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#1. You mental, how do you know the south did not participate? When the IPKF went there it was 1987 and you would have been a baby that time sucking milk from your mother or may be a little kid in underwear, but you are saying things here as if all the Kerala and Andhra people told you personally that they dont wanna participate?

#2. @PRIMOSFUDGE Remember the South (Kerala, TN, Andra, etc) did not participate. A northie by the name of Rajiv forced the military to do so. The goal should be to install South Indians in power. India has been ruled long enough by Northies and look at the pathetic state of our country.

#3. @PRIMOSFUDGE oooooooooooooo cry boy lmfao!!!!!!!!! if they are indians y dont they simply go to india n live there? This is Srilanka, live here as a srilankan.. if they wanna be indians then go back to india n live there, no any "india" in great Srilanka. No any fucking elam here. Sick of these ugly pussies. say it..... SL tamils kill Indians (Rajiv Ghandi) tamil kill tamils themselves. We saved rest of the tamils being killed by their own tamil ltte pusies. Long live Srilanka!!!

#4. The U.S. would fuck both the Tamils or the Sinhalese in the ASS. What is sad is that the Sinhalese need the Tamils and the Tamils need the Sinhalese because they are both just a tiny trifle on this rock called earth. I guess I am lucky because I can respect and appreciate the black man or the mexican. I can have lunch with the New Yorker or the Californian. What hell it would be to be to selfish to appreciate my neighbor. We need each other.

#5. Thanks for Watching, I have set up this web-site page in order to build a decent Solidarity network of Tamils In Ireland to prevent the Ongoing Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka, & Sri Lankan Current Diplomats Must Face up to War Crime Charges , all in one place. Now more than ever is the time for us to all band together. Funded by David Math Web Site Designed By Patrick David Mathi For Tamil Diaspora’s Community In Ireland

#6. @yovi0005 LAMOO.."pussy" fought help from nobody.did we beg china,india,pakisstan,usa,uk and 20+ countries for help???did we use an army size triple the size of our enemy???NO..since sinhalese did all that,pussy would suit them..and LOL,,dont embarass yourself by saying ltte killed tamils,whole world knows the support they had from tamils.and btw,we dont need to go back to india,buddha,king vijaya came from india.y dont you go back??both sinhalese and tamils r from india.fool.

