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WagerPod: South African Powerball Results For Tuesday 16th September 2014: South African Powerball players are entering ...

MDLOTT_results: Powerball Drawing for Sat 09/13/2014: 01 06 16 37 53 27 x3

WLottoNumber: New Zealand - Powerball - New Zealand – Powerball Draw Date : Sat, 13 Sep 2014 20 GMT Draw Results :...

JohnLottery: Saturday Powerball Results 09/13/14 - Next Jackpot $171M

Ozlotteries: Results for Powerball draw 956 Thu 9 Sep 2014. Main 30 40 4 39 16 18. Powerball 19. Next week’s draw $6 Million:

Aalottery: Powerball Results for Sat 2014-09-13: (1) (6) (16) (37) (53) Powerball: (27) Powerplay: (3x)

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2014/09/16 Cheo unveils lottery dream home, valued at $1.7 million
If the grand prize in CHEO?s Dream of a Lifetime Lottery is any indication, it?s indeed the stuff of dreams: A home theatre, a pool table covered in pink felt, vaulted ceilings, ensuite bathroom for every bedroom, a spiral staircase extending from ...

2014/09/15 Deanna bergeron sought ice cream, picked up $50m lottery ticket
Eating your fiance's last ice-cream bar may not be a smart thing to do, but the craving certainly paid off for an Orillia, Ont., woman. A trip to the local store to "replace" the treat ? and a Lotto Max ticket purchased there ? made the newly engaged ...


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