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Posted: 17 July 2014
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Bostonservicedog: We had no heat again last night! It was pretty cold in the morning, and Si just wanted to be buried under a thousand layers. So did I! Every morning we walk to the T stop, which is a minute from my apartment, and get on the red line to get to work in the next town over. This morning we were sitting in the station waiting for the train and a man comes along with a little black german shepherd guide dog. Sienna is a master seductress of all guide dogs. They see her and they just lose it because she is so shiny and golden and walks with this little butt wiggle…More than once guide dogs have strayed from their original paths to come and sniff her, and this was no exception. (One guide walked his handler into a wall because he was so busy looking back at Si, who was sitting patiently in a Starbucks. Sorry, guy..)  So we were sitting on a bench and this man comes along and his guide leads him over right to our bench and he plops down next to us and the two dogs start delicately sniffing each others noses. It was nice because both dogs were so well mannered that neither broke their sits, but they just noosled each other from their spots. I thought the guy knew there was another dog next to him until he reached down to pet his guide and pet Sienna’s snout instead. "Oh!" He said "There’s another dog here!" We got to talking. He asked what school Si was from, and I asked him how long he had been with this dog. This was has 6th guide dog and they’d been together 4 years. Quite a difference from young thing Sienna and our 6 months together. Apparently he thought his guide was guiding him to a seat, which she rarely does. But nope, the dog just wanted a little socialization time with Lady Si. So they snuffled, then I moved Si over to the other side of me and we waited for the train. Si was very good, somehow she can always tell when it’s another working dog and stays very calm. The train came eventually and the man’s guide led him down a few doors so we parted. It’s always nice when we have a good encounter with another dog working in Boston.
Date: 2013-11-22 01:48:31 GMT


This is service dog Sienna. We met today a little after 10 in the morning. She is very sweet and likes to be touched. She has a lot more fur than what I was expecting, especially on her rear, where she sort of resembles a small bear. I am a little nervous around her because I don’t know her at all, but we are getting along pretty well so far and she is very well behaved.

I like the name Sienna! I have heard of some bad service dog names! And some bad ones coming out of our program! The names of the dogs in my class are not bad, however. The ones I remember are Imp, Wander, Legacy, Batalli and Rallie. And of course Sienna! Sienna’s litter was named after different kind of pine trees. Her sibling, Legacy, is also in team training and is strangely half her size.

We didn’t do much in the morning aside from meeting our dogs and walking them around the room a little. At first, Sienna PULLED! Then came back. Then PULLED again. Then veered right, then left. Then tripped me. Then after a few more tries she began pulling less. By lunchtime she was doing a much better job heeling.

She is pretty good with sit, down, stay, paw. We are a little silly still with wait, follow and of course heel. We were given a binder with a list of many many commands. Does she know them all?

After lunch her heel was much better. In class we alternated between working the dogs and listening to lectures, which worked out well. At the end of the day the whole class went to dinner at Pizza Hut. Sienna maneuvered herself under the table and fell asleep for the whole dinner.

I am mourning all of the black clothes I own that I will never be able to wear again. Do not even ask about the black interior of the rental car.

Post on: 2013-03-19 02:43:32 GMT


Sienna and I went to the Pru yesterday after work so we took a different route via the T. Got to Park St station and I was starting to wilt, so I was hanging on to Sienna’s harness and letting her guide. I noticed a little girl getting really excited about the “big doggie!” as we passed her sitting on a bench, but I didn’t see her make any moves towards Si. A minute later, Sienna baulks and does a complete 180 and then keeps glancing behind her and trying to turn around. I wonder why the heck she’s acting so weird when I see the same little girl darting out from behind us! She had pulled Sienna’s tail! While she was working! With her parents right there, too! Gah! Si was in the middle of a job so I was not pleased to have her totally distracted. Poor Sienna spent the next ten minutes being so paranoid that every time I had her sit she would sit backwards, so she could watch behind to make sure no one else would touch her precious plumage.

Si has such a big poofy tail, but getting it pulled turns her into a goof. The parents were right there too and did nothing! If you saw your child hanging on to the end of a vested dog trying to maneuver a subway platform, wouldn’t you do something?!

