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Wed, 17 September 2014

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Wyoming talk

luwury74 talk: кружки по географии рабочие программы
They talk: Скачать: ... (зеркало)
Скачать: ... (ссылка)
Информация о файле в сети: География. Общая характеристика программы. Примерная программа по географии для основной .
Скачать: ... (зеркало)
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p01yN0Nym0u5 talk: LightheReady LightheReady ... ... ... ... ...

Jen talk: Pondering: For those of you with 12-month non-faculty appointments, what (if any) are requirements for scholarship and service?
They talk: We're 12-month faculty at Wyoming and 10% of our job is "research, scholarly, and creative activity." We do not have a mathematical formula or points system for publications and presentations, but we're basically expected to be consistently engaged in this work and striving for quality over quantity. Our guidelines for that are online: ....
Oops, I should have said we also have a 10% service expectation. We're expected to participate nationally in service to the profession, p some level of university service.
I'm slightly an odd duck here, but FWIW I have no formal expectations.rmally, service is absolutely wee and encouraged (and funded to some extent), but publication has to be negotiated carefully bece academic staff aren't s'posed to do "research" on work time (that's for faculty, doncha know). The kind of publication I do is no problem, as it's not research per se.
I find it utterly baffling that anyone involved in librarianship would be told research should not be part of the job. *head explodes*
Well, that's the thing -- I'm not a librarian any more, I'm instructional staff, and the Big Bureaucracy apparently thinks it needs bright lines between and Troo Facultiez. (Though when I *was* a librarian here, not only were there no expectations for service or publication, I was explicitly told by my boss that anything of that nature needed not to be on work time. So there that is.)
I think the Big Bureaucracy in a weird way is trying to protect instructional staff, sorta? Like, we're paid less than faculty (even pretenure faculty), so the BB wants to be sure it's clear on where the extra value isingom? But I dunno, I don't pretend it makes much sense to me either. It t doesn't hit me where I live, so I don't worry about it much. (And to be clear, this really is cam-level bureaucracy I'm talking about; this DOES NOTeom the department I work for.)
our librarians are 12-month academic faculty, which isn't precisely your question, but in case it'seful: they have expectations of service (university and professional), scholarship, and excellence in their field that match the expectations for teaching faculty on 9 month contracts. However, we set our own internal standards for the level of service, scholarship, and excellence, so it's not an apples-to-applesparison with the rest of the cam's academic expectations. In re: service, I essentially direct and counsel our librarians to find a cammittee or two to serve on, and to be able to show a substantivemitment to the cam's wellbeing through that venue. And scholarship is deeply personal, but each librarian needs a tained and systematic plan for how they will write, present, or otherwise create and share knowledge with our professionalmunity.
<threadjack>wow. my professional activity has never been either tained or systematic. total catch-as-catch-can and whatever I happen to be interested in/most pissed off at at the time.</threadjack>
I panicked when a member of our P&Tmittee asked me about my "research agenda." I should have said "responding to what is pissing me off." :) I have not ever been good at planning where it will go ahead of time. But I think what Jenica's shop is doing is great.
Basically, I don't want anyone to get to year 5 of a tenure package and be told they haven't done enough of anything. so they need a plan -- and i need to have told them they need a plan -- whether that suits their nature or not, bece it suits the needs of tenure, and we have to care about that shit. they can, of course, change their plan at any time based on what pisses them off... but the bones of aplishment at the core of the thing still need to hold. :)
Makes sense - and honestly, no harm in looking ahead. I t tend to get sidetrack....oh, look, a butterfly!
Hey Jen - we're 12 month staff with service and professional development expectations as part annual performance goals/reviews and for promotion. I'll see what summaries I can find+share!
We can either have a cohesive, tained line of inquiry or investigate several areas in our scholarship. We do have to show engagement throughout our pre-tenure years (and beyond). I'm glad we include our current research interests and plans in annual reviews and T&P reviews, but that we don't have to make a long-range plan when first hired.
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col talk: 2014, I'm thinking of reading my way around the either by virtue of the author originatingom a state, or probably by reading a book set in a state. But I want to do some research first - is there a site that can point me in the direction of crime fiction authors and states that are linked together or do I need to find out myself the hard way?
They talk: Col you can start at ...
This might help Col: ...
And this list is huge: ...
I'm no longer a member but if you're on Good Reads the mystery & thriller readers group there did this a year or two ago - they had a good forum listing all the states and all the books set in each one.
That's something I've thought about doing too Col. I'm sure someone once had aA states reading challenge.But I haven't been able to find it. World 66 has a map you coulde (like the one I haveed for my Global Reading Challenge record) See ...
This year I have read 13 books by American authors, certainly not set in specific states but I will have a few more by the end of the year. It would be a big jump to 51- there are only 51 states on the World66 list - but aren't there 52?
We could of course set up our own reading challenge blog site with a Mr Linky for each state. There is a map/logo on my reading challenges update page that we coulde. ... Interested? email me at kasmith9 at
Col, I have jumped the gun a bit, as you will seeom the email I've sent you. t that I have some time today which I probably won't have next week, and this could be quite a task. If anybodyelse wants to look see
Wow, thanks for the links - I should be able to pin down a lot of my intended state readingom what's already on my shelves, but I won't have all of them covered. Kerrie thanks for setting it up as a linked challenge, it may change the pattern of your reading a little bit jumpingom 13 upwards! I hope a few more join in as I'm always interested to see what other people are reading.
Joining that kind of challenge would take up about half of my reading for a year based on current numbers of around a 100-120 books a year - that's not amitment I'm interested in making - but I will happily check to see what others are reading for the different states - there are plenty I haven't 'visited' yet
Rebecca, I was kind of thinking........hmm give it a go, but if it took 15 months or 18 months, it wouldn't be a problem - not as intense then. I haven't actually figured out how many books I have read this year or last year, but I would hazard that it's far in excess of anything else. But that's t me and my particular taste.
I like that idea of a perpetual challenge Rebecca....I could see my way to reading around the within a few years
Perhaps for those who want more manageable challenges there could be some smaller ones. New England challenge, Deep South, West Coast. Help, I think I need an American here!
Kerrie- I'd love to help however I can. I like the ongoing challenge idea bece I think I'd get bored only reading by region, ie I might overdose on NY, CA or the South, which seem to be most of the American crime novels I've read. Let me take some time to play around with some ideas.
Rebecca, that would be great. I'm thinking we could suggest some shorter "journeys" like the states that make up particular regions. See how far I've got on Feelee to join up btw.
Many thanks for your lists Rebecca. They are t the thing and I'm sure they will be popular. Check them out on the site
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