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2014/11/17 Concord twp. man pleads guilty to $2.3 million credit union fraud; must forfeit restaurant, condo, car
siphoning money to build a $1.6 million home in Solon and to lease a luxury suite at Cleveland Browns games. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Friday. The National Credit Union Administration and the Ohio Department of Commerce took possession of Taupa ...

2014/11/25 Lakewood chamber of commerce holiday bid & buy online auction is dealing through dec. 8: lakewood postings
LAKEWOOD, Ohio ? Lakewood Chamber of Commerce is encouraging ... Thursdays and Fridays. Grant money might be available to help subsidize up to half the cost of a high school intern. Visit the Ohio Department of Development, ...

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Ohio Department of Commerce Director David Goodman offers comments on a company that's charging people to search for unclaimed funds held by the state. Ohioa...

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#1. 1:28 "we do this for a living... we do this for free.." Free? and I thought these government freeloaders got paid a salary and pension. My apologies, I guess I was wrong. It's Free!, all government volunteer workers, I guess.

The Ohio Department of Commerce is warning residents about a mail scam that is circulating around the state, claiming residents have unclaimed funds. READ MORE:

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