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...Until just recently, it was not even clear if Korea had supermodels, but in the last few years, Korean models have entered super stardom together along with other Asian models around the world. International top modeling agencies, as well as local market... hot korean supermodels

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2014/12/23 Here's what the internet looks like in north korea
When the Internet in North Korea crashed this week for nearly 10 hours, it's unlikely that many of the reclusive nation's millions of residents noticed.That's because so few North Koreans have access to the Internet, and when they do, they see a very different online world than what most other people outside of the country experience when they log on, experts say.Key N. ...

2014/12/23 North korea's internet collapses after sony hack
North Korea's Internet went dark for several hours amid rumors of US retaliation over its alleged hacking of a Hollywood studio, just as the pariah state came under attack at the UN over its rights record. It was not clear who or what had shut down Pyongyang's web connections, but cyber experts said the country's already limited Internet went completely offline overnight from Monday to Tuesday ...

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