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He/she talks: R5 Gives Relationship Advice

R5 chatted with us on the red carpet for LA's Family Day. They told us how they can tell give someone likes you, relationship advice, and playing the relationship game. Do you have a crush on one of the R5 boys? Let us know in the comments below.

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Cjaquay: Because it is an important part of back history-American history in America. Because it is not an easy conversation to be had, Because 400 years of slavery, torture, terrorism, and fear does not easily fade. Because the Civil Rights act of 1964 was only 42 years ago. Because Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination was only 46 years ago. Because we still have generations to go before the African -American culture fully comes into its own. Because my piece for ‘Black Like Her’ for the Sunday Kinfolk Series will use jazz to give breathe to the ancestors whose stories go untold.
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Our Grandmother's:

Because the work requires the self to seek as well as dig a bit deeper: 

What did it mean for a black woman to be an artist in our grandmothers’ time? In our great-grandmothers’ day?

It is a question with an answer cruel enough to stop the blood.

Did you have a genius of a great great great grandmother who died under some ignorant and depraved white overseer’s lash? 

Or was she required to bake biscuits for a lazy back water tramp when she cried out in her soul to paint water colors of sunsets of the rain falling on the green and peaceful pasture lands.

Or was her body broken and forced to bear children who were more often or not sold away from her-

8-10 -15-20 children 

When her one joy was the thought of modeling heroic figures in stone or clay.
~The resilient Alice Walker 

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The Journey:

I know for sure that small steps always lead to large leaps even when one is not sure of where they are going. I know for sure that she was right when she said ‘No’ is a complete sentence. I know for sure that I’d be half the woman I am today without the kindness from strangers. I know for sure that even when people bet against you,you bet on them. I know this much to be true today.

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Christopher Street:

“Anybody in this world can be read, you read somebody to throw shade — in a bad and good way. You’re tellin’ someone about themselves. Tellin’ everything — left, right, up, down, inside, out. And it’s an education behind the telling. That’s why it’s a read.”

~Maliek Wynn

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In 1954, the Supreme Court took a momentous step: In Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kans. the court set aside a Kansas statute permitting cities of more than 15,000 to maintain separate schools for blacks and whites and ruled instead that all segregation in public schools is “inherently unequal” and that all blacks barred from attending public schools with white pupils are denied equal protection of the law as guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment.

Yet actress Juanita Moore was still billed as ‘Negress’ in Witness to Murder.

 Because she is the fifth African American to be nominated for an Academy Award in any category, and the third in the Supporting Actress category.

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