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Video sites better than youtube

...Mention video viewing over the Internet and the first site that comes to mind is YouTube. They say there’s nothing you can’t find on YouTube. That’s not entirely true. If you care to explore the video sharing sites below you may... video sites better than youtube

Processor speed affect surfing the internet

...If you're constantly browsing several different sites simultaneously, your processor speed affects how fast you can do this. Streaming Videos or Music. When you are surfing the Internet, processor speed also determines how fast certain videos or songs load. Connectivity also affects this process,... processor speed affect surfing the internet

Downloading youtube videos

...It's only natural to want to have a copy of your favorite videos. YouTube doesn't make this easy though, so you'll need to track down some third party services to get a personal copy of a video. If you want some help picking a... downloading youtube videos

How video game addiction can ruin relationships

...Just like any type of man-made entertainment, video games aim to engage a person to a certain activity for enjoyment. And just like any other entertaining activity, there are risks that they can become an addiction. Video game addiction is just one of those newly discovered problems affecting a... how video game addiction can ruin relationships

Simple way to create a video of your pictures in facebook

...Once or twice or may be online the whole day. Yeah!!! Facebook is just like any other best friend of ours and always we share images, thoughts, pictures, links, videos, etc which are called as status updates. The pictures that are uploaded by you or anyone of your friends which... simple way to create a video of your pictures in facebook

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2014/04/15 Reinventing the cardboard box: simplicity, innovation and a viral video
It?s one thing when a video goes viral for a few minutes of fame and then disappears into the ether of the Internet; At this year?s PSFK Conference, the two students behind the Rapid Packing Container, gave a physical demonstration of their new design for the cardboard box ? an idea that?s won them fans all over the world. Chris Curro and Henry Wang, from the Albert Nerken School of Engineering ...

2014/04/14 Video of dog stuck in coat sleeve goes viral
You walk into your mother's house, and her dog is stuck in the sleeve of a heavy winter coat. Do you immediately help him out or film the moment for your friends (and many others) to laugh at? In the case of Matt Rundquist, he chose the latter when he stumbled upon his mom's dachshund, Traif. "I rang the doorbell, which made Traif forget he was stuck in a coat and he began to bark his little ...

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