Anyways I had calmed down enough this morning but then I saw another unleashed dog being walked down my street. Just a week or two ago, I had several encounters with “cocker spaniel lady”. On four separate occasions, her little spaniel has been off leash and has run across the street to interfere with Si! The second to last time Si was out of her gear and I told the lady that she was a SD and I would call animal control. The lady just said “uuuuh, doesn’t she need….like…a vest….?” The last time, she was in full gear and we were walking to work. And I did call animal control! She ran away when I pulled out my phone and hopefully that’s the end of it, because the AC officer took down all the info and said “next time, call the police.”

But yes, this morning there was a dog we’ve seen before, a german shepherd named Dragon who often is walked down our street. I thought his owners were going to be responsible because it’s so important to be responsible with a gsd. But nope! He was off leash this time as well! He didn’t see my dogs so we had no problems. I’m really hoping that doesn’t become a thing. I don’t understand why people want their dogs off leash in a city! I can understand if you’re walking down a big country road or in a park or in a field! But a busy city street? I don’t get it.

Post on: 2013-12-20 14:32:58 GMT

Answering some Q's:

timelordonbakerstreet said: Is this from bridgeport? It looks just like the handle they make (though the pics are a bit dark so kinda hard to tell). Would it be good for counterbalance? I’ve been looking for cheapish/sturdy handles that I can use when Watson is old enough.

Yus! It is the 8 inch Bridgeport guide handle. It is honestly a little long for counterbalance (If I do use it for balance, I have to grip its side, as opposed to the top). For balance I still prefer using the shorter handle on Sienna’s harness, because when she is next to me I can get a more sturdy, taut grip. I’ve been using this one for when I really need Si to lead and guide more. My other caveat about it is it’s pretty jangly and loud. I actually take it off her at work since I only ever need it when I’m feeling a low pretty heavily.

darquingdragon said: Glad to hear you got to where you needed to be. :) Is it better to have one really sugary food or drink (is food better than a drink?) or several moderately sugar items?

Better to have one really sugary thing, because your body will process simple sugars more quickly and moderately sugary things will take longer to enter your bloodstream. And it will also take longer to eat em, so that you have to factor in too. So, for example, the lemon candies I was eating in the hotel weren’t working fast enough because they didn’t have a lot of sugar in each one, so I kept having to eat them and I just couldn’t do it fast enough. If I had a whole cup of juice it would’ve been like eating 10 little lemon candies at once. Drinks are better because you don’t have to chew it, so that’s faster as well.

Post on: 2013-11-27 00:56:16 GMT
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kayla-sayshi reblogged this from bostonservicedog and added: Sienna is a doll! Can you tell a bit more about how the program you got her from works? Like the application process and everything?

When I learned about Sienna’s program and decided to contact them, I sent ‘em an email and let them know what I was looking for and asked a few questions both about their dogs and whether they thought they could help me. After that conversation, they asked if I would like an application. I said yes, and they sent one my way along with a brochure and some more info on the program.

The application called for a letter of diagnosis from my doctor regarding my condition, and two letters of recommendation from people familiar with my condition who could speak on how it affects my daily life, if possible not from immediate family members. On the application itself there were questions regarding my daily life like what kind of housing I lived in, what kind of transportation I took, whether I worked or went to school, etc.

There were also questions regarding what kind of dog I wanted, large or small, male or female, and why. The program breeds labs and goldens, but often gets donations of different breeds. I was originally dead set on a male german shepherd. Obviously Lady Sienna is not a male gsd! Whenever I had a question regarding the application I could email the program and get some more info about it. One of my questions was about the program’s gsds and whether that would work for me. After talking with them, it was decided that I should put the male gsd as a choice, with a golden retriever as a second choice because I didn’t necessarily want to wait longer for the perfect gsd to come along. I never once thought I would get a female, but I am not bothered by that.

There was also a small application fee, I believe. I think it was 25 dollars or something around that. I sent in the application via mail, and emailed them a week or so later to make sure they got it. They let me know that they had. A couple of months later I got a letter stating I was officially on the waiting list and that the wait could last between 12-18 months. During this time I frequently kept in touch to ask about my progress on the waiting list, if they knew when I’d be going to team training, or questions about what breed I would be getting. I would also update them on changes in my living situation. I moved from Providence to Boston in that time. My situation was similar, but suddenly I needed a dog who could handle the subway.

About 13 months after I sent in the application, I got another letter letting me know when team training would be, and giving me some information on it. Along with that were instructions to send the first deposit and a confirmation if I did choose to attend team training. I sent the deposit shortly after and then it was just the long, drawn out wait for team training! And all of the planning, preparing and shopping for a new dog, of course!

Post on: 2013-04-21 04:30:12 GMT

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