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Sean McBride talk: set; Americans who have taken the side of the Israeli government against the American government
They talk: It's not fair topare Israel to Germany in this realm, but one could: ...
Sean.....I know nothing about that ranking agencysite you linked to but it doesnt match up with the QS rankings, which is the international ranking agency for all worlds universities.----see here ... the 2013 international rankings the Hebrew Univ. is ranked at 141, not 59. The only other Isr Univ included ranks 183 out of 199. You can see them here------...
Yes -- one has to take into account all the leading ranking schemes. Bottom line: I'll wager that many bright Israelis would prefer to do advanced studies in the United States, Britain, Germany orance than in Israel -- and at institutions that aren't explicitly Jewish.
Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale, Caltech, Princeton, Oxford, Cambridge -- they will do nicely. Most of them have Anglo roots, by the way.
Here is also the other major ranking agency, Reuters, of world universities------... puts the Hebrew Univ of Isr even further down at 191. If you want to expand it to the top 200 to 225 --where all are lumped into the 200 to 225 range and not seperate ranking then you see Technion in the 200 to 225 range. If you expand it out to the top 400 in the world you see no other Isr Univ. made the cut for the top 400. I think that other site ising something squirrely for it rankings.
That last ranking source -- Times Higher Education -- strikes me as the most reliable. Germany is probably looking forward topeting with Israel in the realm of academic excellence -- all nice andiendly, of course. Let's see what you've got.
There is a tendency in Israeli culture to indulge in a great deal of boasting (about itself) and bashing (of others) -- I'm not sure why -- which is probably a bad idea. It gets things going that it might prefer not to get going.
Looking at Univ. my family and cins and I graduatedom......My alma mater, Duke ranks 17th in the world,...not too shabby-- Univ. of NC at Chapel Hill ranks 47th---- Havard ranks no.2 --- Yale ranks 11th---- UVA and NC State rank at 112 both. I dont recall many Jews at Duke, we did have a good many middle eastern students though--- the Saudis give a lot of money to the Duke Medical school.
If the English decide to go "Zionist" -- watch out. They will show Israel how to *really* go Zionist. The same for several other European nations. (I don't want this to happen, but I am beginning to pick up vibes that it may happen.)
Btw -- I am a descendant of Oliver Cromwell -- I may well have a bit of English "Zionism" in my blood. :) As I understand Cromwellianism, it goes something like, best get out of the fucking way. I try to keep a lid on my occasional Cromwellian impulses.
You mean go ethnic nationalist? yea I see rising in europe. Look atance. The zios should go home, sit down and be very quiet.
Yes -- ethnic nationalism -- of the very same type that the worldwide Jewish establishment has embraced with such conviction and entiasm. Everyone can play.
When I put "Zionism" in quotes, I am referring to the respective ethnic nationalisms of all ethnic groups. Jewish Zionists do not have a monopoly on this form of political activism.
Zionists learned a lot about being arrogant, destructive colonizerom the British. Home destructions are a technique Moshe Dayan observed the British carry out in Mandate Palestine. British Christianity is deeply zionistic. If you trace the predominance of evangelicalism in, observe that it's centered in the South. British cotton trade converged with the growth of Oxford Press. Oxford Press shipped thands of bibled in their vessels. The Christian evangelicalism ofA has as much to do with marketing &mercial activities as with genuine spirituality.
Europeans are bing increasingly concerned about protecting their respective cultures -- they value them -- they invested a great deal of energy in building them.
Sean---If you are Irish,Scottish or British you likely have some Celtic blood...the Celts spread their seed all over europe. They were the anglo saxon bad asses of 500 bc. ..probably where the Irish and Scots in particular got their fighting temperments.
American -- I am well aware that I have a good deal of both Celtic and English blood, and warrior genes in excess -- that is why I take care to be civil on the Inte -- you really wouldn't want to see me when I am uncivil. :) My spiritual/cultural roots and center of gravity are located in the British Isles -- and I amank about my biases, as I think we should all be -- especially in dissions about ethnic nationalist politics -- which is what the endless (and by now, for many of, boring) debates about Israel are all about.
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Rebecca download talk: Serif Photo Projects - ...
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Mark download talk: Movie Edit Pro 14 - ...
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Chu_ talk: Why I pull against the U.S. in the World Cup ...
They talk: "I love the United States; it’s the country that took in my grandfathers and provided me withfort and meaningful engagement. But today when the plays Portugal in the World Cup, I imagine I’ll be pulling for Portugal, t as I found myself screaming my throat hoarse for Ghana last week against the U.S. in a lost ce. My feelings about these games are instinctual. Why do I have them and how do I tify them? Well:" (I missed the chance toment.)
" "And any goal by any ican player is a source of pride for a continent treated as a source of minerals and slaves and anthropology by Europe and the U.S." That is such a stupid statement. If there is a recolonizing of ica, I'd guess that China would play a large role. Jews have the diamond trade under control, and slaves were their specialty also. The funny thing is that Brazil alone was the destination of 80% of the slaves sentom ica. Why mention Brazil when you can drone on about Mississippi forever?
In true Judeo-douche fashion, Weiss couches his Jewish aggression in universalist, humanist, bleeding heart phoniness.
"We have too much. We dominate the world’s culture and finances, our language is all over the FIFA promotion of the contest. Why should we get this too?" Weiss is totally out of touch with the reality for the vast majority of Americans who are struggling. "We have too much." I would absolutely love to see this guy mopping the floor at McDonalds some day.
"We have too much. We dominate the world’s culture and finances, our language is all over the FIFA promotion of the contest. Why should we get this too?" What's this "we" stuff all of a sudden? I thought Weiss gives credit for the U.S. culture, finance, marketing and gen with language to Jews. That'sually the case with him. No Jews are on the U.S. team, so he should be rooting for them.
"I would absolutely love to see this guy mopping the floor at McDonalds some day." He is such an obvi case of family and ethnicworking. He's an okay writer, and a mediocre thinker, but I would bet that better talent rots away at small papers around the nation. He doesn't do the Harvard or Elite image any good. It doesn't take talent, education or sta to see the obvi about people like Weiss.
tokyobk says: June 22, 2014 at 4:26 pm The thing I like most about your writing, Phil, is how unpretenti it is and how honest you try to be (when its often hard to have a handle on our own feelings let alone convey them). I always look forward to these kinds of pieces, more so than your analysis.
Anyone can disagree on talent or viewpoint, but Weiss is definitely pretenti and dishonest on the main issues he foes on.
Chu, I was going toment on thement you deleted, but I'd probably screw it up if I went on memory.
The funny thing about the U.S. team is that the players still play a lot of the typical game they were taught in high school. There is absolutely no polish and the individual skill level is obvily lower than every team they have played. They are definitely soccer underdogs.
Should have kept Landon Donovan. At least he could finish.These guys play kick and run, and they areeless in the air. They can't place a header to save their lives.
US lost. Now Phil can write an article about how he's glad about it~him and TokyBK. But what typical American haters, no patriot spirit whatsoever for an underdog team in world soccer. Phil writing that piece about why the should lose, was lazy recycled liberal garbage - shows how un-intellectual his ideas are.
I bet the futbol experts at MW are in a funk after yesterday. They're probably dissing who would hide them, t in case.
The ghosts of Hitler and Peron would jump right out of the televisions. Kind of like Poltergeist. They're here!
Toky to Phil ' 'The thing I like most about your writing, Phil, is how unpretenti it is and how honest you try to be (when its often hard to have a handle on our own feelings let alone convey them). I always look forward to these kinds of pieces, more so than your analysis. You are certainly right on hubris. Think for example that we call ourselves simply”American” and expect people to understand that means as in, not Mexico or Canada for starts and then the rest of the Americas, no small “btw.” And of course they do. ' ...
they should have been talking about how 'multicultural' soccer is (whatever flowery terms they coulde), instead they are dissing why the national soccer team should lose.
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Runhardliveloud: takin selfies instead of working depsite how jam-packed the day is. i’m blaming it on a lack of coffee (i’ve had two cups already but that just isn’t enough) i woke up only sore in my right IT band but here are places i am detecting soreness and which are gonna get worse the next few days: IT band (it’s so tight alskdfj) abs obliques shoulders lower back both Achilles DID U KNOW I LYK 2 RUN
Date: 2013-10-13 15:44:00 GMT

