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How to make money fast

...The old treadmill gathering dust in the garage or your quirky collection of vintage glasses, there’s always somebody out there who could be interested. Small items might do better in eBay or if sold through a local consignment shop. Furniture and clothes can be sold to thrift stores. Sport equipment and electronics... how to make money fast

Most expensive beers

...The most expensive beers, Samuel Adams Utopias had a production limited to 8,000 bottles. At $100 per bottle, Utopias is sold in a copper plated kettle and has a very original flavor. Carlsberg Vintage 3. Made in 2010, Carlsberg Vintage 3 is one of the most expensive beers at $348 per bottle. As the third in a trilogy, Vintage 3 was aged in French Cote d'Or oak barrels in the... most expensive beers

Lost luggage

...Don't assume that the name tag on the outside of your luggage will stay on. In case it falls off, have a back-up plan. Write your name, address, and phone number on an index card, slip it into a zip-lock bag, and put it in your suitcase. Do the same for all luggage you're taking with you.... lost luggage

Top search engines list

...Name Lycos comes from the Latin for "wolf spider." ·  Alta Vista - Alta Vista UK An awesome site from Digital, it maintains a HUGE index with powerful and FAST search functions. Coverage is excellent so it is good for broad searching and for offbeat subjects but you can be overwhelmed by too many hits. The Advanced Search is... top search engines list

How to make a small room look bigger

...Structure of the room. Small room ideas If you want to pick three differentiators that can affect the look and feel of the room dramatically they will be the (1) color scheme (2) lighting and (3) furniture selection. Room color scheme For bigger looks, you need always go with a mono-chromatic color... how to make a small room look bigger

He/she talks: EXTREME WEATHER: Weird Winter's link to Global Warming
Visit for more information. Climate Scientist Dr. Amanda Staudt previews her newest report on the weird winter weather we'v...

They talk:
#1. Fucking retards posting in the comments. Yes Global Warming is real and humans are the cause of its severity.

#2. Dr Miskolczi showed that the solution to a differential equation for the greenhouse effect developed in 1922 by Arthur Milne, wrongly assumed an infinitely thick atmosphere. In re-solving this equation a new term and also a new law of physics have been proposed setting an upper limit to the greenhouse effect. Dr Miskolczis theory indicates that any warming from elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide will eventually be offset by a change in atmospheric moisture content.

#3. Completely false...i can't believe this junk science...prove that extreme weather is linked to so called "global warming", the IPCC can't

#4. Perfect example of double speak. Those poor pelicans....what would have happened to them thousands of years ago when it snowed earlier then usual? Thank God for college students that care.

#5. Other idiots in Southern WV look at plant and insect life over a period of 30 years because it's their lifetime and their frame of reference. Do you think we had the perfect climate at your birth?

#6. Agreed. The trouble with Climate Cynics is they take "Global" out of Global Warming and think if it doesn't happen in their own backyard it's not happening. And of course aside from global temperatures increasing over the years there has been a very steep decline in US educational standards over the past forty years which explains why so many Americans just can't understand the science of Global Warming and parrot "1984' which they've probably never even read.

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