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Socially engineered phishing attacks on facebook

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Avoid online casino scams

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Common internet scams and how to avoid them

...Obscure, developing nation is a lucrative business for scammers. Travel Scams – Sometimes you’re forced to sit through a presentation about timeshares, but sometimes your information is collected for marketing mail and identity theft. Be wary of any email claiming that you’ve won a free... common internet scams and how to avoid them

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It&39;s Not a Scam, It&39;s My Dream !!!!!!!!"If I lost everything and had to start again, I would find myself a greatwork marketingpany and get to work." - Donald Trump Gosh you have no idea how manyments or implications I hear about Beachbody being a pyramid scheme and I would suggest fo...

He/she talks: Donald Trump Talking About the Network Marketing Business Opportunities
Donald Trump Talking About the Network Marketing Business Opportunities.

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#1. NWM gives YOU control of how much you make or don't make . If you don't make money it is YOUR fault. So these stats about people saying more than half the people involved don't make money they are correct. Why is that? because they didn't work for the money. You are able to get rich quick only if you plug into the system, go to trainings and don't quit. You may say 70% of the people don't make money well guess what they probably don't listen either and conduct business a way that scares people away than bring them in. OR they are simply invested in the business and aren't doing anything. I know plenty of people in my NWM business that joined YEARS before me that aren't making anything , but they aren't complaining because they aren't working for it . Reading one sentence while doing your "research" won't cut it. You really have to know NWM and what it truly takes to be successful in it before you judge. 

#2. Just check Harvard's course listing, there is nothing remotely close to multi-level marketing being taught there. Harvard also stated that they do not teach multi-level marketing and that they've considered legal action against anyone that fraudulently states otherwise. “You hate to see your name used in a way that you haven’t approved,” he says. “Then you think of all the people who are being led down a path to some financial distress.” - quote from a WSJ interview.

#3. I could still be dumb and know that you are just too ignorant to admit that your wrong. Theres a reason all those billionares you hate are making billions and supporting this industry while you who's a poor as hell compared to those guys hates on this. You should get a reality check, either way in the end, they and I are wealthy and going to be wealthier while you just whine and complain while your wondering why we are killing this industry

#4. Hello there, have you come across DotComMoneyPile yet? Just copy and paste to your browser to visit this website address... On there you will find an important free video by a well established web-based and FOX-news-featured millionaire revealing the best way to make easy cash on the internet. It made it easier for Aaron to earn money from the comfort of home and then benefit from financial freedom very quickly. Hopefully it helps you also!

Our Team is in full force for the 90k in 90 Day Challenge Recently received a email from Chelene Nightingale  informing our team about the celebrities who have joined #WakeUpNow. If I wasn't already a member of the company through the Wake Up Affluentry Connection Team Build I would join based on this information alone! Think about it. What celebrity would ruin their creditably and reputation by knowingly associating with a scam!? Donald Trump has been behind network marketing for years yet people STILL scream scam! He's not worried because his knows his bank account(s) isn't a scam, lol! We would like to help you in your pursuit to financial freedom!! When are you going to start living like you already have the lifestyle you want? Make moves like a boss and Wake Up Now!!!  #WUN  Recently Da Brat joined #WakeUpNow ... check it out here. Da Brat - Wake Up Now Service Announcement Inbox me to connect or email me and my team at

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This is a sad state of affairs I like point out time and time again I am hearing people whether be in person or social media I hear them coming out of university or college complaining they wasted their money for nothing. The education system gets you to spend all that money they loan to you and after graduation they expect you to pay it all back with bad debt ranging in the thousands. People are being conned be thinking after university they are guaranteed a high paying job on a system that is not working anymore because they are using post industrial age methods which are out of date and has caused many people to be in financial trouble today as we are now functioning on information since 1989. So before people say Network Marketing is a Scam let me ask you this question if so why are you in so much debt by paying for a degree and claim they guarantee a steady flow of income and turns out to be false? If you still believe its a scam they I suggest you examine your finances and see you been had. And if you still believe Network Marketing is a scam how come people like Donald J. Trump joined such a system and got himself back up financially after he was made bankrupt? To finalize what I said the education is a scam it's designed to enslave you financially and deprive you of your freedom time to break from the Matrix stop feeding the system that is broke and live free. #Freedom #scam #financialeducation #ponzischeme

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Donald Trump, Tich Darangwa, David Wood and Frank Codina, I'm onto you! Seems that MLMs are making headway with the latest #realmarketingmasters  and  #neurs  entering the scene. Real Marketing Masters is claiming they can make "partners" not $1M, $1.1M, but $1.2M overtime. NEURS claims... WTF does NEURS claim? Who knows? For now they're collecting names to build a database for some future scam I guess. #EmpowerNetwork is a joke and #ACN is desperate Donald trying to make money to payoff bond holders from his failed business projects. Before joining any of these "companies", you should do your due diligence. Heck, demand to talk to the company founders to get real answers. Additionally, read my article on Questions to Ask MLM Companies. #MLM   #networkmarketing   #Scams   #ponzischeme   #empowernetwork   #homebasedbusiness   #working   #business  

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