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How to write a funny epitaph poem

...Appear on that person’s tombstone. Although epitaphs are usually serious, it’s also possible for a rhyming epitaph to tell a funny story in a very short way. Often a funny epitaph is only four lines long. Here’s an example of a funny epitaph poem that I wrote: Rest in Peas Here lies the... how to write a funny epitaph poem

Romantic ideas - cheap or free sweet ideas

...A nap together Camp "out" inside-- watch movies set outdoors, cook Smores in the microwave, and eat hotdogs. Write down the story of how you first met- or a memorable first date-- and frame it for them. Go to a fair and ride a Ferris wheel together. Write down random questions on slips of... romantic ideas - cheap or free sweet ideas

Tips to poetry writing

...Scene. Your reader must be able to step into the poem. They must be there with you, so you must describe it. In your head, watch the story unfold. Watch the tender rose blossom. Does it have dew sprinkled over it? What color is it? Is the color symbolic to the theme of your poem? Where is the... tips to poetry writing

Good writing calls for a good story

...The Living Web unfolds in time, and as we see each daily revelation we experience its growth as a story. Your arguments and rivalries, your ideas and your passions: all of these grow and shift in time, and these changes become the dramatic arc of your website. Understand... good writing calls for a good story

3 proven ways to tell you’re being lied to

...Secretly wondered if they were really telling you the truth? Or maybe you recently listened to someone as that person told you a story…but the story seemed to have logical gaps… it just didn't make all that much sense? While we may like to think otherwise, the... 3 proven ways to tell you?re being lied to

He/she talks: LIVE Aarti Maa Ambe ji ki (from Shree Vaishno Devi Darbaar)
Jai Mata Di Jai Mata Di Maiya ji mere ang sang Aap raho, Tujh bin mera hor na koi, kito na mildi Daati Dhoyee, Aap Sahyee ho, Maiya ji mere ang sang Aap raho...

Omshaktijaishakti: Garba (ગરબા in Gujarati) is a form of dance that originated in the state of Gujarat in India. The name is derived from the Sanskritterm Garbha (“womb”) and Deep (“a small earthenware lamp”). Many traditional garbas are performed around a centrally lit lamp or a picture or statue of the Goddess Shakti. The circular and spiral figures of Garba have similarities to other spiritual dances, such as those of Sufi culture. Traditionally, it is performed during the nine-day Hindu festival Navarātrī (Gujarātī નવરાત્રી Nava = 9, rātrī = nights). Either the lamp (the Garba Deep) or an image of the Goddess, Durga (also called Amba) is placed in the middle of concentric rings as an object of veneration. From Wikipedia Photos come from Hindustan Times
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Kajalnp: Two days before the end of this amazing festival…Tonight really was a feast for the eyes. I have a splitting headache…sensory overload! The atmosphere was something else. I didn’t take too many photographs tonight…Instead, I was recording video to show how amazing the atmosphere was. I was being lazy and recorded without a tripod, so I think most of the footage is useless…lesson learned! I do, however confess to abandoning my equipment for half an hour to shake my thang, so video fiasco is not such a bother.
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