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How to avoid credit card frauds

...Credit card frauds can damage your credit and effect your future financial situation. Avoid credit card frauds by keeping your information private, monitoring your purchase statements, and checking your credit report regularly. Keep your credit card information private. Keep your account... how to avoid credit card frauds

Credit and your children

...Of purchases, you won?t be able to afford the payments while you are in school and on a limited budget. However, if you were to take out a school loan and use a little of the extra to pay your rent you won?t have to pay this money back until after you are out of school. If you have a job and a little income, using one credit card to help you purchase books, to get to the doctors or to get... credit and your children

Google home income scam

...Making ends meet to begin with are now out $84.85, in addition to the $1.95. All of this has probably decimated their bank account if they used a debit card. The best thing a person can do to avoid the Google Home Income Scam is to investigate true work-at-home options. The only thing you need to keep in mind... google home income scam

How to plan a scuba diving trip

...Hotel plus money for air fills. It all depends on what you're willing to pay. But keep in mind: Pack Accordingly. No matter where you go, you're probably going to have to provide your own mask, snorkel, and swimsuit. Some places don't rent wetsuits or fins, so those are good to have on hand as well. American shops often don't rent weights, but almost all... how to plan a scuba diving trip

Best ways avoid credit card frauds

...Credit card frauds can damage your credit and effect your future financial situation. Avoid credit card frauds by keeping your information private, monitoring your purchase statements, and checking your credit report regularly. Keep... best ways avoid credit card frauds

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Laura Norvig talk: Married/permanently partnered people of the feed: To what extent do youmingle your finances with your partner? Also, how often do you sit down and diss/work on your finances together?
They talk: Completely mingled, War Lady sets up the bill paying schedule, much is automatic debit. Major purchses and bigger Visa balances make talk specifically about money. But we both are fairly aware of cash flow
When you folks say "autopay" do yo mean you don't even go in and authorize the amounts? We pay the mortgage and car loans that way, but I have a phobia of utilities and credit cardpanies "pulling" what they need out of my account. Send me bill and I'll "h" it to you electonically.
In my case, autopay for fixed amounts means exactly that: Fully automatic. For variable amounts (water, gas/electric) I still pay by check. Most important: The credit card amountse out of the checking account automatically. We don't pay them interest; they pay 1% or more.
Completely separate - but he's got MS and we don't want his medical bills to affect my money. This way, if something goes very wrong, he may get hit, but I'll still have my money with which to support. We split bills now so that we are roughly equal (not counting his medical bills and my support of my son...), but we don'tbine ies in any way, really.
Everything ismingled with the exception of an inheritance I received and investments I've had since my teens. We have separate checking accounts, but both of are named on each; we have separate credit cards in our own names. A few fixed bills are autopaid, but I'm with Barry in that I prefer to pay others electronically myself. I handle the finances with both of meeting regularly with our financial advisor. We still don't diss finances quite enough!
It's interesting how many of the hehold finance chores are handled by women. We are not as well represented on Wall Street, methinks. I wonder why that is?
We have 1 account, 2 debit cards to the account, and one major credit card . I have a fun money card for myself. Both of our paychecks are direct deposit and if he needs anything he asks. If hees his debit card, he tells me or gives me the receipts. I give him $20 now and then but he never spends it. LOL. Like others here have said, I pay all the bills, and for major things we diss. Also, when Ie Tax Refundse in, he keeps his refund or we buy something for the he. He tts me and knows I'll let him know if anything needs his attention. Working out for for 10 years now.
Almostpletely mingled, auto-pay for most regular things (mortgage, utilities), diss major purchases before the fact or any uual pattern after the fact (mostly lamenting the costs of heating / cooling our relatively large he). Hasn't been a problem.
(and yes, we auto-pay bills that cost the same or thereabouts each month, such as the mortgage and utilities, and pay credit card bills electronically -- I look over the statements each month to scan for obvi errors or unauthorized transactions)
Bece of my situation, I don't put my name on anything I don't want taken away. Long story that most of you can probably piece together. Anyhoo, we still share bank cards where needed, pretty much full disclosure if we wanted it. Mainly, we divided the bills and pay them out of our individual accounts. We don't really diss the bills/finances unless one ofes up short or we need to make a special purchase (gifts, emergencies, etc.).
we merged everything within a few months of getting married. that was in the 90s. we only diss finances when there's a crisis or the potential for one...meaning every week. EDIT: also, autopay? DANGER OF AE BY PAYEE.
Such fear of autopay. Guess I'm too tting. I always do it with the actual utility or insurancepany whenever possible. I don'te my bank's bill pay service except for the rent check.
Josh is the sole ie earner, and what's his is ours. He keeps a pretty tight spreadsheet budget. We have sub-accounts where we put money for vari bills, so when theye in the money is already there. We each get $75/fortnight "allowance". Anything leftover goes into savings. Everything is in both our names, except for a personal credit card we each have that we had pre-marriage, and I also still have a solo savings account where he deposits my "allowance". Josh generally does all the budgeting and tracking as numbers are more his thing, but he keeps me appraised of where we're at.
what Catherine said. Am trying to gather accounts, passwords together though, in case said takes me out.
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