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3 proven ways to tell you’re being lied to

...Have you ever listened to someone speak and you secretly wondered if they were really telling you the truth? Or maybe you recently listened to someone as that person told you a story…but the story seemed to have logical gaps… it just didn't make all that much sense? While we may like to think otherwise, the truth... 3 proven ways to tell you?re being lied to

Preparing your child to read

...ToddlersTeach your child the alphabet song. Have fun singing the ABC song as they learn their ABCsRead books to your toddler. Read alphabet books, counting books, books with different colors, storybooks or any book that they like. Read a variety of books to your toddler. Try to read to them several times a day.Show your... preparing your child to read

Encouraging your child to write

...Yes it's important for your child to learn to read, but it's also important for him to write! Whenever you've got a spare moment, ask him to write a little story or describe a certain event.It's also great for his imagination and for his spelling!... encouraging your child to write

Tips for success: this is not another article about failure

...That Might Happen Those fears and anxieties are pretty powerful, but did you notice how they're all projections of what might happen or how things might be? We all love a story, so here are some other things that might happen in the future: •    The Mars rover... tips for success: this is not another article about failure

Places to use storytelling in promoting your business

...Firm. As a result of the blast, the release was printed in Education Matters magazine, and TeaCHildMath was exposed to a key audience. 2.  Social media: William Wnekowicz, of Altum Design Studios in New Jersey, recently wrote a case study highlighting the success story of working with a nonprofit organization.... places to use storytelling in promoting your business

Itramonti: One of the most important albums & best memory of my life. First tour with my first band Choda! Sleeping in our homie Mark Peralta’s garage, celebrating Vic our bass players bday, drunk & this album on full blast as we drove home on a foggy highway. ONE OF THE BEST TIMES OF MY LIFE!! #GlennBedar #JamesBaguio #VicBalatico #Choda #90s #MarkPeralta #Tweaked
Date: 2013-05-05 21:20:04 GMT

I'm going to be a radio DJ!:


Early this morning I passed the training course to be a DJ on KTUH here in Honolulu! For the next eight weeks I’ll be spinning punk records from 3 to 6am…probably on Mondays. Ridiculous hours, I know, but that’s the way it goes and I need to get used to running the broadcast board anyway.

I’ll post more info soon on how you can listen on Oahu, or streaming online from anywhere. I might even make it so you can download my show and listen to it whenever you want.

Post on: 2014-06-19 22:08:07 GMT



A Christmas present for you:


Post on: 2013-12-26 01:42:44 GMT


Their They’re There & Nothing all day long!

Post on: 2013-12-06 04:47:59 GMT


I was there the whole set & @DJDelve was killing it tonight!

No one can touch @DJDelve!

Post on: 2013-12-15 10:34:16 GMT

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