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He/she talks: Bob Blackwell - A Soldier

Raining hard,
my back hurts,
I’m very cold,
feet soaking wet,
they hurt, I rest.

No sleep for days;
I drag my feet,
soggy mud,
trench a bog;
it’s full of tears!

What time is it?
Dawn or dusk?
Rats, many rats,
run from holes
in side of trench.

Lots of corpses;
my arm hurts,
runs with blood,
had I passed out?
I don’t remember.

do not want
to recall,
the hell of war,
the noise, the smoke,
the bodies fall.

Rains relentlessly,
drip, drip,
it runs down my neck.
Wish I was home,
a warm mug of tea,
two sugars please?

A light, a flash,
an explosion;
as I depart this world,
I wonder, how
this all came to be,
but mostly
WHY I came!


Bob Blackwell

Author: avatarpoemhunter
Tags: Bob Blackwell A Soldier
Posted: 08 November 2014
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