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Mobile Phone RefillsAuto- Refill cell phone  Service| How it Works |StraightTalk Wireless straighttalk Auto- Refill  will make sure your Service stays connected without interruption. Simply register a debit/credit card and your Straight Talk payment is made ...

ok so have a s4 for straight talk and i was wondering if i can pay my automatic refill online without having my card being charged right away and i wanted to know if i were to automatically refill my phone online that it wouldnt charge me until my phone refill is up for the end of the month date that it is istead of being charged right away when i apply for auto refill if my phone doesnt already have auto refill enrolled. 

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Posted: 01 January 2015
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Of course, can't refill my Straight Talk service due to web site outage.

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My Account (585) 205-3982 MY SERVICE PLAN: Straight Talk Unlimited* 1 Month SERVICE END DATE: 01-05-2015 AUTO-REFILL: No MY DEVICE: LG L34C Click on the Menu Button to see more options

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