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World's best artists of all time

...Tapestries, produced book illustrations and festival decorations, as well as cartoons and sketches for sculptures, metalwork and architecture. He taught Anthony Van Dyck and influenced a host of other Flemish painters, and French artists like Delacroix and Renoir. Described as "the prince of painters and the painter of... world's best artists of all time

Funny computer tricks

...Paste the image and save it on a known location. Now set this image as your your desktop wallpaper using the ‘Personalize’ option by right clicking on the desktop Now delete some of those icons from the desktop but still it wouldn’t appear to go. You can easily confuse your friends with such... funny computer tricks

Common internet scams and how to avoid them

...The Internet is a powerful resource that connects you to the rest of the world and helps you access knowledge in the blink of any eye. It can also, however, put you in the... common internet scams and how to avoid them

Tips for detecting lies

...Areas to watch include the degree of eye contact made, body language, and the credibility of excuses. Are you always the last to know the truth about what's REALLY going on? Does it drive you crazy that you can't seem to pick up clues that someone might be lying,... tips for detecting lies

Tips on strength training for women

...Exercise Considerations Women have to be taught that the eccentric portion of the movement is important, and most will let their form go down the tubes... tips on strength training for women

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