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2014/11/22 U.s. mail about to get slower - mansfield news journal

U.S. mail about to get slower
Mansfield News Journal
Richland County property transfers ... Newspapers, which had a two-day commitment, could take as many as eight days, parcels will be 10 days max,? Michael Rellinger, northwest Ohio branch president of National Postal Mail Handlers Union Local 304, said ...

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2014/10/29 Bait: unclaimed funds. switch: debt collector -

Bait: unclaimed funds. Switch: debt collector
Officials with the Ohio Department of Commerce, which handles unclaimed funds in the state, say postcard mailings started arriving a couple of weeks ago in Ohioans' mailboxes. The mailers instruct recipients to call a toll-free telephone number. A ...

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The Ohio Department of Commerce is warning residents about a mail scam that is circulating around the state, claiming residents have unclaimed funds. READ MORE:

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