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Sean McBride talk: Ted Cruz: U.S. not 'Al Qaeda’s air force’ - Tal Kopan - POLITICO - ...
They talk: "Sen. Ted Cruz called President Barack Obama’s efforts to authorize military intervention in Syria a public relations move, saying the U.S. military shouldn’t be “Al Qaeda’s air force.” The Texas Republican said Tuesday on TheBlaze that while he’s glad the president listened to callsom him and others to bring the issue to Congress, America shouldn’t get involved and risk helping terrorists in the rebel forces."
Todd, oilpanies don't want war. They can't keep their people, the hing costs go through the roof, supply lines interrupted, etc.
"Today, global instability does not t benefit a small group of arms dealers; it generates huge profits for the high-tech-homeland-security sector, for heavy construction, for private health-carepanies, for the oil and gas sectors -- and, of course, for defense contractors." P energy: "The oil and gas intry is so intimately entwined with the economy of disaster -- both as a root ce behind many disasters and as a beneficiaryom them -- that it deserves to treated as an honorary adjunct of the disaster-capitalismplex." Citing the "outrage fortunes of the oil sector -- a $40 billion profit in 2006 for ExxonMobil alone (XOM) ... Like the fortunes of corporations linked to defense, heavy construction and homeland security, those of the oil sector improve with every war, terrorist attack and Category 5 hurricane."
Todd Hoff: those incredible profits you cite can be traced back to the City of London and their machinations. Futures, etc. All that shit done after the oil is in storage. Massive tankers float off the shores of Nigeria and other ican countries waiting for the price to go up. I mean massive, massive floating oil storage units, almost four times the length of a football field. Floating cities.
'The Iraq War was about oil.' It's not the oil in your tank or your he. It's the ability to go to war and squeeze out the economy of other countries by depriving it of energy.
"Todd, oilpanies don't want war. They can't keep their people, the hing costs go through the roof, supply lines interrupted, etc" That's theual claim. During the run up to the last Gulf War I recall oilpany execs going to the airwaves to defend themselves against charges of hing for war, and your point is exactly their point. Did the U.S.panies have plans of profiting that fell through?
I understand that thepanies profit. Was the plan for additional profits that fell through after the war? I'm trying to see a reason for hing for war.
Right -- we have been referring to Anthony Sampson's analysis in the run-up to the Iraq War -- that article was dated 2002. The analysis is as good now as it was then -- even better -- in light of later developments until the present day.
This is what republicans are so good at, phrases like Al Qaeda’s air force...although wasn't it Dennis Kucinich who came up with it first?
I think Kucinich was first -- but Kucinich and Cruz on the same page on this? -- priceless. :) And signs of an imminent tectonic shift in American politics.
Todd: "I understand that thepanies profit. Was the plan for additional profits that fell through after the war? I'm trying to see a reason for hing for war." Short answer: break Iraq and iastructure, disable means of self-protection, establish base for future. I don't have a way to upload an official photo released after the main part of the Iraq war. t shows h at the Pentagon inont of a map of Iraq in December 2002 with the bases H1, H2, and H3 clearly marked in NW iraq. They join up and go to Jordan as a pipeline. THESE WERE THE FIRST BASES THE MILITARY OCCUPIED. Farom the action. It is the old Mosul or Kirkuk to Haifa pipeline closed in 1948. israel didn't have any oil, and had to pay a 25% premium to Gazprom to get it trucked in. I also have photos of soldiers with feet up on a pipeline at one of those bases.
I remember the Kirkuk to Haifa talk very well. My questions have always been whether or not Kirkuk to Haifa is t a pipe-dream, if the invasion was a case of neocon and oilpany interests aligning, or if the oilpanies were being dragged along.
It was a political decision. And we had signed that MOU guaranteeing $1 billion in oil at 2002 prices to be delivered to Israel whenever it asked for it, "even if it resulted in domestic ] shortages," and pay the shipping.
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