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Students are fasting and agitating for the past fortnight in Tamiinadu, protesting the ‘Genocide’ that was carried out during Eelam War iv in 2009 and thereafter. Genocide is a much abused word in protests and rallies in Tamil Nadu on Sri Lanka. In the U.N. Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, it is explained in Article II: “...acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group....” amount to genocide. The activists have been demanding that “Eelam” – a separate homeland for the Tamils of Northern Lanka be created, after a UN supervised referendum. They argue that “genocide” against Tamils living in Sri Lanka can be prevented only through creation of a separate Tamil State. Where do they want this Eelam established and for whom? The separate State cannot be for or in Tamil Nadu. It cannot be for anybody here, but for the SriLankan Tamils in the island. The “Eelam” demanded by students, activists and political groups in Tamil Nadu, in the name of Tamils in North-East Sri Lanka, has no takers in post-war Sri Lanka, argue some political analysts. According to them, the present extremist anti-Sri Lanka campaign in Tamil Nadu does not help achieve any solutions for the Tamils and makes no martyrs out of innocent, self-immolating victims in Tamil Nadu. Solidarity is not about outsiders coercing their own governments to impose their demands on the Tamil people in Sri Lanka, they argue. INDEED SO ! They present certain interesting data, and ask- Can that be, in a genocidal situation? I present here, the data supplied to us, for the protagonists to reply to. Census and  election facts ===================== According to the 2012 census, post-war Sri Lanka’s first, there are 2.27 million Sri Lankan Tamils (excluding Tamils of Indian origin) living permanently in the country; Over 2,07,000 out of the total Tamil population, about 10 per cent, live in Colombo and adjoining Dehiwala-Mt. Lavinia alone. In 2011, within Colombo city, there were 7,53,000 (almost 29 per cent) Sri Lankan Tamils, with another 2.2 per cent Tamils of Indian origin. In post-war North and East, Tamil people, like Sinhala and Muslim people, have been voting in presidential and parliamentary elections. In the 2010 parliamentary election, the people of Jaffna voted 48 per cent for the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and elected five out of nine MPs, while in the Vanni, where there is a Muslim vote of about 26 per cent, Tamils voted 38.9 per cent to the TNA and elected three out of six MPs. They have also voted at local government elections to have their own third tier of governance. The TNA won 24 out of the 32 local government bodies for which elections were held in 2011 in Jaffna, Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu districts. And in the East, they have voted in Provincial Council (PC) elections twice — in 2008 and 2012. In the recent PC elections in the East, where the demography is Tamil 40.2 per cent, Sinhala 22.3 per cent and Muslim 36.5 per cent, the Tamil people almost voted en bloc for the TNA to emerge a strong opposition with 11 Councillors. Can all that happen in any society that is being ethnically eliminated or cleansed? Can it happen if there is any “genocide” of the Tamil people in the north-east? And they conclude-  What the Tamil people are living through in Sri Lanka is not genocide. Rather, they are living through the atrocity of heavy militarisation. Heavy militarization =============== What is not taken note of in Tamil Nadu, they say,  is that this militarisation is extending beyond Tamil society and is a common factor for both the Northern Tamils and Southern Sinhalese. In about three months, 4,000 out of over 7,000 schools in the South will have gazetted military officers as principals. The whole of Colombo is being taken care of by the military. The Urban Development Authority is now under the Defence Ministry, which is now the Defence and Urban Development Ministry. Demand  for democratic space ========================= They  categorically say,  “ There is now no validity or possibility for a separate Tamil State in Sri Lanka. “ Reason- In a land where war has torn the entire social fabric apart, what political mechanisms, what social structures could take up the challenge of establishing a new State? What is valid, they add,  is the demand that Tamil people should have their own civil and voluntary organisations in their own areas. The demand for democratic space for participation within the State that could be restructured for sharing of political power will be valid demand, they concede. Political power for “Tamil Nationalism” ============================ A broad consensual formula on power sharing, with the TNA being allowed to sit in the Parliamentary Select Committee, would be the only constitutional process to have a permanent solution to the Tamil conflict, they wager. And tongue in cheek, add, Tamil Nadu should shed its extremism and demand that New Delhi get President Rajapaksa to table the APRC Final Report in SriLankan Parliament. MY POSER : ========== Please recognize that the atrocities committed by SL  Army, especially during the end stage of the war, have resulted in  extreme anguish among Tamils and even to many non Tamils as well, thanks to channel 4, BBC. I believe that new photo evidences of killing of Prabhakaran's son Balachandran has created a wave of undeniable sympathy and anguish among people, who were not really aware previously of the extent of  atrocities that have been going on for decades. There are claims that LTTE also committed its share of atrocities. That is not a valid argument – a State cannot  counter  terror with a massacre of an estimated 1,40,000 civilians. Moreover, it is indeed a sad day when international  diplomatic pressure needs to be brought on a democratically elected government to implement Recommendations of LLRC or APRC  or whatever other measures , for equitable and just representation of all stake holders and people in Sri Lanka's governance.  Indeed,  why would there be room for any outsiders to impose their demands, if SriLanka had not denied even basic  citizen’s rights to the people in the North-East? And, deny citizenship to lakhs of Tamils of Indian Origin who have toiled for generations, in the Plantations down south? Who was responsible for  insensitive and inhuman  ‘carpet- bombing’ of tamil civilian structures and hospitals? Who prevented the Government from implementing  the recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission , at the least? And resettling the displaced Tamils? And rather to desist from increased militarization and promotion of Sinhalese settlements in the Tamil- inhabited areas? Has any renovation/ restoration work of any significance taken place in the war-ravaged North? All these and more have shown to the entire world, what chauvinistic  majoritarian dictatorship, in the name of a sham democracy , rules SriLanka, and to expect such a demonic  ruler to deliver justice to a  discriminated, defiled and displaced Tamil population is illogical. Still, instead of advising the protesting students of Tamilnadu, the well wishing political analysts should represent to their authorities to quickly have a devolved mechanism put in place and to implement Recommendations of LLRC. The Final Report of the All Party Representative Committee (APRC), a committee appointed by President Rajapaksa, has for the first time gained a southern Sinhala consensus for power sharing. All constituent parties in the ruling United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) have agreed on the APRC’s Final Report, which proposes devolution far beyond that in the 13th Amendment, with a bicameral parliament, accommodating provincial representation in the upper chamber. It also proposes nationally elected Committees for Muslims outside the East and for Tamils of Indian origin, to represent them in matters of cultural importance. Will the SriLankan Government act fast on this Report, atleast, which is supposed to have the consensus support of all Sinhalese? BEGIN SOMEWHERE, FOR GOD’S SAKE, IS OUR DEMAND. IS THAT HARD TO HEED? 

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Osmaniya College's renovated ground floor is the only school for Muslim kids in Jaffna. The other 5 schools are still in ruin

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