway. I would have dreams at night where I would wake up holding my breath, after in my dream seeing a mountainous wall of water surging over the land, and looming high over me before crashing down. This morning, I spoke with a friend whose close ties to those who are closest to our land, Native Americans, is very strong, who said that the elders have spoken of the West being caught up in a cataclysm of fire and water. Then, just a few minutes ago, I thought of this image, and went looking for it. In the book, The Harbinger, there are signs in America that are mirroring those which occurred 3,000 years ago. Messianic Rabbi ‪#‎JonathanCahn‬ wrote that book, though the words, he says, flowed and did not come from him. He has also written the follow up, The Mystery of the Shemitah: The 3,000-Year-Old Mystery That Holds the Secret of America's Future, the World's Future, and Your Future! which I am now reading as I can. This book, likewise, he says, wrote itself. In it, everything is tied together according to the Hebrew Calendar... and the Year of Shemitah which we are now entering, which ends on Elul 29 next year. Look at this graphic... see where the federal government has ILLEGALLY taken lands from We The People... they have stolen the lands which are the RICHEST in NATURAL RESOURCES. ALMOST ALL of those lands are in the western half of the nation. The same areas which are to be involved in the cataclysm which the elders spoke of. Fire and water. What which would most impact those areas? Consider this... the Shemitah is a year of Sabbath, a year in which all lands should lie fallow to grow wild, and in which all debts are to be forgiven. The ancient Jews did not heed God's Word or His Law... and for 490 years they were arrogant enough to feel that they could do better on their own, before their destruction in 356 BC. They were taken into captivity, as prophesied, for 70 years... one year for each of the Shemitah Years that they did not acknowledge. And so it came to pass. What better way to punish the government of America in its prideful ways than to take all the resources which it coveted enough to steal the lands which belong to God and to the people than to destroy those natural resources? Those areas in fullest red... consider the massive, ancient volcano under Yellowstone, and the areas that are projected to be destroyed should it erupt... consider, also, all those predictions of 'The Big One', in California, along the San Andreas' fault system's 700 miles of faults.... is this possible? Or even likely? What are your thoughts? I, for one, feel an ever growing sense of urgency to get out... to go east to Texas, where I've wanted to be for awhile. But, not without my loved ones. The time is growing short, I fear. The blood moons and the Year of Shemitah are upon us.

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