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How to make money fast

...Old treadmill gathering dust in the garage or your quirky collection of vintage glasses, there’s always somebody out there who could be interested. Small items might do better in eBay or if sold through a local consignment shop. Furniture and clothes can be sold to thrift stores. Sport equipment and... how to make money fast

Top search engines list

...Listings, complemented by crawler-based results. The name Lycos comes from the Latin for "wolf spider." ·  Alta Vista - Alta Vista UK An awesome site from Digital, it maintains a HUGE index with powerful and FAST search functions. Coverage is excellent so it is good for broad searching and for... top search engines list

Lost luggage

...Don't assume that the name tag on the outside of your luggage will stay on. In case it falls off, have a back-up plan. Write your name, address, and phone number on an index card, slip it into a zip-lock bag, and put it in your suitcase. Do the same for all luggage you're taking with you. The airlines check inside... lost luggage

Repelling dogs from your furniture

...To prevent your furniture from suffering from any dog attack, just prepare a mixture of water and vinegar (or water and citronella) and pulverise it on the dog?s muzzle. Be... repelling dogs from your furniture

Guidebook ford vintage car

...Nowadays, you may easily find shiny brand new cars in a Ford dealer showroom or used modern cars in a used car dealer showroom, but the challenge is finding a classic auto unit. What is a vintage car anyway? Vintage automobiles are those units made around the 1950s to the 1970s. Ford is one of the leading vintage... guidebook ford vintage car

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