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Furniture rearranging tips

...It’s the change, freshness and new environments that make our lives so exciting. Just like we get bored with the same type of food when consumed on a daily basis, we can get easily bored with the configuration of our rooms as well – especially with the furniture... furniture rearranging tips

Html tricks of the masters

...Case and because a file name is going to be case sensitive it will help prevent problems down the road with linking. If you're making a smaller web page it's ok to place all files: web page, pictures, sounds, etc. in one directory. However, if you plan on making hundreds of different pages with sounds or images, we would recommend that you place these files in different directories... html tricks of the masters

Foods that makes you sleepy

...If you're hungry and need foods that will help you sleep, then try these 5 foods that make you sleepy. Some of these foods have a high glycemic index. Others contain tryptophan and other elements that will help you enjoy a good night's sleep.  Jelly beans - Jelly beans, like... foods that makes you sleepy

Repelling dogs from your furniture

...To prevent your furniture from suffering from any dog attack, just prepare a mixture of water and vinegar (or water and citronella) and pulverise it on the dog?s muzzle. Be sure that the dog will stay away from your furniture.... repelling dogs from your furniture

Lost luggage

...Don't assume that the name tag on the outside of your luggage will stay on. In case it falls off, have a back-up plan. Write your name, address, and phone number on an index card, slip it into a zip-lock bag, and put it in your suitcase. Do the same for all luggage you're taking with you. The airlines check inside... lost luggage

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