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Signs of breast cancer on a mammogram

...    Early detection of breast cancer is vital for full recovery. Mammograms are an essential part of every woman's health. Mammograms are X-rays of a woman's breasts that can detect changes. These changes can be felt by a physical exam or... signs of breast cancer on a mammogram

Testicular self-exam

...Of the testicles accounts for only about... Testicular Self-exam; Do it Every Month! Why?     Cancer of the testicles accounts for only about one percent of all cancers in men. It is however, the most common type of cancer in males ages 16 to 35, and can occur anytime after age fifteen. Often, only one testicle is affected. The cause of testicular cancer... testicular self-exam

Signs of breast cancer in females

...    Breast cancer in females is highly treatable if found early enough. Although mammograms catch some breast cancers in their early stages, mammograms don't always catch all of the abnormalities of the breasts. Monthly self-exams should be... signs of breast cancer in females

Are my nipples normal

...Size and color of the areola can differ greatly. Areolas can be dark, they can form a distinct ring (so you can see a round area of darker skin around the nipple), or they can be very light and fade out so it is difficult to see the edges. A normal breast can have large or small areolas-- or appear to have no areola at all. Areolas can be big or small, light or dark, all are normal... are my nipples normal

Remedies for breast enlargement

...Increasing breast size, stimulating sexual desire, treating urinary tract infections and regulating weight. Dong Quai is another excellent herb which is principally used for treating myriad of female health conditions related to hormonal imbalances and reduced production of estrogen. Blessed Thistle is also believed to be used as an effective remedy... remedies for breast enlargement

He/she talks: How to Recognize Breast Cancer Symptoms
Watch more Client Videos videos: Over the course of a woman's lifetime, she may exper...

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#2. I'm 12, is that too young for someone to have breast cancer? I noticed that there were some bumps in both my breasts that didn't feel normal. And there were marks(they looked like veins sort of) on my breasts. I don't know if it's normal or not. 

#3. I wonder how many married men just offered to examine their wives breast for them after watching this video. Lol 11-17-14

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#5. I will be 55 march 30. I'm a drs daughter. i have only had ONE mammogram. LET ME ENLIGHTEN U ALL !!!!!! in case you haven't read, mammograms CAUSE CANCER most absolutely. to get such high dosages of radiation annually, are the reason for SO MANY breast cancers. DONT LISTEN TO THIS VIDEO in that regard. HOWEVER, all the other info is pertinent here. medical tests MAKE MONEY. always remember that.these tests bring in tens of millions if not more. be ur own doctor. read and learn. most of medical testing doles out HUGE doses of carcinogenic poison radiation which is responsible in promoting cancerous tumor growth. one more note…..a horrendous number of these mammograms not only invade your healthy breast tissue, but time after time give false positives requiring women to undergo biopsies, which are unnecessary. some women, no let me restate MANY have had radical mastectomies cause their bullshyt "physicians" told them they have cancer. ITS A BUSINESS unfortunately. i am fine and healthy thus far and recently my endocrinologist did a breast exam. i implore women to simply rely on their self exams and clinical exams of their drs.

#6. Im not fully developed but next to the nipple area i feel a small hard bump its slightly painfull and new ... Should i be worried or not !??!!?!??!??!?

IBC—Inflammatory Breast Cancer  [Please do consider sharing this] My mother had IBC so this is a little bit personal for me.  She was a fairly young women, in her 40’s which is typical of IBC patients. What is IBC? IBC is an extrememly aggressive form of breast cancer. It is called “inflammatory” because the breast often looks swollen and red, or inflamed.  Sometimes it even appears overnight.  At diagnoses IBC is always either stage III or stage IV cancer. • IBC tends to be diagnosed in younger women than other forms of breast cancer. • IBC is rarely easily diagnosed and it is very difficult to detect on a mammogram • The median age of IBC patients is between 45-55 years old • IBC can occur in men • IBC is not detected by locating a “lump” in the breast Warning signs of IBC and what to be aware of: IBD does not occur as a breast lump and may appear to be something other than cancer. Some IBC symptoms : A breast that appears discolored A dimpled or ridged skin texture or a texture similar to orange peel. The orange peel texture of the skin is a hallmark of IBC although not one of the only signs The breast may feel warm or itchy The breast gets larger, changes shape, or becomes more tender (sometimes this happens overnight). Thickened breast tissue. Flattening, swelling, pulling in or a crust like appearance  of the nipple (any nipple changes should be suspect) Itching or rash on the breast Shooting or stabbing pain Enlarged lymph nodes under the arm, above/below the collarbone. Also a hardened area in the breast that feels similar to pencil lead. Change in color of the skin around the nipple. If you or someone you love has  one or more of these symptoms for more than a week, talk to a physician immediately.  If you are concerned you should push to see an expert.  My mother talked to her physician about her itchy painful breast and he initially diagnosed it as tendon problems and gave her an itch relief cream for a “rash”.  If you have a rash on your breast or sudden changes to your breast please do take it seriously.  The best hope for a successful cure is to get treatment as soon as possible. Please do consider passing on this information, you may help save a life. 

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Breast Cancer Prevention - Know the symptoms and keep an eye Optimal Health with Self Care tips #breastcancerprevention   #knowthesymptoms   #keepaneye #optimalhealth   #selfcaretips It is extremely important for all men and women to keep focus and watch for any changes that occur.  Breast cancer symptoms are different from person to person and therefore keep focus of changes in the breast area.  However following are the basic symptoms recognized by the experts: 1.  Skin changes - changes in the color or texture for example redness swelling and size, only one will show these changes and so is easy to notice the difference. 2.  Increase in the size and shape of the breast. 3.  Changes in the nipple appearance. 4.  Nipple discharge other than milk. 5.  Pain in the breast for no specific reason. 6.  Nodes or lump felt in the breast. Some symptoms to invasive breast cancer_ a.  Changes in the breast color (when comparing to the other one) b.  Irritated or itchy breast. c.  Finding breast harder tender or warm than normal usual yourself. d.  Peeling or flaking of the nipple skin. e.  A breast lump or thickening of a breast area. f.  Redness or peeling of the breast skin. As  soon as you see any of these changes consult your doctor by visiting him/her for further actions.   As it is a matter of saving lots of coming problems (if they are)  Take precaution and stop it before it develops more. Let us hope to kill this disease with care research and focus together. To your health.

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