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Maintaining a healthy relationship

...If you have to go to war! Focus on the good things and praise your partner for all she brings to the relationship. It's okay to overlook the pumps she left on the bedroom floor, and you are capable of cooking dinner, too. Get down with your girl. Couples working on maintaining a healthy relationship are interested in intimacy. Spend time... maintaining a healthy relationship

Talk to girls at parties

...Gentlemen, learn how to talk to girls at parties and become a chick magnet. Well, maybe not exactly a chick magnet, but you can certainly make some positive connections with girls that could lead to more later. Follow these tips to socialize with girls easily and talk... talk to girls at parties

Clever ways to get a girl's number

...Clever ways to get a girl’s number indeed relies on skill.  Attractive women, alert to a man’s game may present difficulty in allowing access to their digits.  Five clever ways... clever ways to get a girl's number

How to know if your girlfriend is gay

...Some of the signs can be discrete, so you need to really look for them. If you pay close attention you will be able to to know if she is gay. Look for these signs to know if your girlfriend is gay. She doesn't want to have sex. There are many different reasons why a woman... how to know if your girlfriend is gay

Romantic ways to ask a girl out

...These 10 romantic ways to ask a girl out will come in handy when the right one comes along. When you meet that girl that makes your heart flutter and you can't stop thinking about her, it's time to pop the first question: "Will you go out with me?". Those boring words... romantic ways to ask a girl out

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He/she talks: Nazia Iqbal, Khumari - Gham Heeray Kram

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