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He/she talks: Woman found dead in Jensen Beach home

A woman was found dead inside a house on Park Street in Jensen Beach.

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Posted: 04 September 2014
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Onelovecmztv: @MrLeighBush (Previously Known As Sammie) - The LB Experience  We know this face from Soulja Boy’s smash hit, “Kiss Me Through Phone”, also his hits “Wetter, Come With Me and more recently the Insomnia mixtape.  Insomnia was his last release as “Sammie”, as he enters a new chapter in an already strong career. The light of this new chapter Sammie is now going by a new name,Leigh Bush. The new name “Leigh Bush” is simply his middle name and last name, Sammie Leigh Bush. Leigh Bush, is the reinventing, re-branding and evolution of Sammie. Leigh Bush describes the change as somewhat of a coming of age. As Sammie, he experienced many trials and tribulations with label changes, management changes amongst an array of other issues. All this shaped the man we all now know as Leigh Bush, grown,humble, wise and more hungry than ever. Leigh has been described as the last in a dying breed of R&B musicians, however his new music continues to carry that famous element of sensual,honest and vibrant energy on each track. Leigh Bush’s new EP is titled “Leigh Bush”, with nearly ten years in the game its amazing to see Leigh staying true to his R&B roots.  Too See More From Leigh Bush On The One Love CMzTV Blog: OFFICIAL WEBSITE: YOUTUBE CHANNEL:
Date: 2013-10-31 20:30:33 GMT

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