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Champagne drink recipes

...You can make any celebration even more special and stretch out the bubbly with these Champagne drink recipes. Combine a shot each of amaretto and orange juice in glass and fill up the rest with Champagne. Pour a shot of blueberry schnapps in flute and add Champagne ... champagne drink recipes

Introduction to aperture in digital photography

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Fifa 14 advanced tips

...Tons of money for a reason. You might have to utilize technical shooting to beat the keeper.  Two words: finesse shot.  Say it out loud and remember it. This is an amazing shot to use to put points on the board.  If you ever wanted to bend it like... fifa 14 advanced tips

Make a pink lady cocktail

...For easy and fast preparation. To make a Pink Lady cocktail, you will need: 1 jigger grenadine 1 jigger apple brandy 1 jigger lemon juice 2 egg whites 2 1/2 jiggers gin 1/2 cup ice A shaker A shot glass or jigger 2 bowl-shaped, stemmed glasses Put the ice into the shaker. Part of knowing how to... make a pink lady cocktail

Tips for improving and making home videos

...With a simple technique called "in-camera" editing. With enough practice you can make an original video look like an edited master. Here are 10 tips for improving your home videos. Tip #1 - Keep your shots short A twenty-second shot of a mountain scene will seem like an eternity. Try to hold... tips for improving and making home videos

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