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Ex-Bruin Peverley upbeat about heart ailment recovery - It&39;s been four months since Rich Peverley of the Dallas Stars collapsed in a game. While upbeat, he&39;s not predicting if he&39;ll play again. 

By The Associated Press Rich Peverley doesn’t know when he and his doctors will decide whether he can resume his career after he collapsed during a game bece of an irregular heartbeat. …Read the news Source: CBC – Sports

Incredibly scary scene in Dallas tonight, where +Dallas Stars F Rich Peverley collapsed on the bench during a game against Columbus - Thankfully, Peverley is conscious and has now been taken to the hospital, according to the team. The remainder of the Blue Jackets-Stars game has been postponed.

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New post (Dallas Stars’ Rich Peverley Collapses During Hockey Game, Fellow Athletes Reach Out On Twitter) has been published on Total Web Design key #SocialBuzz See it here

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Rich Peverley of Dallas Stars briefly died during the jockey game yesterday, but was quickly brought back to life, and asked to be put back into the game. Whoa. Full story: Hockey players are tough as shit. Here are some more fun tough guy moments from the sport: Daniel Alfredsson skates around to find his teeth that were knocked out by a high stick: Daniel Alfredsson picks teeth up off ice Richard Zednik gets a skate to the neck Richard Zednik Neck Injury, Feb 10 08 Greg Campbell blocks shot, breaks leg, keeps trying to play Boston Bruins Greg Campbell plays with a broken leg Clint Malarchuk gets throat slit, blood comes gushing out (obviously not for those with weak stomachs or those easily bothered by blood) Clint Malarchuk Horrific Accident - WARNING: Graphic Images (High Quality) #Hockey   #Sports  

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