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Ex-Bruin Peverley upbeat about heart ailment recovery - It&39;s been four months since Rich Peverley of the Dallas Stars collapsed in a game. While upbeat, he&39;s not predicting if he&39;ll play again. 

By The Associated Press Rich Peverley doesn’t know when he and his doctors will decide whether he can resume his career after he collapsed during a game bece of an irregular heartbeat. …Read the news Source: CBC – Sports

He/she talks: Rich Peverley Collapsed On The Bench During The First Period. March 10th 2014. (HD)
The game between The Dallas Stars and The Columbus Blue Jackets was postponed Monday night after Stars forward Rich Peverley collapses on the bench during th...

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#1. I'm thinking of that Russian kid who died of a heart problem on the bench in the KHL a couple years back. I'm sure the training staff and medical team of the Stars were too.

#2. This I don't understand : He has prior cardiacal issues, yet no one of the medical staff of Dallas or even better medical management of the NHL forbids him to continue with playing. I have played hockey, in my country and prior the season, we were obliged to under go a medical examination to obtain a clean sheet of health. If not, we weren't allowed to start the season. Severe medical issues, like cardiacal ones, resulted directly into a ban of playing the game. Of course, they can't always predict a situation like this, but in this case, the warnings were very clear.

#3. Two very classy teams right there. Got a few of my Bs that add on to it. And my boy Pevs is a fighter.

#4. I just ran across this post that +Melony Isaac shard (orginally from +marcos marino) which showed a hockey player that died, got revived and wanted to get back in the game! I think death is a little tougher than cramps... #lebronjames 

#5. I love you Rich. Everyone is praying for you. Get well soon. - A Bruins fan

#6. Horton of the Blue Jackets and Thomas, Seguin, and Peverly or the stars were all bruins when they won the cup just 3 years ago, No question they still have those family ties, I pray he will get better, Bruin Fan for life and anyone who was part of that group, they lifted our city, now we lift our prayers for his safety and health to continue to improve. God bless the reaction of that staff.

New post (Dallas Stars’ Rich Peverley Collapses During Hockey Game, Fellow Athletes Reach Out On Twitter) has been published on Total Web Design key #SocialBuzz See it here

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Game postponed after Peverley collapses on bench. Dallas Stars center Rich Peverley collapsed on the bench immediately after he left the ice 5:50 into the first period of a game Monday against the Columbus Blue Jackets at American Airlines Center. Stars coach Lindy Ruff quickly called for a doctor, and a group of medical personnel picked up Peverley and took him away from the bench area and into a hallway leading to the Dallas locker room.

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Incredibly scary scene in Dallas tonight, where +Dallas Stars F Rich Peverley collapsed on the bench during a game against Columbus - Thankfully, Peverley is conscious and has now been taken to the hospital, according to the team. The remainder of the Blue Jackets-Stars game has been postponed.

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