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Golf distance tips

...Hand is this: as your hips move through the strike zone and the club head approaches the ball, your right hand should snap forward. With practice you can master the timing of this technique and you?ll add an additional ten to twenty yards to your shot. This technique also works with shots off the fairway.Don?t use... golf distance tips

Aperture and shutter priority modes

...If you increase the length of time your shutter is open you decrease the necessary aperture that you’ll need to get a well exposed shot. Priority Modes Aperture and Shutter Priority modes are really semi-manual (or semi-automatic) modes. They give you some control over your settings but... aperture and shutter priority modes

Play pool rules and tips

...The front end of the stick in this bridge, gently grip the butt-end of the pool cue with your dominant hand, and use your arm to glide the stick towards the cue ball. Of course, you will want to line up a shot first, keeping in mind what angles will likely produce what result. One tip that might feel awkward at first, but will in the long-run help your aiming is to... play pool rules and tips

Beginner golf tips

...Spot.New players also have trouble with the takeaway, and you?ll often see them whip their club back with their hands. For any golf shot, a proper takeaway is crucial to the rest of the swing. New players must learn they don?t have to bring the club back fast to make a good... beginner golf tips

Introduction to shutter speed in digital photography

...Previously I’ve introduced the concept of the Exposure Triangle as a way of thinking about getting out of Auto Mode and exploring the idea of manually adjusting the exposure of your shots. The three main areas that you can adjust are ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed. I’ve previously looked at making adjustments to ISO and now want to turn our attention to shutter... introduction to shutter speed in digital photography

He/she talks: Weird Tiger Woods 08 Demo Bug
Took a bad shot and got my ball stuck up in a tree. But Tiger Woods was stubborn and decided that the shot was playable. I never knew just how flexible Tiger...

They talk:
#1. In 07 on pc it makes you turn around 180 when you're putting so that if you don't pay attention you'll be putting away from the whole. where are the game tester dudes from grandma's boy when you need them "oh, it says high score...what happened, did i break it?"

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