Public Talk: Sriracha factory

Jacobdmaurer: People who didn't like living by the Sriracha factory: the needs of the many, guys! Let's just be real.

Gregster212l: Sriracha Factory Irritates Some Noses, but Entices Politicians

Luchanglu: srirachasauce thank god your factory is still around spicy sriracha snapbacksaturday snapback UrbanOutfitters

Ronfeir: RT SrirachaBook: Hot Stuff: Take a Free Tour of Irwindale's HuyFongFoods Sriracha Factory! (via LAMagFood la_ma…

CFCentesr: The California city of Irwindale is expected to vote on whether to declare the factory which makes Sriracha hot sauce a public nuisance

Epricity2: Sriracha factory owner considers move - L.A. Biz

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Sriracha factory talk

Derrick talk: New Chicken & Waffle, Sriracha-Flavored Lay's Potato Chips Allegedly Spotted in the Wild - ...
They talk: i'd try them! when we went to the herr's factory near philly this year we got to taste their new/experimental flavors. pickle flavor was a favorite.
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