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How to protect your home against burglars

...Family’s sense of security and peace of mind. While a burglary could happen to anyone, there are several ways to make your home a less likely target. Use these four tips and let burglars make their money elsewhere.  Reinforce Doors and Windows  First and foremost, make sure you lock your windows and doors.... how to protect your home against burglars

Tips for making the most of google chromecast

...For each of these tips to work you'll need to have Google Chrome and theGoogle Cast extension  installed on your Mac or PC. Stream your own local videos While it's not designed to work as a receiving device like say a Roku or Apple TV, you can stream your local videos to the Chromecast if the... tips for making the most of google chromecast

How to transfer music from ipod to new computer?

...Copying or transferring music files from your iPod to a computer or laptop usually involves paid third party software or tools. Here is how you can do the samewithout having to install any other programs. 1. Connect your iPod to your computer or laptop via USB cable and wait for the PC to... how to transfer music from ipod to new computer?

Make your own beats for free

...Different instruments, sounds, beats and voices to make unique songs. Best of all, there's a wide variety of programs you can find for free. Things you'll need: Computer Internet connection Music software eJay Series EJay had a variety of offerings from hip-hop to... make your own beats for free

Build an affiliate review website

...That page of your site.     Step 7     Upload your finished site to the Internet. You can use free software, such as Core FTP, to upload your files to your server. Once your page is up, you should monitor your traffic, using a free program, such as Google... build an affiliate review website

He/she talks: Howto: Run Windows Programs on a Mac for free!
Another of my howto videos which was requested this time I show you how to run windows programs on mac for free, the website which i download WINE from is ht...

At +Turbulence Structure Laboratory we create sometimes huge numbers of PIV realisations. The latest example is 1200 images (time resolved) PIV, 5 repetitions per frequency, 3 frequencies, 3 polymer concentrations and water reference case. In total 1200 x 5 x 3 x 4 = 72000 PIV maps to be analysed. The greatness of OpenPIV that runs on Python is not only the brilliance of the algorithms, not the clear and open code, but the fact that we are standing on the shoulders of (really) giants: NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, IPython and Cython. It allows us to use the C code for the speed and embarrassingly easy parallelisation using multitasking capabilities of Python and IPython. So, without changing the algorithm, we can share the hard drive over the local ethernet network and get few PCs running Linux or Windows or Mac OS X to run OpenPIV, each on multiple cores. See the screenshot of all the CPUs crunching in parallel the long set of PIV images (see on the left). We can process sequences, pairs, triples, pairs with varying jums and dynamic time intervals, etc. we need more hands on testing, documentation, future developments, see on

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Is the Samsung Chromebook 5 550 the perfect device for a social media strategist? I heard that Google’s Chromebook is the ideal notebook for social media strategists. Is this true? Chromebooks are lightweight, portable computers built on Google Chrome operating system designed for the web. The idea is that most people use their computers to access the Internet, so your decision to buy a laptop should be based, in part, on how long it takes for the device to get you online. With Windows or Macs, you can make the proverbial cup of coffee while waiting for your laptop to boot. Chromebooks are faster booting machines. The Chrome operating system gets you online in seconds. However, a more powerful argument for the business adoption of the device is the IT savings. Should you pay someone a salary of $50,000 year for IT or rely on Google’s “always updated” operating system? While Chromebooks aren’t wildly popular, some — Google hasn’t said how many — budget-conscious businesses are taking them seriously. Google makes changes and upgrades its OS based on feedback from this very important customer base, so the search giant is (so far) committed to continuous, free software upgrades to its Chromebook. Given the growing popularity of cloud storage, Chromebooks are a good idea. Limitations But even Google can’t speed up the future. One example of this is the company’s recent decision to make offline editing of Google documents available for Chromebook users, a welcome upgrade for business. The fact is, in our present reality, we don’t always have an Internet connection. But since social media exists outside your hard drive, I can see how one might think it’s a perfect device for your social media manager. However, the Chromebook has limitations. Your social media management will require video editing software. Before you Chromebook fanboys launch into a spirited defense of the device, pointing out that there are workarounds for virtually any limitation, let me say I realize you can edit video using a Chromebook. But no one would suggest you can do so and replace Final Cut Pro or Sony Vegas (two popular video-editing software programs you cannot install on a Chromebook). For that matter, you won’t find an app for the Chromebook — not yet, anyway — that gives you all the options of Windows Movie Maker. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend a small business owner spend $550 for an “always-connected” notebook where you have to spend time looking for workarounds unless you also had a Windows or Mac laptop, too. In other words, the Chromebook can work if you don’t think of it as a replacement for a laptop. The device is great for travel, perfect for blogging and posting on social media so long as you don’t have to do any major video, audio or photo editing – ‘major’ being the operative word. In this sense, the Chromebook is closer to a tablet with a great keyboard than a laptop. It is a limited device. For business owners, Google will replace your Chromebook if it breaks if you sign up for a one-year contact: $559 for a Chromebook with WiFi-only or $639 for a Chromebook with WiFi plus 3G. The 3G service, provided by Verizon Wireless, is limited to 100 MB per month, which comes to roughly about two full days of work if you’re just using 3G to read or type (not streaming video.) Here’s a chart I put together comparing a new Samsung Chromebook with an older Toshiba laptop (Toshiba being the BMW of the laptop world) just to illustrate some significant differences between the traditional and the ‘new model of computing’ and why — if your choice is between a laptop and a Chromebook — you should stick with a laptop. To see chart and read more, click here:

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Ahhh my dream come true. Agnostic Computing, at last. Forget Office Web Apps 2013 in Chrome (though that is indeed cool) how about a true HTML 5 RDP  that works with Microsoft's RemoteApp? How about that + Chrome 28's ability to run without browser windows? The experience is so good I'm pushing to adopt it at my work for all the Macs and other non-Windows devices out there. It's nearly native. Sound works, clipboard works, the only thing I haven't tried (and this has killed many a Systems Engineer is printing) For me though, it's personal as my Samsung Core i5 Chromebox is my main machine at work & my Samsung Armbook is what I use at home. No Citrix needed boys and girls. No siloed apps. Can't run .net on a Mac or Chromebox? How about do(n)t care? Java? Just put it on the RDS server.  Don't even need Crouton or that other stuff, just pure Chrome. HTML 5 + Chrome = the future. The browser is victorious. All thanks to one sharp programmer in Canada who gets it; Remote Spark!

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