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PRNmusic1: La Dolce Vita: The Music of Italian Cinema with the New York Philharmonic Featuring Joshua Bell, Renee Fleming...

Elljayemm: RossJNicholson how did you like that performance of Mi Mancherai last Autumn with The two Joshuas and Renee Fleming duetting with Josh?

MAF11: RT PRNmusic1: La Dolce Vita: The Music of Italian Cinema with the New York Philharmonic Featuring Joshua Bell, Renee Fleming... http://t.c…

XeeXuu_Campers: Josemicod5 La cancion que buscas se llama Mount Doom de Howard Shore feat. Renee Fleming ^^

Cinemainitaly: A concert of iconic films scores from Italian classics, 81/2, LaDolceVita, CinemaParadiso +more. On PBS in February,

Nereobellido: Renee Fleming - The Beautiful Voice ~ Gounod, Lehar, Orff, Puccini, Rachmaninov

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7 limiting beliefs of unhappy people

...To take money but agreed to the merchant's offer to educate the poor farmer’s son for free. The boy was brilliant and loved to learn and eventually grew up to be Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin.   A few decades later, the rich merchant’s son caught... 7 limiting beliefs of unhappy people

The james bond guide to ultimate confidence

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12 amazing life lessons that you can learn through science

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Tips to deal with family members who constantly ask for money

...Ever for many families. If you are one of the families fortunate enough to be in good financial shape during these tough economic times, this may make you a magnet for the family bum. Jeanne Fleming, financial ethics columnist for Money magazine and co-author of Isn?t It Their Turn to Pick Up... tips to deal with family members who constantly ask for money

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Mr. The Jason Fleming talk: --- --, ---- -- ---- ------'- ---- -- -- -- "See ya, sure as f*** wouldn't want to be ya" -Lady Pearl
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Tflemingvegas: 702 900 0251 - Truman Fleming with Keller Williams Realty Southwest. Palms Place in Las Vegas is a unique high rise being attached the Palms casino. 24hour fun and nightlife are what you can expect Palms Place Las Vegas. For every Las Vegas high rise visit our website and start your property search today! We also specialize in Las Vegas luxury homes.
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Aquiluse: Three summers of NYLF-Med with the best scholars a guy could ask for! Sorry to Reed ‘09: I couldn’t locate a group (or any, actually😥) pic of you. I do still have the card you guys got me, though! #NYLF #NYLFMed #NYLFLA #NYLFlosangeles #NYLFBoston #Scholars #Bestever #Reed #Spock #Drew #Kountz #Cori #Fleming #reminisce #missingyou #futureleaders
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Nov 18:

walking through the quad, buds out,
entertained only by mind, playing yesterday’s tape,
I observed two girls, hiding in a tree. 
Autumn’s frigid hands pinched my cheeks
as she warned of uncle winter, on his way. 
Her breath hurried grounded leaves along, and
agitated those still clinging as
they rustily cheered me towards class.
original poem by Dyren Billups-Adams

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My first thought every morning::

Why does waking up make me so sleepy?!

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Violence in Primary Schools - Followers Weigh In:

Tumblr followers (especially those who are educators), weigh in on this topic:

Many school districts have a “zero-tolerance” stance on school violence, which means regardless of the instigator, students involved in a physical altercation with one another are suspended from school (or face other punishments). I suspect these rules are meant to teach the very black-and-white “violence is never acceptable” lesson. However, often students are being consistently bullied and nothing is being done about it

Personally, I am a pretty passive person. It takes a LOT to get me seething angry and I will use my words to resolve a problem wherever possible. Yet some people are either ignorant to the logic and rationality of talking things out, or they are simply intent on fighting. So what’s a student to do? Does he or she fight back and miss out on their education by enduring unfair punishments, or do they endure the physical harm until they reach their breaking point (we all know what that can include)?

Keeping in mind that there simply will not be faculty/staff/school security everywhere at every time to catch these things, what would an educator recommend a primary school student do in these circumstances?

Post on: 2013-04-12 13:17:36 GMT


The worst thing about the internet is its ability to rapidly disseminate misinformation. Since the internet has replaced encyclopedias as a primary source of general information, people are eager to trust almost anything they read on the web. This annoys and saddens me.

Post on: 2013-03-12 00:02:03 GMT

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