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Top social media platform for advertising your business

...Businesses that want to give viewers an up-close look at products or to showcase customer success stories. But if you create a YouTube video, make sure you put the link to your channel in all of your print and online ads and on your website, Whitson says. Google+ Local Google’s business directory, Google... top social media platform for advertising your business

Free yourself from facebook addiction

...The largest social networking site, Facebook, has almost 850 million active users worldwide and out of which almost 10 million are Facebookaholics. Well, Facebookaholics is a term given to Facebook addicts. Think you all know that... free yourself from facebook addiction

Promote home business through facebook

...Now a days home business is one of the most effective and low budget business with extra profits. Well, now you have the option to promote your own home business through Facebook. Using the Facebook platform for your needs, Since, it has become world's largest social networking platform. So, now the opportunities is in your hands for making your home business for standing on its... promote home business through facebook

Unfriend people on facebook

...How do you unfriend people on Facebook? So you’ve experienced the joy that is Facebook, but you have some accounts that you’re getting tired of seeing and are looking to start unfriending people on Facebook, but don’t know how. It’s a pretty easy process and only takes a few moments of... unfriend people on facebook

Socially engineered phishing attacks on facebook

...Phishing attacks are one of the most common scams on Facebook. The goal of these scams is to obtain your Facebook user name and password. If successful, the scammers can totally take over your Facebook account and use it to spread more spam and scams to your friends. They can also mine... socially engineered phishing attacks on facebook

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He/she talks: Google Plans To Speed Up Web Pages With New Image Format

Google is using compressed images in WebP format to help boost page loading times. The files are 25-to-34 percent smaller than PNGs and JPEGs.

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