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He/she talks: Muki's Kitchen Interview
An interview with Mr. & Mrs. Muki, and one of their models, Megh on SexTV. Muki's Kitchen: Art by Megh: Cannib...

They talk:
#1. In the absence of props, there's always terrible photoshop. Muki's Kitchen was a refreshing change to the scene because they don't use any effects except retouching. What you see is what the camera sees. I'm sure smaller artists have tried putting out those ideas, but it's much lower quality. There's always text stories too, or comics.

#2. I'll be honest, I don't really know what draws me to something like this. I feel it's a little weird as I am a chef, but a pastry chef to be precise. I've was always interested in seeing if you'd do a girl in a giant Sandwich or a pie or even a cake of some kind. However I understand the props would be a nightmare.

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