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He/she talks: Le gros coup de gueule de Michel Boujenah contre Les Ch'tis

Author: avatarGentside
Posted: 12 September 2014
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Madmusicfix: MICHEL PAGLIARO Song: Émeute dans la prison Album: Louise (1975) Y’a des fois comme ça ou faire ressortir son plus profond rocker fait du bien en… ! Et dans ces moments là, j’me balance ma chanson préféré de Pag, tiré de son album de 1975, Louise, et je trippe fort! Et cette version live avec un Steve Hill complètement en feu à la guitare, vient rajouter une bonne dose de testostérone. YEEEAAAAH !!                                        Jeudi, 28 novembre 2013, 10:15pm
Date: 2013-11-29 03:22:00 GMT

THE DEARS - Omega Dog, the single:

Great news I had to share! Get the killer studio version of Omega Dog directly from the band. Now I really can’t wait to get my hands on DEGENERATION STREET.



The first track off our new album is available online everywhere but most importantly, here.
You’ve seen the the live version. Hear the studio version in all its glory. It is utterly kick ass, you won’t even believe what you are hearing.
Get it. Now!

The Dears

PS The new album has been titled: “DEGENERATION STREET.” OUT FEB 15, 2011.

Post on: 2010-10-25 17:40:00 GMT


Just a quick post to let you know that if you liked the few songs of The Hundred in the Hands that I’ve put up here you should rush and get your hand on the album (which came out last Tuesday).  I already gave it a couple of attentive listen and I must say that I really love it! It’s quite varied in it’s textures and moods but is always very cool and it would make an equally great soundtrack for a night out and a quiet Saturday afternoon. It has an overall very “New Yorky” feel and is very well produced.

I’m a very happy customer!

                                                                      Friday, September 24th 2010, 10:30pm

Post on: 2010-09-25 02:25:00 GMT
Tags: The Hundred In The Hands,


Yesterday, August 20th, marked the day that my humble little blog first crossed the Atlantic! I now have a couple of readers in England, France and Belgium! Thank you very much for your visit my new European friends and keep reading!

                                                                         Saturday, August 21nd 2010, 3:15pm

Post on: 2010-08-21 19:09:29 GMT


Welcome you and all to my humble beginning in the world of blogging.  Better late than never! As the title aptly shows, my goal here is to share with you the pleasures I’m feeding my ears at the moment, the new music I just discovered, the bands I can’t live without, the latest shows I’ve been to and the emotions that they all send rushing through my head.  All in the hopes that you’ll enjoy the ride, maybe make some enjoyable discoveries along the way and ultimately come aboard with me and share my unbound passion for music of all kind!


Post on: 2010-08-03 19:38:00 GMT

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