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RubenThurairaj: avirvisva vg123e funny isn't it..Jaffna didn't have any koththu heritage until the 60's..even then it was a low caste/muslim dish

Jaffnamuslim: Contributions of diaspora communities to the process of nation building in Sri Lanka ~ Jaffna Muslim

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Nation building in Sri Lanka: some reflections: Part 1.By a special correspondentom London  “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask What you can do for your country,” John F. Kennedy.  These historical words of John Kennedy should be elicited and provoked today in Sri Lanka. Different Sri Lankan co...

Nation building in Sri Lanka - part 2Today people are talking about national reconciliation,munal harmony, peace and development in Sri Lanka. I think as a prerequisite for all these, the majoritymunity should stop stereotyping minorities in Sri Lanka: Since the independence the Sinhal...

He/she talks: Cafe DC: Shaarik Zafar, Special Representative for Muslim Communities

On this week's Cafe DC, Shaarik Zafar discusses his role as Special Representative to Muslim Communities, his reaction to the Charlie Hebdo attack, and how to combat extremism around the world.

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~ Remembering Anagarika Dharmapala : The Sri Lankan identity must be based on the Sinhala Buddhist identity of Sri Lanka ~ September 17th marks the 150th birth anniversary of a great son of Sri Lanka. The name of Anagarika Dharmpala should not just be etched in stone and commemorated ceremoniously annually. The people must be aware of all that he stood for and all that he promoted. How many of today’s youth or adult are aware of his contribution to nationalism and Buddhist revival or care to know? How many are aware of the role he played to restore the indigenous Sinhalese culture, unify the Sinhala Buddhist identity and insist that Sri Lanka and Sinhala Buddhism cannot be and should not be separated? An identity crisis prevails as present day leaders have been guilty of preferring to even compromise the identity and ethos of the country to enable their political survival. Anagarika Dharmapala’s name is etched in history for the impact made towards the nationalist awakening in Sri Lanka and the Buddhist revival movement. His vision to revive Buddhism was sans selfish political mileage or commercial gains that present day leaders professing to champion Buddhism suffer from. Anagarika Dharmapala used the publication Sinhala Bauddhaya to rouse the Sinhala Buddhist cause. He used devastating criticisms of the trends of Westernization that holds relevant to present. He led the campaign to remind the Sinhalese to maintain their national and cultural identity, he criticized Western ways with patriotic fervor and to a society under imperialism the impact was resounding. ~ Anagarika Dharmapala’s famous appeal to the Sinhala Buddhists’ in 1926 ~ Sinhala Buddhists – Wake Up..! A majority race declines because of its own failures when that happens the minorities take advantage the minorities become stronger and begin to dictate terms to the majority. That is what has happened to the Sinhalese Buddhists. So long as Sinhalese Buddhists continue to divide themselves; by caste – Govigama, Karawe, Durawe by location – upcountry, low country politically by party divisions And if even the Buddhist clergy are divided by nikaya and sermons even in marriage…..and Sinhalese Buddhists kept busy with these divisions will realize too late their fall. Why do Sinhalese not grow jak fruit but instead grow grass Why do Sinhalese look to the seas to await flour from the west Does the Sinhalese not realize that in exchange for their resources they get tuppense? Dayawati’s have changed their names to Daisy, Piyadasa’s are now Peter, Look at the Muslims, have they ever taken any other name? Sinhalese have given up their religion for a piece of meat Sinhalese are behaving as if they do not have a nation and a heritage and bowing their heads to all. What has happened to the proud Sinhalese Buddhist history? What has happened to the Sinhalese Buddhist culture? What has happened to the Sinhalese Buddhist values? Have these all not been sold and compromised for a piece of meat? It is a matter of time that Tamils will say Jaffna is theirs… (predicted in 1926) It is a matter of time that Muslims will declare Batticoloa as theirs After that both will say this is a Tamil-Muslim nation (Refer: TNA’s Tamil Speaking People) Sinhalese Buddhists will have to jump into the sea! DON’T’ BLAME THE OTHER RACES LOOK WITHIN YOURSELVES FOR THE WEAKNESSES THE WHITES ARE GIVING INDEPENDENCE NOT FOR ANY LOVE FOR YOU THE BRITISH THINK SRI LANKA IS THEIR TEA ESTATE – THEIR HAREM THEIR BROOD ARE SCATTERED THROUGHOUT THE ESTATES – IS IT PROUD TO HAVE WHITE SKINS? The end of the nation is in sight unless the Sinhalese Buddhists stand together UNDIVIDED Remember at all times – the decline of the Sinhala Buddhist nation is eminent unless the Sinhalese Buddhists wake up together! #AnagarikaDharmapala150thAnniversary #Anagarika #Dharmapala #SriLanka #Sri #Lanka #Buddhist #Sinhala #Sinhalese #SinhalaBuddhist #ProtectTheBuddhism #BuddhistFellowship ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● #Tharindu_Dushyantha_Perera #wtdperera ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● ▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉

