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Getting out of debt

...Taylor or that new computer gadget from Apple. Getting out of debt relies primarily on disciplining yourself. Take a good look at your housing circumstances. Can you afford to downsize for a bit? Sometimes getting that mortgage off your back and even opting for renting for a while can make big steps in your financial recovery. Another good, small... getting out of debt

Top 10 nokia lumia tips and tricks everyone should know

...Pressing the volume key when the phone is ringing silences the call without rejecting it. TWO: Holding the camera key will open the camera, even if the screen is locked. THREE: When using the calculator app rotate the phone to landscape mode and you’ll get a scientific calculator. FOUR: You can add additional keyboard layouts for different... top 10 nokia lumia tips and tricks everyone should know

Steps to getting a mortgage after bad credit

...After a period of bad credit, home ownership may seem out of reach. These steps will help you repair your credit and get a mortgage. Getting a home mortgage after a period of bad credit is not impossible. It may be more of a challenge, but with a little work and proper planning, you can repair your credit and buy the home of your dreams. Here are eight... steps to getting a mortgage after bad credit

Get a home loan with bad credit & no money down

...    Buying a home with bad credit used to be a simple process, in which mortgage lenders offered loans to persons with credit scores below 600. However, the mortgage industry has changed, and getting a mortgage loan with less than perfect credit... get a home loan with bad credit & no money down

Basic financial information tips (part i)

...Arrangements at rates lower than 13%. Beware though, because beating 13% does not always mean you are getting a good deal. For instance: the difference in total interest paid on an 11% versus an 8% 30 year, $100,000 mortgage loan is $64,283 (assuming all payments are made as agreed). Consolidation Loans.  A... basic financial information tips (part i)

He/she talks: HP 16C Computer Scientist's Calculator Review

HP 16C Computer Scientist's Calculator Review

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A hearty Rootstock welcome to new advertiser Halo Financial Whatever you’re looking for, let us help. Halo Financial offer a full range of foreign exchange products to ensure your specific needs are met. The fact is there’s no one-stop solution for foreign currency exchange. Even when your bank offers you a range of solutions, chances are it isn’t enough or they’re too complicated. We deliver simple, specific solutions to solve specific problems. At Halo Financial, you’re a name, not a number. One-off Currency Payments Sometimes you need to make single, ad hoc money transfer payments when the moment demands it, for: Foreign currency invoices or receipts Investing in or running overseas businesses Overseas education fees Sending money home to a family member or to your personal account overseas To guarantee you get the best exchange rate you'll need the help of financial experts. We deliver the following benefits: Save up to 4% on the exchange rate compared to your bank Halo Financial offer significant discounts on the exchange rates you’re likely to get from your bank, sometimes up to 4% better. If that doesn’t sound like much, remember that’s a £4000 saving on every £100,000 transferred. Zero commission charges We do not charge a commission fee on foreign exchange transactions. Protection against adverse exchange rate movements Transferring currency can be a difficult balancing act. We can help protect you by taking advantage of favourable movements whilst protecting you against unfavourable ones. We’ll even enable you to fix an agreed exchange rate with us for up to 24 months for even greater stability. A quality service, personally delivered Timing, flexibility and market knowledge are crucial in all foreign exchange dealings—and that’s what your personal FX consultant will deliver. Once you sign up with us, our first move will be to allocate you a dedicated currency expert to professionally manage your affairs. We think it’s what really sets us apart from other providers. The breadth and depth of information and options available to you are combined with personal advice to really enable you to make the best currency decisions. Streamlined to save you time You’re busy. We don’t want to take up too much of your time. We’ve made making an international payment quick and easy. You can open a trading facility online, over the phone or by post and undertake transactions in minutes. Regular Payments Whether you're at home or abroad, we can help make regular international payments easy. We've developed a simple, flexible and cost-effective payment solution to help you: Make monthly repayments for an overseas mortgage Live / work abroad and receive a UK pension or salary Repatriate rental income from an overseas property Send money overseas for maintenance of a property Transfer living expenses Pay overseas school fees Send regular payments to relatives overseas Maintain the cost of doing business overseas Halo Financial’s Regular Currency Transfer (RCT) service delivers the following benefits: Saving you money with reduced costs and a competitive exchange rate As banks charge between £15 and £40 to make an international money transfer, making regular transfers through your bank can become expensive. We charge no commission fees and a very low transfer fee. Use the savings calculator below to see how much you could save by agreeing a RCT plan with Halo Financial. Convenience and simplicity As our RCT service is automated, you won’t need to remember when to make your next payment obligation—so no more forgotten payments and no late payment fees. Your personal currency expert will help set up the process so it’s easy from start to finish. Better manage your budget Currency markets move daily. You need stability. By agreeing an RCT plan we can eliminate uncertainty, enabling you to manage your budget by knowing how much money your mortgage repayment will cost, how much your pension or salary money you’ll receive, and how much rental income earns you on a month-by-month basis. Flexible solutions Customise your RCT payment plans around your needs. We’ll let you choose when you want to start the payment, select options on the duration of the plan and the frequency of your payments as well as opt for one of 4 payment dates in the month to ensure your money is received when it’s needed. Low minimum amounts There is no maximum limit to how much you send and you can send as little as £250 per month, £400 bi-monthly or £500 quarterly. Automated Orders You have a life outside of currency exchange. For us, it’s a full-time job. We appreciate you’re likely to have a thousand other concerns every day. You don’t have enough time to monitor exchange rates continually. We do. By using automated currency orders you can be confident that the exchange rates that are important to you are monitored around the clock. We can ensure you use currency volatility to your advantage; protecting you against currency loss and maximising your currency gain. We offer 2 types of automated currency order. Limit order A Limit order enables you to target a better exchange rate than is available at the time of placing the order. It is an instruction to buy or sell currency at a predetermined ‘best case’ exchange rate, which if achieved, will automatically fulfil your instruction. Limit orders provide you with the following benefits: Help you buy and sell at the rate you want Monitored by professionals—24/7 Flexible; can be modified or cancelled Zero cost Stop loss order A Stop loss order enables you to protect yourself against the exchange rate moving against you. It is an instruction to buy or sell currency at a predetermined ‘worst case’ exchange rate, which if achieved, will automatically fulfil your instruction. Stop loss orders provide you with the following benefits: Protect you from paying more than you need to Provide a minimum exchange rate against which you can budget Monitored by professionals—24/7 Flexible; can be modified or cancelled Zero cost Using a Limit order & Stop loss order combined You can exert greater control over volatile exchange rates by using both both Limit and Stop loss orders together. By setting both upper and lower exchange rate thresholds you’re able to control the range within which the currency can move, providing you with a guaranteed exchange rate, making currency transactions far more predictable. This ‘ring fenced’ solution provides you with the following benefits: You control the currency range; the level of risk and reward Protect you from paying more than you need to Provide a minimum exchange rate against which you can budget Professionally monitored 24/7 Flexible; can be modified or cancelled Zero cost to set up - See more at:

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Debt Service Ratio Calculations to be Changing Again In July 2012, the Government of Canada fixed the maximum Gross Debt Service (GDS) and Total Debt Service (TDS) ratios for insured mortgage loans. The change was to have a more level playing field for borrowers of insured mortgaged applications and their ability to service mortgage debt regardless of the lender.Clarification in the calculation and documentation requirements for all CMHC-insured loans has gotten one step closer. Even though some lenders are implanting these steps now, the changes will take effect December 31, 2013. Some of these clarifications include:Income:Supporting documentation confirming income has always been required for all borrowers. However, details on the type of income and how it should be calculated have been further clarified.Variable Income:Variable income includes income from bonuses, tips, seasonal employment, investment income, etc. The income used must have been sustained over at least a two year period and an amount not exceeding the two year average must be used.Self- employed Income (without traditional documentation to support income verification):Newly self-employed individuals or those that operate a new business should take reasonable steps to obtain documentation to support the gross annual income claimed.Rental Income:Rental income that is not owner-occupied and not the subject property, the principal, interest, property taxes and heat (PITH) must be calculated by either:* deducted from gross rent revenue to establish net rental income; or *included in ‘other debt obligations’ when the Total Debt Service (TDS) ratio is being calculatedGuarantor Income:Guarantor/covenantors income must not be used for borrower qualification criteria unless they occupy the home and is the spouse or common-law partner of the borrower.DebtUnsecured Lines of Credit and Credit Cards:An amount no less than 3% of the outstanding balance must be used in your calculations. Interest only payments are no longer acceptable.Secured Lines of Credit:An amount equal to at least a monthly payment on the outstanding balance amortized over 25 years using the contract rate or the 5-year Benchmark rate published by the Bank of Canada is to be used. Lenders may apply internal guidelines where the result is at least equivalent to the above.Heating Costs:A reasonable estimate taking into consideration factors such as property size, location and/or type of heating system should be used if the actual heating cost cannot be obtained. Some lenders have adopted a heating formula like:(square footage x $0.75)/12 months Most of these policies are currently being followed by many lenders, however there are exceptions. Genworth will not be adopting all of these policies at the present time. Canada Guaranty says it is “currently reviewing the new debt ratio guidelines.” Lenders may use one guideline for all insurers- meaning that they will most likely follow CMHC’s policies, but there could be exceptions from some non-OSFI regulated lenders. 

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Knowing how much you can afford is crucial before purchasing anything, but in the case of such a big investment as buying a home, you should double-check all your calculations. A fairly broad rule of thumb is that you can afford housing that costs 4 to 5 times your annual gross household income to qualify for pre-approval. This is dependent on what liabilities/debt including other properties/mortgages, credit cards, secured/non secured lines of credit, student loans and car lease/loan payments. Also take into consideration whether this is conventional mortgage where you can increase the amortization to 30 years to qualify the deal (a great short term plan while getting financially secure) or insured where the maximum amortization is 25 years.

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