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Genocide in Gaza..!(by Dr RIFAI. UK) Barbaric Israel forces are killing hundreds of Palestinians indiscriminately in Gaza Strip. This is indeed a collective punishment of the entire 1.8 million people in Gaza in the pretext of defending its land. This is indeed a disproportio...

Jaffna lims are side-lined in Indian hing scheme(Dr) Indian government initiated a hing scheme in the north for the people who are displaced due to thirty years of war. This hing scheme is designed to help resettlement process. It is reported that some Tamil officials are deliberately ignoring l...

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Jaffna Muslims Re-settlement.

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#1. Fuccking gabege hindu stone prayers with millons of stone god,s are idiot, so what hapend to praba ltte, hhahah . soo fuck buddah moda galatawadina budist are ctul killers, -fuck buddah

#2. Ooowwwwwaaaa she chingalesh or tamil the FUCKIN PRESENTATOR WITH BIG BREST PENCHOD NICE


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Tropicaltopix: Nagarkovil West, Vadamrachchi East, Jaffna - The mid-morning sun beat down hard and reflected in the heated loose sand of Nagarkovil West as I made my way through the village. I approached the transitional shelter of an elderly couple which lay over a dune. We sit down under a cadjan veranda-like structure made by the couple. Roundabout lay reminders of a once prosperous time - foundations and dreams lost. The sandy floor has an affinity for woolen pants. A breeze picks up some floating grains and exfoliates my face with childish pleasure. I’m struck by Nagarkovil’s peaceful nature. Mum wipes a hand on her dress as she settles in the sand with us. This is their home. They had left early in 1990 with their three young daughters. The government forces were approaching, and the LTTE meant to keep its position in Nagarkovil. Nagarkovil the Forward Defence Line. It was never safe in the war-zone. Four more times the war crept too close. Four more times they drifted displaced across 3 districts on foot all the way to Menik Farm. May 2012. They came back soon after HALO completed demining the area. To what remained. Bulldozed foundations, a garden of spent ammo and well swimming with landmines. Like the others returnees from Menik Farm, the Indian Government funded 12 tin sheets, tools to cut the shrubbery and pots to cook a meal. WFP funded 3 days emergency rations - rice, dahl and bread. Meanwhile the Government of Sri Lanka provided a mine awareness training to families being resettled on former hot mine-zones. What do you do if you find a mine in your well? What if your child picks up something shiny - and devastatingly dangerous? Why should you not cross the road into these active mine fields? And they were literally penniless. Dad hand makes a shack of leaves and sticks that one could barely stand in. They sleep on the beachy floor, eating dirt, breathing, swallowing, imbuing the sand. In the day the shadeless landscape burns their skin, dries their babies. Snakes romped their door[less]steps and cuddled their warm bodies against the cold nights. All around them oceans and oceans of beauty, but not a drop of natural water or a fruit to satiate. This is Nagarkovil. Talk shifts to expenses, and he pulls out half a dozen registration books from a cupboard in their shelter bedroom. Registrations of all the boats and nets he once owned. In a day he could reap from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 50,000 from the sea. Gone with the tempest of war. Stolen by the ocean of war. Memories of comfort catalyze trauma. Today he has no tools or equipment. A extra-hand on another’s boat for a couple of hundred rupees a day - spent all on food. His soft grey eyes focus on the remains of his large home. A life time of ago. Sadness lines his powerful face as he acknowledges his poverty. “That’s how we used to live, and today we are conscious of even a hundred rupees.” his wife chimes. Her beauty is in her toothless smile which wrinkles and dimples exponentially into a realm of infinity. Sitting in the sand, a wandering guest in their house, I wonder at how fleeting life is. Immaterial materials which govern our sense of worth. Govern ideas of beauty. Living like kings and queens one day, and the next like a homeless vagrant begging for food and sleeping like dogs in the dirt. Quiet pride. Disenfranchised and destitute, holding on to human dignity. Proud of what he has had created, of his heritage, of his honor. How far he has been cast! And yet, he owns the stage with his mere presence. 'Will you make it?” I ask, “Will you once again build up your houses and business?” “No,” sadness reverberates in his deep voice “We’re too old to create wealth again. This is what we will live with.” I look around through the cadjan woven cracks of a wall. The destruction that lies around can never be forgotten. Injustices number greater than the sand. Lves which can never be restored remind me; I can’t blame one without hating the other, but I can’t hate one without loving the other. And so I calmly resolve once again, leave politics to those who live in comfort and go in Peace - to Love and to Serve. I dust my sandy pants as I get to my feet. The hot air once again strikes me, pulling away the little hydration left in my skin. My tongue remains glued to the roof of my mouth. My throat sore. But who am I to complain, when not one word of rebuke have these people made? Beautiful people. Courageous people. Abandoned but not forgotten.
Date: 2012-06-30 17:33:00 GMT

Akshinie: #235: 14th November - Man-Made This is Keerimalai natural springs in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. It is known for its water and rituals. The water is filled with mineral contents and the Hindus believe the water has maraculous powers to cure many diseases. According to many legends, the sage “Nagula Muni” was born with a mongoose face and meditated in a cave in Keerimalai. He then bathed in the springs and his mongoose face turned into a human face. And although the bathing tank is so close to the sea, the water is fresh and comes from an underground fresh water spring in Tellipallai-Maviddapuram.
Date: 2012-11-14 03:25:00 GMT

Spacesrilanka: Northern Highway Nearing Completion 2012 has been marked by a number of major milestones in infrastructure for Sri Lanka with the completions of first phase of the southern highway (pictured above) and the Hambantota port. Now comes word that the northern highway, which will eventually link Colombo to Kandy to Jaffna, will have its first section complete in two months. A US $1 billion project, the highway is a major effort by the government to reunite the southern and northern parts of the country that for many decades were disconnected. The completion of the highway will take at least another 4 year.
Date: 2012-07-02 03:06:00 GMT


Gotabaya just said that the new waves of Buddhist extremism is because of a “some of the claims and things done by the minorities.”

What do you think? Are minorities responsible for the new violence breaking Lankan society?

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Throwing a bomb is bad,
Dropping a bomb is good;
Terror, no need to add,
Depends on who’s wearing the hood.

R. Woddis ‘Ethics for Everyman’

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2014: USA - Paris - Turkey:

2014 is going to be the start of a new adventure for me. I’ll be researching the Syrian crisis from an office in Turkey.

Exciting adventures means I might actually have something to post on my blog again

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Today is my parents wedding anniversary. Usually the state organizes a fireworks display in honor of the occasion. You are all invited. You can look up the time and location at your local 4th of July celebrations page! Look forward to celebrating with you!

Post on: 2013-07-04 22:42:08 GMT 4th of july,

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