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Tonygqusa: WSOP 2014 – George Danzer wins Event 38: $10,000 Seven-Card Stud Hi-Low Championship for $352,696

EgoGraphics: Covers, Toons, Logos, ART. Enough magic for today. Rise and grind tomorrow. Time for some WSOP.

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p01yN0Nym0u5 talk: SurreySlum SurreySlum ... ... ... ...
They talk: ...
❀ Snuggletits ❀ ‏SweetSnark7 Protected Tweets SweetSnark7's account is protected. MarjoryStewartBaxter ‏SurreySlum 50s I HAD NO IDEA! I've always loved that account though, now maybe even more. SweetSnark7 AGENT_GATTACA RTDouchebags PatKenzie02125 Hide conversation Reply Retweet Favorite More 10:28 PM - 19 Jan 2014 · Details Tweet text Reply to SurreySlum SweetSnark7 AGENT_GATTACA RTDouchebags PatKenzie02125 Dismiss Image will appear as a link Pat Kenzie ‏PatKenzie02125 Protected Tweets PatKenzie02125's account is protected. MarjoryStewartBaxter ‏SurreySlum 5m So if that's your blog does that mean you own RTDouchebags that account too? PatKenzie02125 Hide conversation Reply Retweet Favorite More 10:24 PM - 19 Jan 2014 · Details Tweet text Reply to SurreySlum RTDouchebags PatKenzie02125 Dismiss Image will appear as a link MarjoryStewartBaxter ‏SurreySlum 50s I HAD NO IDEA! I've always loved that account though, now maybe even more. SweetSnark7 AGENT_GATTACA RTDouchebags PatKenzie02125 Reply Retweet Favorite More Expand
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nqeblso talk: Изготовление отмычки и инструкция по изготовлению с картинками
They talk: Скачать: ... (ссылка)
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suq1xis66 talk: календарный план по русской литературе 7 класс по учебнику бирюкова
They talk: Скачать: ... (ссылка)
Скачать: ... (ссылка)
Скачать: ... (зеркало)
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micia talk: Sto provando a ricordare dove fossi nel 2006 per la finale. Niente raga, V_U_O_T_O.
They talk: dice "forse si, perugia, in centro strombazzando con federico e la piera" OK, no, non c'ero. E se c'ero ero morta o svenuta.
io ero a casa a vedere la partita, da sola, sul divano, con le ciabatte in mano che venivano lanciate contro il televisore. che bei momenti <3 poi sonocita sul balcone a gridare e sono andata in piazza a festeggiare con mioatello. Avevo 26 anni e questo lo ricordo con affetto <3
io ero al bar e sono piuttosto sicuro che tu non ci fossi (curiosamente, io mi ricordo esattamente dov'ero in tutte le finali dei mondiali. però tipo non ho idea di dove fossi ieri)
ricordo perfettamente: nel luogo dove facciamo la sagra, con tutta la gente che lavora per la sagra, finita qualche giorno prima. cena durante la partita, con lancio di oggetti e cibo, anguria post-partita e gente che è andata via perché non se la sentiva di vedere i rigori.
eh, lucretia: non mi ricordo se ci eravamo mollati da poco o cosa. mo guardo qualche foto del 2006, vediamo.
dunque: ho delle foto del 9 luglio 2006 in centro a perugia. ma in realtà sono dell'8 notte, pare, quindi c'è scritto 9 perché era dopo mezzanotte. stavamo appunto festeggiando la mia amica. quindi presumibilmente ero a perugia. ma non ricordo niente.
Io ero in un ameno casolare nelle valli bergamasche a festeggiare il battesimo della figlia di un amico. Amico che fu "invitato" da praticamente tutti i partecipanti a provvedere per tempo nel dotare suddetto casolare di parabola, decoder sky e tv
dice la mia amica che avevaanizzato la cena in campagna per la partita. se alle 4 di mattina del 9 luglio ero a pg, ragionevolmente ero pure alla cena. (possibile che me lo debbano dire gli altri?)
Per me non è difficile ricordare, ero a Berlino al Sonycenter (Potsdamer Platz); era anche ilpleanno del mio amico berlinese e per questo avevo rifiutato un biglietto per l'Olympiastadion (true story).
Io ero a casa di amici col,mio futuropagno (in quel momento ambedue ignari di quanto sarebbe accaduto, pochi mesi dopo)
A casa coi miei e mia sorella, e finita la partita preso la macchina e strombazzato con lei in giro per la provincia
Al mare a Lignano Pa con moglie e figlia di 2,5 anni, megaschermo in veranda dell' hotel, poi in giro a vedere il casino
a casa dei miei fino ai supplementari, in bici per strada durante i rigori, a casa mia quando Civoli diceva "il cielo è azzurro sopra Berlino" (poi sono rimasta davanti alla TV per altre due ore, credo di saperli a memoria i rigori)
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Livefromthearcade: World Series of Poker: Full House Pro Trailer It’s poker. It’s free. It’s full of pointless visual items to spend far too much real world money on. Other than that one minor flaw, this is good times for poker nuts. For the full review go to: (Video sourced from YouTube for demonstration purposes only, all credit and copyright to their respective owners)
Date: 2013-10-07 21:01:28 GMT

