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Ex-Bruin Peverley upbeat about heart ailment recovery - It&39;s been four months since Rich Peverley of the Dallas Stars collapsed in a game. While upbeat, he&39;s not predicting if he&39;ll play again. 

By The Associated Press Rich Peverley doesn’t know when he and his doctors will decide whether he can resume his career after he collapsed during a game bece of an irregular heartbeat. …Read the news Source: CBC – Sports

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Incredibly scary scene in Dallas tonight, where +Dallas Stars F Rich Peverley collapsed on the bench during a game against Columbus - Thankfully, Peverley is conscious and has now been taken to the hospital, according to the team. The remainder of the Blue Jackets-Stars game has been postponed.

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Tonight's Dallas Stars-Columbus Blue Jackets game was postponed after Stars center Rich Peverley collapsed on the bench and needed serious medical attention. #nhl     #hockey   

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Why I watch hockey instead of basketball. For those who don't know the story:

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