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Best-sellling female pop singers of all time

...Jackson family. Her first album debuted in 1982, when she was 16. Her early music incorporated R&B, disco, funk, and rap, providing wide crossover appeal in pop music. Jackson ranks among the best-selling artists in the history of contemporary music. Cyndi Lauper. Cyndi Lauper, 57, is... best-sellling female pop singers of all time

Video sites better than youtube

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Simple way to create a video of your pictures in facebook

...To operate internet, daily access Facebook at-least once or twice or may be online the whole day. Yeah!!! Facebook is just like any other best friend of ours and always we share images, thoughts, pictures, links, videos, etc which are called as status updates. The pictures that are uploaded by you or anyone of your... simple way to create a video of your pictures in facebook

How video game addiction can ruin relationships

...Just like any type of man-made entertainment, video games aim to engage a person to a certain activity for enjoyment. And just like any other entertaining activity, there are risks that they can become an addiction. Video game addiction is just one of those newly discovered problems... how video game addiction can ruin relationships

Video search engines list

...A video search engine is a search engine dedicated to helping you find the videos you want without the hassle of filtering through other search results. While most search engines offer a video sort method, there are sites specifically designed for... video search engines list

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2014/11/25 Weight loss and exercise, according of rick ross
ATLANTA (AP) ? Rick Ross had two seizures in a single day, sending him to the hospital three years ago.

2014/11/26 Video of police shooting boy holding toy gun is released
The video of a Cleveland police officer shooting a 12-year-old boy who had a toy gun was released today after the department consulted with the boy's family.Police initially withheld the video from the public while discussing handling of the disturbing footage with the family of Tamir Rice, the boy who was shot in a playground on Saturday."The family did not initially want the video to be ...

He/she talks: (HD) R5 - Smile (2014 #AMAs)

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Posted: 24 November 2014
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