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Sean McBride talk: WATCH: Ted Cruz's Dad Calls a "Christian Nation," Says Obama Should Go "Back to Kenya" | Mother Jones (David Corn) - ...
They talk: "The United States as a "Christian nation"; death panels; social tice a cancer; gay rights a conspiracy; the "wicked" in charge in Washington; women inferior to men as spiritual leaders; Obama a lim-favoring, God-hating, Marxist Kenyan; End Times; a UN worldwide dictatorship; states' rights;ee markets over all—Rafael Cruz blends the far reaches of extreme conservatism and Christian fundamentalism. He embodies the full synthesis of the tea party and the religi right. In fact, he has noted that the rise of the religi right in Ronald Reagan's 1980 campaign "was the precursor of the tea party." Rafael Cruz may well be key to understanding the ideas, desires, and long-term aims that drive Ted Cruz—a politician who is exerting an outsized influence on the GOP. "
Berthe. "Now, my real honest opinion is that the working family with 3 kids should not have had 3 kids and if they have 3 not 13, they know how to prevent having too many children. That is my honest opinion and I honestly feel that they are the only ones responsible for providing food for those children." You know what, Berthe? I know a couple like that. He married her. She had a 2-year-old baby. They had two more kids. They were successful until September 2008 when theAUD THAT THE BANKERSMITTED CAME HOME TO ROOST BECE AMERICAN LAWS FAILED. And I find your thinking fucking repellent. You're mean.
"Todd is correct that drugs/alcohol and/or mental problems are big factors in poverty." BULLSHIT. And it is not borne out by statistics or facts.
"ench Old Regime -- I need to look into this further." Sean, it's called 'Le ancien regime', or more correctly inench, 'l'ancien regime'. You're not going to find it under ench Old Regime'. If I were you, I would search for 'ancien régime'.
MRW -- I was segueingom Greg's post -- I've read (book; Alexis de Tocqueville; Ancien Regime and theench Revolution) and know someench. I was curi to notice, however, in (Wikipedia; Ancien Régime ...) that "Old Regime" ised quitemonly -- even by scholars like Arno Mayer. (Thanks for the language note.)
MRW-8 - What can I say about you calling me "mean" except that its pathetic. You can't diss public policy without personally attacking someone who does not agree with you. Theres no point in talking to people like that; I should know better.
Theres a huge ie inequality between me and Bill Gates but I am OK with my circumstances. The poor in America today have more than my own family had in the 50s and we would not have called ourselves poor, would have hated for anyone to think of as poor. One bedroom apartment in Astoria, Queens, no air conditioning, one phone, one little black and white TV, 3 kids, walk up/no elevator, walked to school (PS 6), brought bag lunch, Mom cut our hair, neighbor lady and Mom cut each other's hair. Mom never went to a nail salon, no pets (love my dog and cat but they are expensive, especially vet bills), clothes - probably had very, very little; one pair of shoes for each of, wore them everywhere. No car. No washer or dryer.(Or dishwasher - boy were those things considered a luxury when they came in.) I could go on and on. How I wish I could be back there for a day and see them again. But having 3 kids was their choice and their responsibility; I sure stand by that. It was NOT "poverty" or suffering.
Sean, I would still like a description of that bothersome ie inequality level as you see it. How are those people living?
I don't envy people who have more "wealth" than I do, really I don't. I always think of how much I could give up and still be OK.
I first skimmed thements above and then went back and read them. You guys are serily thinking theres any way topare the poor in the 1700s inance and America today? I might be wrong about this but I think they didn't even have left and right shoes. Imagine what a luxury cloth was. No rigeration. No medicine. Imagine the infant mortality and deaths in childbirth. How many had lost half their teeth by age 20? The cold in the winter. No running water. Chamber pots (that were emptied in the allleys). Hardly anybody could read and write. They didn't have bathtubs or showers - gosh, how wretched it t have been.
... Note thements on thisA Today story, all the people who notice food stamp purchasings by people with $400 I-phones and hundreds of dollars of tattoos on each arm. The story highlights the hardship of a family doing without kiwis.
I don't mind a safety for people who really need it, but anyone who denies that there is a very large and very real entitlement class is ignoring reality. It's true that the economy is rough, and flooding the nation with untold numbers of immigrants lowers wages and shrinks opportunities for many Americans who are most vulnerable, while putting extra strain on the resources available, but there is still a very large class of people who are dependent on welfare for generations. I've been in and out of public hing in past jobs, and I didn't see starving people. Most appeared very well fed. There is so much waste,aud and scamming in the welfare system, that anyone who says otherwise is naive or dishonest. I see nothing mean about not wanting to take responsibility for other people's children. I have actually had people tell me to have children bece I would get benefits. What does that tell you?
Its weird that theres an entitlement mentality to have children whether you can afford to support them or not.
Is it also mean of me to not want section 8 hing in my neighborhood? Why should I care about the value of my home in this economy and hing market? I'd say that the people who get the subsidized home down the street are entitled, and I feel like a sucker foring my own money.
"Are you aware that the physical body will save every ounce of food and moistureom food when people feel 'food insecure’? Especially when it’s derivedom junk food." Of course I'm fucking aware that the body conserves calories when it's deprived. I also understand that starchy,ied, sugary and processed foods ce weight gain. The point remains that starvation does not ce obesity---t ask the First Lady. Do we need a government bureaucracy to make sure that fat people on government assistance eat salads? That wouldn't work in a million years!
Section 8 Hing will be inflicted on the neighborhoods least able to afford to lose money or get hit with the crime wave and no one willpensate them. There won't be any Section 8 in the liberal movie stars' neighborhoods. Why do bad things inevitably follow Section 8 Hing? Were the poor always so likely to have bad characters? The kind of bad character that destroys cities - Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia, Memphis, St. Louis, Newark, Camden, etc. The poster MRW above refers to people he knows who get public assistance and, of course, the question thates to mind is why he doesn't help them himself. Thats what I would do for someone I know and respect who hit hard times, loan him some money. I pect the reason for not offering a loan is that you don't think it'll be paid back.
I bet the fatty starchy foods aren't cheap fatty starchy foods either. I bet one could eat good food for the same price but thats not going to happen.
There's a real argument about good food, but if it includeseshuits and veggies then it would be impossible to each well for the same price. They are budget ters.
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