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Hijabsyarikerana: Repost from @likeislam . Siapa diri kita ? Hingga mampu membenarkan apa yang kita kerjakan. Merasa yakin kita akan masuk ke surga. Merasa bangga dengan jalan yang kita pilih. Merasa besar daripada yang lain. # Padahal belum tentu… Kita yang akan masuk surga. # Ada orang yang selama hidupnya bergelimangan dosa. Ia sudah menjalankan seluruh maksiat. Tapi akhir hidupnya indah masuk kesurga. Karna niat dalam dirinya yang kuat untuk bertaubat. # Jadi jangan bangga dengan hidayah yang kini kita miliki. Karna sejatinya perjalanan kita masih panjang dan tak tahu kapan mati menjelang. # Tidak tahu apakah kita mati dalam keadaan khusnul khatimah atau sebaliknya ? # Semasa hidup kita boleh berbangga diri merasa bersyukur hidup dengan menjalankan segala kewajiban dan menjalankan segala sunnahNya. # Tapi ternyata ketika menghadap kematian, Allah ambil hidayahnya dan Allah masukan ia ke neraka. # Karna apa ? Karna ternyata selama ini amalan yang dikerjalan hanya mengharap “pujian” dari manusia !!! Naudzubillah… # Selama ini ia ingin dipandang, dipuji, dan didengar oleh manusia. Hingga ia lupa bahwa Allah yang memberi segala kebaikan dalam hidupnya, adalah dzat yang maha pecemburu. # Jadi mengapa kita sombong dengan hijrah kita ??? Kita asingkan diri dari teman-teman yang tidak sepaham dengan kita. # Kita asik mencari kekurangan orang lain, sibuk menghias perjalan kita menuju surga, hingga kadang lupa ada keluarga, teman dan ummat yang masih menjadi tanggung jawab kita. # Kenapa harus mengekslusifkan diri ? Mengapa sulit untuk menunjukan ketawadhuan dengan duduk bersama mereka yang masih awam dan masih merangkak dalam mencari ilmu ? Mengapa kita merasa benar dan yang lain salah ? Karna tak sejalan oleh pilihanmu ? # Jika pun benar mengapa sulit untuk mengajak dengan cara yang baik ? Mengapa harus mengejek ? Mengapa harus menggebuk, apa susahnya merangkul ? # Lupakah siapa kita dimasa lalu ??? Apa perlu Allah tunjukan aib2 kita pada mereka ??? # Jangan merasa menjadi malaikat bila hati masih banyak penyakit. #remindermyself#likeislam#muslim#jangansombong#ujub#hidayah#dakwah (at Visit 🍀)
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Ibrahimyacan: “Cihâdı bıraktık, dünyâya daldık! Tezeğe konan sinekler gibi! İnsânlar sanki Yaradan yokmuş gibi hüzünsüz ve ağlamasız. Düşünün bakalım, televizyon karşısında muhallebi gibi gevşemiş bir Müslümanda, değil cihâd etmek, acaba kalkıp bir farzı îfâ edecek kuvvet ve istek kalmış mıdır ! ?”
Date: 2015-01-06 17:40:02 GMT

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