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...Nigerian Romance scams, otherwise known as 419 Romance scams, are usually run over a longer period of time than other variants in the 419 fraud genre, but if they are successful, they can be the most damaging 419 scam.This is the only major variant... nigerian romantic scams aimed at duping lovers victims

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How to get rich

...Learn from a billionaire. Donald Trump shoots straight from the hip to help you figure it out.If you've ever wondered how to get rich, the famous billionaire, Donald Trump, shares in a very candid style the ideas and secrets that helped him get to where he is. Why not learn from a man worth five billion dollars? That... how to get rich

Beware of facebook freebies

...Virtual & Game Items Facebook Lotteries 99% of the time, the end game encountered by unsuspecting users is either a survey scam or a marketing gimmick where you have to complete several ‘special’, ‘reward’ or ‘bonus’ offers to qualify for the... beware of facebook freebies

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It&39;s Not a Scam, It&39;s My Dream !!!!!!!!"If I lost everything and had to start again, I would find myself a greatwork marketingpany and get to work." - Donald Trump Gosh you have no idea how manyments or implications I hear about Beachbody being a pyramid scheme and I would suggest fo...

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Look at the image below to see what Donald Trump thinks of Network Marketing. Still wondering if it is a Scam? Still ashamed to tell your neighbors that your in Network Marketing? Still wondering if you can make money in it? Don't Be! Neither does the Don. Sent from

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So I recently received a email from Chelene Nightingale Harvest Liberty informing our team about the celebrities who have joined WakeUpNow. If I wasn't already a member of the company through the Wake Up Affluentry Connection Team Build I would join based on this information alone! Think about it. What celebrity would ruin their creditably and reputation by knowingly associating with a scam!? Donald Trump has been behind network marketing for years yet people STILL scream scam! He's not worried because his knows his bank account(s) isn't a scam, lol! When are you going to start living like you already have the lifestyle you want? Make moves like a boss and Wake Up Now!!! watch this video below: If you are then ready to join the movement or you need more me at 

WUN Celebrities.jpgDate: Jun 7, 2014, 3:07 AM
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Network Marketing is not Get rich Quick kind of thing. Just like any other business, You have to work it. If your not willing to put in the work, don't expect to get paid. This is not geared to any one person, but to people who are uneducated about the industry. Network Marketing will pay off, if you work the business. But once you develop your business, there's not much that you need to do except sit back and enjoy the overflow. So, if you are one who is interested in making money by just doing what you see me do everyday(posting), then let me know. Catch the vision, Build your business. You see where Donald Trump is.. He's in this industry. Please if this was a scam, I would not even bother being in it, much less promote it. 2013 is well on its way, and I'm not going in the same way I came out; Overweight and Underpaid!! Now I'm losing weight and working a BUSINESS! JOIN my WINNING Team!!

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