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Dealing with debt collectors

...Is that you want to eliminate that debt as soon as possible. Talking to the callers is probably a good idea because you can either work out a payment plan or find some way to remedy the problem. The debt collectors will be much less likely to continue hounding you if you show initiative and desire to fix the debt problem.... dealing with debt collectors

Get a home loan with bad credit & no money down

...    Buying a home with bad credit used to be a simple process, in which mortgage lenders offered loans to persons with credit scores below 600. However, the mortgage industry has changed, and getting a mortgage loan with less than perfect credit and no money down requires patience and... get a home loan with bad credit & no money down

Tips for first time loan borrower

...Thinking of availing a home loan or mortgage for the very first time? First time home loan shoppers are highly likely to fall for the sugar words and marketing tactics of banks or home loan providers. The following tips may help you strike the best deal without having to sulk over... tips for first time loan borrower

Basic financial information tips (part i)

...A good deal. For instance: the difference in total interest paid on an 11% versus an 8% 30 year, $100,000 mortgage loan is $64,283 (assuming all payments are made as agreed). Consolidation Loans.  A consolidation loan can result in great savings to... basic financial information tips (part i)

Paying off your credit cards

...Save some money, which is impossible to do when buried in credit card debt. Step One: Get OrganizedTake one month?s worth of credit card statements and make a list of what?s owed on each card, the minimum payment and interest rate and the payment due date. Read the fine print on each statement to keep track of any interest rate changes or other... paying off your credit cards

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Could a new home be in your future?Many sites offer a mortgage loan calculator that quickly calculates your payments, interest and amortization a tool like this helps you visualize what you need to get out of the rental market and into the BUYERS MARKET!

A MortgageCalculator can help analysis the difference between bi weekly payments and monthly payments. It can help you decide on how many years of amortization you may want to for your mortgage - 

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