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Hot korean supermodels

...Until just recently, it was not even clear if Korea had supermodels, but in the last few years, Korean models have entered super stardom together along with other Asian models around the world. International top modeling agencies, as well as local market model agents, have shown tremendous... hot korean supermodels

Best movies to watch on a rainy day

...Great escapism, but either way, here are the top 10. "Hard Rain" This film will make you realize that the rain in your neighborhood is not so bad, and even if it is, at least you don't have boat-loads of hoodlums on the prowl. Morgan Freeman and one-time... best movies to watch on a rainy day

“my favorite things” poetry writing lesson

...Turn Now that you can see how easy it is to make a list poem about your favorite things or the things you don’t like, I hope you’ll give it a try yourself. Feel free to start from scratch, or take one of the poems above and add your own stanzas to the beginning or middle.... ?my favorite things? poetry writing lesson

Health issues caused by 3d movies

...The number of 3D movies released every year has been on the rise for the past few years mainly due to the increased interest in animation and Scifi movies. While these... health issues caused by 3d movies

Where is the best seat in a movie theater?

...Most of you know that movies are best watched from a reasonable distance and high rise position with respect to the screen. However the best seat in a movie theater is not always a last row seat or for... where is the best seat in a movie theater?

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