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BINGBINGFORTUNE: RT h0r0sc0peL0ve: horoscope love Aries : At the moment you simply can't score with people of the opposite sex. Love adventures and... ht…

SEXSTROLOGY: Happy Birthday Cancer If you're born today, get ready to put your foot down. Whatever isn't working and whoever...

BINGBINGFORTUNE: RT h0r0sc0peL0ve: horoscope love Taurus : You can feel exactly what you want – not everyone is that lucky. You can be happy that y... ht…

IBeTatii_: “Exquisitejayy: My horoscope is always on point 👅”

Happylittletots: RT peoplemag: Because Monday isn't complete without reading your horoscope

Jjpull03: RT Cancer_ht: Cancer Today: Love: 82% | Sex: 99% | Relationship: 95%. Read Full Love Horoscope Here :

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2014/07/02 T-mobile accused of billing customers for 'bogus charges'
The FTC filed a complaint alleging that the carrier had placed charges for unauthorized services -- such as flirting tips, horoscope information and celebrity gossip ? on its customers' bills, taking a ...

2014/07/01 The ftc claims t-mobile has been hiding bogus charges in phone bills
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