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Sex talk tips

...Invigorating sex with her, but don't call her ugly degrading names unless you know that really turns her on.     Naughty sex messages. Think of different ways to tell her you can't wait to have hot sex with her. Tell her in person, via email and text messages, or slip... sex talk tips

Online gaming tips

...Can seriously jam your computers with malware and spyware. Choose age-appropriate games. Teen games can be incredibly immersive and even addicting -- not to mention violent. So make sure that you agree on time limits, and set some rules around which games are appropriate for your kids.... online gaming tips

Best foods for sex

...Imperfections. So, guys choose wisely. Grapes. Grapes are perfectly made for sex. Always use plump purple seedless grapes when you want to get naughty. Your grapes should be cold and sweet. This makes them pop in your mouth when you chew. These delicious fruits are also great to share in... best foods for sex

6 easy to install productivity habits

...Habits to help you manage it. 1.     Make a list at the END of your day  There is nothing more frustrating to the mighty brain than not knowing what you are actually supposed to be doing with your day and lists are great for that. Making your... 6 easy to install productivity habits

Maid of honor speech

...Praise the groom and bride a lot and mention how beautiful they look together and how lucky they are to belong to each other. In between, you could pull the bride mentioning her funny and naughty habits ·         Mention the special moments of meeting with a lot of stress. E.g. how and when the bride and groom met, how... maid of honor speech

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