XBLA Mini Review – QIX++:

Price: £6.75

Description: QIX is an arcade classic from the days when graphics really were limited to a few simple lines and abstract shapes.

The object of the game is to cut away sections of a rectangle until a set percentage of the area is taken over. Stopping you is the mysterious QIX, that if touches the your marker, while your cutting away sections of the rectangle or while you at the edge, will kill you instantly. It’s a tricky balancing act cutting off as large a section as you dare without getting caught.

It sounds a bit weird but make perfect sense when you play, even if it is a hard as frozen nails.

Like it:

  • An interesting and still unique game concept.

  • Cool music.

Loathe it:

  • Almost unfairly difficult.

  • Graphical updates aren’t all that pretty.

Worth a purchase?: QIX was always ripe for a HD update to make it cool again. Sadly, this isn’t it.

There’s just not enough game in it for the price of admission to make it a worthwhile purchase unless you’re a die-hard fan, which is unlikely given the game’s relative obscurity.

Rating: 2/5

Available on: Xbox 360 (version reviewed) and PSP.

Post on: 2014-08-13 18:30:43 GMT

New XBLA Release Review – Putty Squad – Stuck in the past:

Released: 2014-06-25

Age rating: 7+

Price: £9.99

Genre: 2D platformer

Blimey, apparently not a week goes by without a platformer starring a gelatinous blob being released. This odd quirk of timing aside, let’s get stuck in (see what I did there?).

Putty Squad makes no secret of its retro origins, if anything, it shouts them loudly from the rooftops with some kind of mega bullhorn. Ignoring all that has happened in the world of platorming since the original appeared in 1994 (sort of, as it was never officially released), this is a game the like of which you don’t see any more.

Levels are a seemingly random assortment of things, cobbled together into some kind of challenge. Take the enemies for example: you’ll see weird looking dudes in hard hats, cats on skateboards you can knock over and use as trampolines, random frogs…you get the idea. Some players will find this scattergun design charming but for those used to the modern, clean and well designed platformer, it’ll look cheap and tacky.

Then there’s the controls, which while easier than the old putty games (this was a game from an era of single button joysticks) again feel unfocused. There’s jumping, inflating, punching, shape shifting, bomb throwing and rocket piloting; which is fine…it just seems a bit unnecessary. The inflate skill in particular negates much of the need for skill, as you can simply float over most obstacles or access high up areas without the need for springs to bounce off. Putty itself feels complete weightless as a character, making movement feel very insubstantial.

The whole game just exudes and aura of oldness about it. From the odd design, to the cheap as chips graphics, which wouldn’t look out of place on mobile game released a few years ago. It’s just not a pretty thing to look at or play.

Like it:

  • Old school charm.

  • Much easier to play than the original.

Loathe it:

  • Old school looks.

  • The platforming physics feel a bit limp.

Worth a purchase?: It’s not without merit and it’s nice to see some less well known platforming stars being given the chance to shine again but if this is anything to go by…maybe it’s not such a good idea after all.

For die hard fans and platformer fiends only, I’m afraid.

Rating: 2/5

Available on: Xbox 360 (version reviewed), PS3, PS4 and Vita.

