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Preparing your child to read

...Educational shows like Sesame Street and Between the Lions together. Talk about the show after it ends or play games related to the show.Pre-reading activities for preschoolersPlay rhyming games with your preschooler. You can make up silly poems and have your child come up with the word that rhymes. Try... preparing your child to read

The dos and don'ts of planning your day

...This Planning is like yoga - you want to put yourself in specific positions, but remain flexible. For example, you can plan to mow the lawn at 3:00 PM today, but if a tornado passes through your yard at 3:00 PM and ruins your initial plan, does that mean you can't mow the lawn? Well, yes, because your lawn would be in shambles. But otherwise - if the tornado... the dos and don'ts of planning your day

Steps to pass driving tests

...More perceptible to the eyes of the examiner. Performing such actions can give your examiner an impression that you are a careful driver who conforms to safety procedures. Be Rational All the instructions of your examiner must stick to the basic traffic rules. He will never ask you to do unsafe... steps to pass driving tests

Electricity safety for kids

...It is better to be safe than sorry – the phrase may come across as a cliché, but there is no denying its pertinence. Though you cannot remove all the things that pose a safety hazard, you can certainly keep a more careful watch on them. It helps to be prepared for such emergencies when your personal safety and that of your loved ones –... electricity safety for kids

Is ginger safe for babies?

...In East Asian, Arabic and Indian cultures as an herbal treatment for digestive distress and arthritis. Although ginger poses very few health risks in adults, its safety for babies -- whether through prenatal exposure during pregnancy or after birth -- is not fully known. Uses Because of its soothing effect on the stomach, ginger is often used to... is ginger safe for babies?

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He/she talks: Massachusetts auto body shop cameras capture tornado

An employee at Master Auto in Revere, MA says the approaching tornado "sounded like a monster" as he ran for shelter Monday morning.

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