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Lowering your cholesterol

...Your favorite television show comes on.There are individual pillboxes you can buy that help you keep track. We?re talking about the pillboxes that have division for each day of the week. You?ll find these at or around the prescription counter. Here?s a helpful point: Refill... lowering your cholesterol

Steps to prepare your car for long distance road trip

...Face, your tires are probably too worn to survive a long trip. Don’t forget your spare tire! Make sure it’s got adequate pressure and tread, and make sure you have the tools to replace it if needed. Step two: Check and refill all fluids. Check and refill your brake fluid, coolant, engine oil, and window wash fluid. If... steps to prepare your car for long distance road trip

15 easy-on-the-waistline holiday eating tips

...What you want -- not what you think you should. 4.       Say no to the friends and relatives who push the extra piece of pie, the second helping of stuffing, or who constantly refill your drink. You’re the one stepping on the scale or zipping up your... 15 easy-on-the-waistline holiday eating tips

Keeping an eye on rv travelling and your budget

...For your RV excursion. Take what you need for the first days travel, plus a small reserve, and fill up once you’ve reached your day destination. Forget that bulky, economy-sized can of coffee: empty a smaller amount into an airtight plastic container that you can refill later. (One... keeping an eye on rv travelling and your budget

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