Post on: 2014-06-28 18:30:27 GMT

Thoughts & Opinions – Barmy Betas:

The land of gaming has become a little obsessed with ‘Betas’ lately, even ‘Alphas’ are starting to appear in the most mainstream of games, Destiny for example.

You know what though, they’re a bit rubbish aren’t they?

I recently had the good fortune to get into the Battlefield Hardline beta on the PC. At least I thought it was good fortune. For a gamer who hasn’t played a Battlefield game seriously since Battlefield 1943, released on XBLA a few years back, the game was a confusing mess.

There were vehicles all over the place, weapons that had no explanation of their usefulness, vague objectives that only a few people seemed to understand, while the rest just mucked around and shot at each other. That’s when there were enough players actually able to connect to make a match worthwhile. In short, it felt like a waste of my time and I promptly stopped playing after a few hours.

That’s not to say I didn’t see the potential, the idea of cops and robbers dialled up to ‘11’ on the bombast scale, is definitely something appealing. The E3 trailer is what convinced me to try the beta in the first place and that made a far more effective advertisement in my eyes. I was interested, intrigued, excited by the spectacle of it all but with that said, the beta actually put me off the whole thing.

Now I’ve experienced at it’s worst, I’m not sure I want to bother to see if it gets better later.

Perhaps I’m not the target market for a Battlefield beta. Maybe it’s just for the hardcore fans but that got me thinking: surely new players will be tempted to try out a new Battlefield?Just as I was because of the low cost (zero) and the excitement of playing something new. I fear most, like me, will be put off, never to come back again and that’s not what EA or any other publishers would want out of a beta test, is it?

I understand the need for stress tests, making sure everything works but this…it’s just convincing me I don’t want to buy a game before it’s even out.

I’m getting quite tired of beta and early access stuff now. As a means for a smaller developer to get their game funded while they make the game, early access is a great idea. It’s just as a consumer, it doesn’t offer me much, other than hope that I’ll get a good game out of it at some point.

Being a racing game obsessive I thought I’d try out Assetto Corsa in early access on Steam. Big mistake. For the most part, the whole thing has been largely devoid of content, buggy and nearly unplayable. Again, it’s put me off. It’s been months and months now and things are finally starting to look nearly like a game, with the addition of multi-player, but it’s still far away from something I’d actually enjoy playing.

Call me old fashioned but want to play games that are filled with content, where progress can made, goals can be met and achieved and above all else can be played properly and enjoyed.

I think somewhere along the line people have forgotten you’re supposed to enjoy your hobbies now, not at some point in the distant future.

There’s enough games out there, that are actually finished, that you never have to play a beta ever if you don’t want to but it seems the obsession with the new that gaming has, has reached its natural extreme. Next thing you know we’ll be reviewing game ideas, never mind betas.

Post on: 2014-06-26 18:30:40 GMT

Thoughts & Opinions Extra – e-Sports Now Open to All:

Following my earlier ‘Thoughts & Opinions’ column, I have discovered, as is so often the case on the internet, my information was already out of date.

The International e-Sports Federation has now lifted it’s restrictions on female entry into their tournaments. They are now open to all.

Read about the turn around here:

This is a fantastic and unbelievably quick turn around and represents a great step forward for e-Sports.

Now they are still holding tournaments specifically for women, but are allowing anyone to enter the main ‘open for all’ tournaments, which is the best of both worlds.

What is also great to note is that despite my predictions, Blizzard did have a hand in the turn around in the decision.

IeSF motivations for the segregation of men and women were also not as foolhardy as I presumed. They simply wanted to insure that women were better represented and wanted to create tournaments specifically for them to encourage participation.

Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised by the speed of the turn around and how the IeSF have handled this. I’m also glad that I was wrong! It’s also a bit weird, as almost everything I said came true in a way, even Blizzard petitioning to stop the exclusion of women, which I never thought would happen.

This highlights one of gaming’s great strengths, it’s community. And how information and ideas can be shared within it and effect real change.

As much as the gaming community can sometimes be a negative thing and self destructive thing, in this case it’s turned out to be a very good thing and it’s important to highlight that!

So, yay for gaming! Yay for the gaming community!

Today is a good day to be a gamer.

Post on: 2014-07-03 22:34:58 GMT things that are good,

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