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The 5 coolest new tools in aqua illumination

...Found in nature as closely as you can. Now, there are aqua illumination systems that can simulate cloud cover, rainy days, thunderstorms, and even the phases of the moon. Mother Nature doesn't have anything on these systems! Wireless control. These days, you can control... the 5 coolest new tools in aqua illumination

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Locate hydraulic lift manufacturers online

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He/she talks: Dede eo Comando Maluco - Poço dos Desejos Dedé e o Comando Maluco foi um programa exibido pelo SBT, onde o General Dedé e seus recrutas atrapalhados se envolviam nas mais diversas aventuras no parque de Beto Carrero World em Santa Catarina.

O programa tinha como característica o humor puro e ingênuo, dirigido a toda a família. O comediante Dedé Santana encabeça a trupe formada por uma nova safra de humoristas. Oriundos de circo e teatro, os atores foram descobertos por Beto Carrero há cerca de quatro anos. No programa, o general Dedé comanda os agentes secretos Durão (Martinho Silva), Rapadura (Charles Gutemberg), Dudu (Antonio Quintino), Bananinha (Marcelo Beny) e Batatinha (Suzy Joy). Atrapalhados, eles se envolvem nas mais inusitadas e divertidas situações para resolver as missões a que são encarregados por Beto Carrero. Além de interpretarem os agentes, utilizando figurino militar, os atores encenam de forma bem-humorada histórias que se passam nos sonhos do general Dedé Santana. Convidados especiais também marcam presença na produção.
Dirigido por Waldemyr Fernandes, foi cancelado após a morte de Beto Carrero. Após o fim abrupto do humorístico, Dedé retornou à Rede Globo, enquanto o grupo foi transferido para A Praça É Nossa, onde continuam com um humor puro e sem duplo sentido. Dedé e o Comando Maluco Dedé E O Comando Maluco

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Schloupendowse: Jessica Stockholder on artworks being theatrical… Which is what I’ve been trying to work out a way of doing with my own work. I also like the building blocks aspect to this particular work. I was trying to explain to one of my housemates today what exactly I do in regards to sculpture. I told him that it was like buying lego and making something with that, except instead of lego I use found objects like furniture. 
Date: 2013-08-27 11:47:17 GMT

Craftingten5seven: Materials: duplo blocks, foam stickers, finger paint, card stock Cost: <$0.20 Prep: putting stickers on duplo blocks Source: Notes: I’ve been wanting to do these foam stamps for a while but I think we really should have used with ink pads instead of paint. The silhouettes of some of the stickers didn’t look like the actual sticker but happily the ladybugs looked like bunnies! Uses: portfolio
Date: 2013-08-28 02:31:40 GMT

Hoarder Hoarder, your place is a mess:

I have been instructed to start hoarding in order to truly understand it.

Of course, I already hoard. But I could hoard a lot more if I put my mind to it. 

Several people have expressed concerns about this new direction. This could end up annoying people more than the endless stench of soap. Which is great! I want to make work that makes people react in involuntary ways. If they feel overpowered or repelled, this can only be a good thing. 

So I’m going to talk to my friends with vans, and drive around to pick up hard rubbish. I think once I start making a hoard in the studio, I’ll have a better idea of the direction I want to take for this year. 

Post on: 2013-04-08 05:19:00 GMT

It's hard to explain puns to kleptomaniacs.:


They always take things literally.

Post on: 2014-01-01 02:00:20 GMT

OKCupid Message:

I used to hoard retro video games and consoles. 

It was multifaceted; I wanted what I could not have when I was younger, and there definitely was a sense of achievement in gaining something which I could not have. I suppose that lends its self both to nostalgia and some sort of hunter gatherer instinct. I did enjoy the playing of games but the flip side to my mild addiction was an ideological fear of the loss of knowledge. In a way I put it on myself to collect and maintain what I saw was information that was being destroyed, not violently (eg. book burning), but through the slow derogation and deterioration of the means in which to access this information. 

Then I woke up from my mild depression and realised that plenty of other people have the same addiction (and are willing to put a lot more time and money into it), so the need to protect that information can be in their hands. This ideological break through broke my $5 a week habit. 

Yay, yet again needs win over wants!

Do you still play the games on the retro consoles?

Not so much. 
No space for setting them up in my tiny share house, besides I put more time to music, art, love, life and the bottle these days. Although just before christmas I did crack out the Amiga 1000 my dad bought the year was born ( ), I had no space to sleep in my room for 4 days and just slept at the old gf’s place instead.



His website - 

Post on: 2013-04-20 02:41:34 GMT


I went to the art section of the state library because I was bored, and left feeling confused and uncomfortable. Successful art trip. 

Post on: 2013-06-11 06:53:27 GMT

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