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Ex-Bruin Peverley upbeat about heart ailment recovery - It&39;s been four months since Rich Peverley of the Dallas Stars collapsed in a game. While upbeat, he&39;s not predicting if he&39;ll play again. 

By The Associated Press The Blue Jackets had a 1-0 lead when the puck dropped bece that was the score March 10, the night the original game was postponed after Dallas’ Rich Peverley collapsed. …Read the news Source: The Star – All Sports stories

He/she talks: Rich Peverley Collapsed On The Bench During The First Period. March 10th 2014. (HD)
The game between The Dallas Stars and The Columbus Blue Jackets was postponed Monday night after Stars forward Rich Peverley collapses on the bench during th...

They talk:
#1. Two very classy teams right there. Got a few of my Bs that add on to it. And my boy Pevs is a fighter.

#2. Pure class by the Blue Jackets. But I also love how Peverley said that he wanted to come back and finish the game up. That just shows you how tough he is. Get well soon Rich

#3. I'm thinking of that Russian kid who died of a heart problem on the bench in the KHL a couple years back. I'm sure the training staff and medical team of the Stars were too.

#4. Lol at 03:14 - dude doesn't know how to say DEFIBRILLATOR - "...essentially brought back to life by a defibrillat uhhh...." 

#5. I just ran across this post that +Melony Isaac shard (orginally from +marcos marino) which showed a hockey player that died, got revived and wanted to get back in the game! I think death is a little tougher than cramps... #lebronjames 

#6. The training staff and the whole nhl seems to not realize is that the players are on the ice skating and getting their hearts pumping then when it is time for a change the players sit down. you have to keep moving until you bring your heart down to a normal lever they should walk and move until they bring their heart rhythm back down. not just sit


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