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Increase the font size of your keyword phrase

...Search engines understand that fonts that are larger than the standard font size on the page indicate text that is more important. Use CSS or the font tag. Apply font size changes to headline tags as well.... increase the font size of your keyword phrase

Resume format tips

...Resume formats are limited and will only accept preset answers from pull-down menus or other format choices. They also may have word limits for areas in which you can type your own text. If you expect to fill out resumes online, you will do well to have an all purpose resume from which you can... resume format tips

How to create “found poetry”

...Nature, or a toy found on the street) and then find a way to incorporate those objects into their artwork. Did you know that you can do the same thing with language? A “found poem” is created by collecting interesting text from the world around us and then using those words to... how to create ?found poetry?

Miscellaneous tips for burns

...Definition of first degree burns:A first-degree burn involves only the outer layer of skin. The skin is dry, painful and sensitive to touch. A mild sunburn is a good... miscellaneous tips for burns

Best high end watch brands

...Looking for the 5 best high-end watch brands? More than just pieces of designer jewelry, high-end watches are often seen as a sign of success and social standing. The appeal of high-end watch brands is partly due to their associations with icons such as sports heroes and even... best high end watch brands

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Fri, 24 October 2014

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Mon, 27 October 2014

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Happy Birthday Father, I did this charity project not for me, nor for the Needies, I did it for you and mom. Needies | Define Needies at in a condition of need or want; poverty-stricken; impoverished; extremely poor; destitute. noun.

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Book – published date: Aug. 2014 DIAGNOSING AND TREATING COMPLEX TRAUMA By Trudy Mooren, Martijn Stöfsel (Top Referent Trauma Center) This is a most comprehensive, yet concise and pragmatic, introduction to therapeutic work with traumatized individuals and their families. The authors do not just embrace one treatment model but demonstrate how drawing from different theories it is possible to arrive at an integrative approach, with clear principles of how to apply general and specific trauma processing techniques. Many excellent case examples illustrate the authors’ multi-modal approach. There are also fascinating and unusual chapters on client groups with complex trauma which includes people affected by the Second World War, refugees, war veterans and job-related traumatization.’ - Professor Dr Eia Asen, Anna Freud Centre and University College London ‘This is a state of the art book about a multidimensional framework and approaches towards those who still suffer from tragic and traumatic events in their lives. Martijn Stöfsel and Trudy Mooren, both clinical psychologists, share their wealth of clinical wisdom about trauma and cognitive approaches to diminishing suffering. The book is excellent ‘food for thought’, not presented as ‘the solution’ towards complex trauma but with respect for the mosaic puzzle therapists are confronted with.’ - Emeritus Professor Berthold Gersons, former president of the European Society for Traumatic Stress and former distinguished chair of psychiatry at the University of Amsterdam and senior scientific adviser of the Arq Psychotrauma Expert Group in the Netherlands // The term complex trauma refers to a broad range of symptoms resulting from exposure to prolonged or repeated severely traumatizing events. This broad spectrum of psychological symptoms complicates the formulation of an all-encompassing explicit definition, which in turn complicates the creation of specific treatment guidelines. In Diagnosing and Treating Complex Trauma, Trudy Mooren and Martijn Stöfsel explore the concept of complex trauma with reference to severely traumatised people including refugees, asylum seekers, war veterans, people with severe occupational trauma and childhood trauma and others who have dealt with severe violence. The book introduces a layered model for diagnosing and treating complex trauma in four parts. Part One introduces the concept of complex trauma, its historical development and the various theories about trauma. The authors introduce a layered model that describes the symptoms of complex trauma, and conclude with a discussion on the three-phase model. Part Two describes the diagnostic options available that make use of a layered model of complex trauma. Part Three discusses the treatment of complex trauma using the three-phase model as an umbrella model that encompasses the entire treatment. Chapters cover a multitude of stabilization techniques crucial to the treatment of every client group regardless of the therapeutic expectations. This part also contains an overview of the general and specific trauma processing techniques. The last chapter in this part covers the third phase of the treatment: integration. Part Four addresses the characteristics of different groups of clients who are affected by complex trauma, the components that affect their treatment and the suggested qualities required of a therapist to deal with each group. The book concludes with a chapter discussing the consequences for therapists providing treatment to people afflicted by complex trauma. Developed from the authors’ own clinical experiences, Diagnosing and Treating Complex Trauma is a key guide and reference for healthcare professionals working with severely traumatised adults, including psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, social-psychiatric nurses, and case managers. content view;

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We're updating the DEF CON website's resource recommendations, and we'd love some suggestions from you. We're starting with computer reference books. We want to know which ones you find yourself going back to, which ones changed the way you think. What computer reference book has been indispensable to you? We'll be asking for lots of other types of recommendations in the coming weeks.

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