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Taimoor7: Urak is a valley surrounded by mountains in the province of Balochistan in Pakistan. It is located near Hana Lake, and 21 kilometres from Quettacity.[1]Urak has a population of 10,000 and about 100% are Pashtun. This valley is used for growing apple trees of good quality and few other fruits. It has a small waterfall in the end from where the Walli Tangi (Wali Tangi) valley begins. Note : The Exact spelling is Walli Tangi.Hanna Lake nestles in the hills ten kilometres (six miles) east of Quetta, a startling turquoise pool within bare brown surroundings. There is a lakeside restaurant with picnic tables shaded by pine trees. At one end, the irrigation dam rises out of the depths like battlements of a fort. It is very attractive for holidaymakers, and is crowded with hikers and campers in holidays. You can hire a boat and paddle on the lake and round the island in the middle.
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And your eyes widened
in disbelief when I told you
that I will forgive you.

"What is so surprising?"
I asked.

"If Allah, Al-Ghaffar
can pardon me
after everything I’ve done,

why shouldn’t I
do the same for you?”

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Will THIS work?

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مر تشنه عشق را شرابيست مترس
بي اب شدي پيش تو ابيست مترست
گنجي تو اگر تنت خرابيست مترس
بيدار شو از جهان كه خوابيست مترس

If love makes you thirst, never fear: you have wine.
If your body’s a ruin, don’t worry: there’s treasure inside.
You’ve run out of water? No, water is near.
Wake up: this world that you dream holds nothing to fear.

- Rumi

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