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Don't be afraid to speak your mind

...Your competitors, and never exult in your rival’s bad news. Try, if you can, to avoid inflicting unnecessary pain and humiliation on those who have the misfortune to be mistaken. People err, and you too will be wrong tomorrow. Civility is not mere stuffiness; it can be the glue that lets us fight for our ideas and, once we recognize the right answer, sit down... don't be afraid to speak your mind

Staying friends with an ex

...You do not end up wallowing. Learn a new hobby.How much time should pass? Depends on how long and intimate the relationship and how messy the breakup was. Weeks are a definite no-no. You might be perceived as clinging. Some months would be good, at least a year... staying friends with an ex

Ways to overcome premature ejaculation

...Ejaculation can be stopped and there are various ways to overcome premature ejaculation. As matter as fact, there is not a direct relation between premature ejaculation and a physical problem. In most cases, premature ejaculation is produced by bad sexual habits, incorrect masturbation, and... ways to overcome premature ejaculation

Does a long distance gay relationship work?

...Matthew and Edward fell in love the moment they met online. They?re now in a long distance relationship and their love for each other is going stronger. Matthew has visited his boyfriend in California four times and Edward has seen Matthew in California five times.Many of their... does a long distance gay relationship work?

5 reasons why you should give up your goals and live goal-free

...Because there’s nowhere to go. 2. Open Where do you want to go? What will you get when you reach your goal? Will you finally feel secure, happy, and free? No amount of money, relationships, or things can give you these feelings. It’s like taking a pain killer.... 5 reasons why you should give up your goals and live goal-free

He/she talks: Assises Arlon: Victor Greif

Le lundi 17 janvier, la Cour d'assises à Arlon se penchera sur le dossier de Victor Greif. L'homme est accusé d'avoir assassiné, le 24 mars 2008, Thierry Lesoinne. Il est également accusé d'avoir tenté d'assassiner Dany Morrens. Le procès durera cinq jours et sera intense. En effet, plus de 70 témoins ont été convoqués afin de tenter d'éclairer la Cour sur les circonstances du drame. Ce que l'on sait c'est que peu avant les faits Ludovic Greif, le fils de l'accusé, s'est rendu au camping afin de voir Jessica, la belle-fille de Morrens, avec qui il avait eu une relation. Il n'y était pas le bienvenu. Il va être prié de quitter les lieux de manière assez vive par plusieurs personnes. Mais sa voiture refuse de démarrer. Victor Greif, son père, averti par un de ses fils de ce que vit Ludovic, déboule au camping, pistolet à la cein

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