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6 easy to install productivity habits

...Hiding. Yes indeedy and I’ve got a few ingenious habits to help you manage it. 1.     Make a list at the END of your day  There is nothing more frustrating to the mighty brain than not knowing what you are actually supposed to be doing with your day and lists are great... 6 easy to install productivity habits

Asian celebrities with the best legs

...The game. Period. There's no need to name all of the movies and T.V. shows she has appeared in. Her 5'3" frame is sporting some of the most beautiful legs ever, Asian or otherwise. She's the stuff naughty thoughts are made of. Lisa Ling. Here's another Asian celebrity you can find all over the T.V. set. She's hosted "The... asian celebrities with the best legs

Best foods for sex

...So, guys choose wisely. Grapes. Grapes are perfectly made for sex. Always use plump purple seedless grapes when you want to get naughty. Your grapes should be cold and sweet. This makes them pop in your mouth when you chew. These delicious fruits are also great to share in a passionate kiss. Bananas. Bananas are very erotic foods for sex.... best foods for sex

Best movies to watch on a rainy day

...And one of the best movies ever. The grey Kansas town being replaced by the glorious color of Oz should inspire you to not let the dreary weather ruin your day. "Wild Things" Since this list calls for a watery theme, why not enjoy some wet girl action with Denise Richards looking hot as a young lesbian? This... best movies to watch on a rainy day

Sex talk tips

...Avoid calling her anything derogatory. It's fine to tell her how much your body aches for her. You want to have invigorating sex with her, but don't call her ugly degrading names unless you know that really turns her on.     Naughty sex messages. Think of different ways to tell her you... sex talk tips

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Tue, 04 November 2014

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He/she talks: Cat Boy Dance
Cat Boy, the brave new hero in town, shows off his moves while dancing to his theme song.

Thegirlwhoownstheworld: May 13, 2013 Day 12: A song from your preteen years Avril Lavigne-Nobody’s Home I felt like this song could not be complete without this video-with it’s many tacky transitions.  I was this preteen. I adored this song. I had this CD.  I can’t believe I listened to this. 
Date: 2013-05-13 04:00:43 GMT

Salary Expectations::

"Will work for slightly more than free"

Post on: 2014-10-11 21:03:14 GMT

Summer Sabbatical:

See you in September

Post on: 2014-08-19 01:12:24 GMT

Thursday October 2, 2014:

Today is a good day. Lots of work, keeping busy.

Post on: 2014-10-02 22:26:57 GMT

Nothing is more annoying than when other people drink your beer without asking.:
Post on: 2014-10-12 21:51:29 GMT

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