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Dealing with the loss of libido in men

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Thu, 24 July 2014

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Tue, 22 July 2014

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Reviewbound: Your name is NISLAV DAVYID, and you are not ashamed to display your LOW BLOOD because you love ORANGE. You have your own SHOW on Grubtube in which you make REVIEWS ON VIRAL VIDEOS. You like MEMES and sometimes you CREATE MEMETIC GAGS YOURSELF. Your show is very popular even among the HIGHBLOODS making you quite FAMOUS. Your show was based on a FOOTAGE a friend of yours found. It was an EXTRA-ALTERNIAN show which was, however, quite amusing. So you decided to make a TROLL VERSION, with Sleazy Brothel whores and Game of LIfe suitable for your species. Which you DID and quite successfully at that. The variety of your INTERESTS include SOCIAL NETWORKS and BLOGGING. You also enjoy constructing and deploying FLYING DEVICES, and you are QUITE GOOD at those. Your strife specibus of choice is macekind. You really like your neat NASTYCORN mace because UNICORNED HOOFBEASTS are BADASS.Your Trollian handle is orangebrainedGoodie and you talk in somew[H]at c[H]oked [H]ollows. === Nislav types in #a15000. He always begins his conversations with a “[H]i, t[H]e name’s Nislav Davyid!” and is quite prone to making somewhat racist and sexist jokes and those involving pain. He likes Earth kitties and hates little doggies.
Date: 2013-07-05 10:43:00 GMT

Blog Change & Some Other stuff:

hello, fellow followers.

since Darkeur has finally joined Tumblr, he will be posting to the Reviewbound Blog directly.

and the first thing he posts is: changes to Nislav Davyid image are to be expected.

CG: the image was received positively, on most part. however, I cannot help but follow some of the critical remarks made by a member of a Russian Homestuck group.

CG: I shall list them all a bit later. including the list of things I shall follow and whatnots.

CG: поскольку, я так понимаю, блог читают и русскоязычные юзеры, придётся мне также отписываться и на русском. как и на дА, собственно.

CG: суть в том, что daily homestuck в ВК преподнесла мне конструктивную критику, и я намерен последовать некоторым замечаниям. каким - будет описано позже.

CG: пользуясь случаем, хотел бы поприветствовать читателей и выразить свою надежду, что эта “аушка” вам придётся по нраву.)

CG: несмотря на всю официозность последнего предложения. |D

Post on: 2013-07-09 09:47:00 GMT

List of Reviewbound characters:

just so we’re cool, guys.

this is the list of the characters EC and I are planning to put into Reviewbound (hereinafter called The List).

The List may be edited in the future, some character in or out, and stuff.

we shall also update The List once the character has been given a separate post and a graphic image (providing a link as well). this shall be seen by providing the character’s full chumhandle.



Ray Johnson (oklahomaEqualizer)

Jay Rolfes

Dug Walker

Eli Kelberg




- Nislav Davyid (orangebrainedGoodie)



- Andori Nifedo

- Lanrus Musash

- Maksus Stopyt


- Kamika Zedded

- Illion Maddys



Post on: 2013-06-24 21:11:00 GMT
Tags: Ray William Johnson,

For Starters:

greetings to whatever unfortunate soul stumbled by.

this is a blog created and run mostly by cynicalBetwixtor, acting in accordance with and on behalf of erraticCrossoverrist, mostly known as Darkeur @

Reviewbound is a Homestuck-based AU, regarding famous movie, games and viral videos reviewers and perhaps their session as well.

idea and images provided by erraticCrossoverrist.

Post on: 2013-06-21 12:23:50 GMT

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