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...And save it on a known location. Now set this image as your your desktop wallpaper using the ‘Personalize’ option by right clicking on the desktop Now delete some of those icons from the desktop but still it wouldn’t appear to go. You can easily confuse your friends... funny computer tricks

Top 10 country artists ever

...The top 10 country artists ever have stood the test of time, creating music that appeals across generations. The top 10 country artists ever have created true American popular art, the kind of songs that define what it is to be American, and all of the struggles and triumphs that go... top 10 country artists ever

Tips for detecting lies

...Areas to watch include the degree of eye contact made, body language, and the credibility of excuses. Are you always the last to know the truth about what's REALLY going on? Does it drive you crazy that you can't seem to pick up clues that someone might be lying, when all... tips for detecting lies

Popular naturist resorts in southern europe

...Entertainment, pool and beaches. The warm sunshine of Spain makes it an attractive destination for naturists in Europe. Two naturist resorts in Spain that may interest you are Chorco del Palo and Prorgue Vacional Eden. Chorco de Palo naturist resort is located on the north coast of Lanzarote. It is a place to relax and... popular naturist resorts in southern europe

Famous paintings analyzed

...On panel, Prado, Madrid This masterpiece of Flemish religious art is Van der Weyden's greatest work, and one of the most influential works of the mid-15th century. • Tommaso Masaccio (1401-28) Brancacci Chapel frescoes (1424-8) Santa Maria del Carmine, Florence Known as the "Sistine Chapel of the Early... famous paintings analyzed

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