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Best movies to watch on a rainy day

...Classic and one of the best movies ever. The grey Kansas town being replaced by the glorious color of Oz should inspire you to not let the dreary weather ruin your day. "Wild Things" Since this list calls for a watery theme, why not enjoy some wet girl action with Denise Richards looking... best movies to watch on a rainy day

Asian celebrities with the best legs

...And T.V. shows she has appeared in. Her 5'3" frame is sporting some of the most beautiful legs ever, Asian or otherwise. She's the stuff naughty thoughts are made of. Lisa Ling. Here's another Asian celebrity you can find all over the T.V. set. She's hosted "The View". She's... asian celebrities with the best legs

Tips for a sexed up relationship

...Of crazy positions you can come up with on your own. Make a game out of it and give yourselves ten minutes to each conjure up something you think would feel great and then try them out. The winning sex position wins a back rub later that night!2Have sex under the starsNot in broad daylight in a park full of kids, obviously, but find a secluded spot,... tips for a sexed up relationship

Best songs for lovers

...That is ideal for a lady to dedicate to her man after he's had a long and tiring day and you just want to treat him extra, extra special in return for all that he has done for you. Back rubs, dinner, and all that good stuff. It's time to cater to your man. "Giving Him Something He Can Feel" by En Vogue. Are you seeking to set up something erotic,... best songs for lovers

Online gaming tips

...Games. Teen games can be incredibly immersive and even addicting -- not to mention violent. So make sure that you agree on time limits, and set some rules around which games are appropriate for your kids.... online gaming tips

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