Iamlyricmonet: Lessons from worship @themountleads & @themountbishop. Heard God loud & clear. There’s more #afterthis. Don’t quit. Don’t count Urself out. Learn from the process. Humility isn’t discipline it’s necessary to keep u from getting in God’s way and keeping him from being able to just be God. So grateful for a promise of #MORE. Just waiting in the wings of what’s next. Cuz we the doors open I’ll be ready for center stage. So grateful for this message. So necessary for the season. Had to share. Hope it blesses u to same.
Date: 2013-10-13 15:34:40 GMT


You’ll remember, friends, that when I first came to you to let you in on God’s master stroke, I didn’t try to impress you with polished speeches and the latest philosophy. I deliberately kept it plain and simple: first Jesus and who he is; then Jesus and what he did-Jesus crucified. I was unsure of how to go about this, and felt totally inadequate-I was scared to death, if you want the truth of it - and so nothing I said could have impressed you or anyone else. But the Message came through anyway. God’s Spirit and God’s power did it, which made it clear that your life of faith is a response to God’s power, not to some fancy mental or emotional footwork by me or anyone else. (1 Corinthians 2:1-5 MSG)


GOD. FAITH. & LOVE (in that order)

Post on: 2011-10-24 14:05:30 GMT day 370-faith reply,

VG&EW Nab 7 Rhythm of Gospel Award Nominations! Help them WIN BIG with your Votes:

Joi in voting for Vernon Gordon and Elevated Worship to win all 7 category nominations for the 2013 Rhythm of Gospel Awards.

Post on: 2012-11-06 00:56:24 GMT

A reminder to just RELAX from my girl Tina:

…Do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns… Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?
And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even the most opulent king in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.

Our day may be bright or gloomy; We may be well-rested or tired; We may have a million dollars in surplus or debt; We may be bathing in familiar warmth and comfort or rocked by cold and watery waves of change… All of it is simply our circumstance. What will you be happy with? What will you need to sustain you and what are you fighting a losing battle for? Let nature remind you of how perfectly we are provided for, and let yourself relax.

Matthew 6:25

Try not to take yourself so seriously: No one else does.

Via Che

Post on: 2012-01-10 17:33:09 GMT





Post on: 2012-01-18 04:24:01 GMT

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