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Cancer_zdiac: Cancer Short Horoscope: Your usually strong intuition is even stronger now, so start listening to it.

Sagittarius_tw: Sagittarius Short Horoscope: The waters ahead look choppy - but don't be afraid to dive in. You'll make it.

Sagittarius_tw: Sagittarius Short Horoscope: A person from your past is back today - and they are still all talk and no action!

DeIuge: horoscope: false hope will destroy you

Bucklebarnes: horoscope: this month, u will breathe a lot, maybe even not noticing. my advice is to breathe more. the stars are aligned so u can breathe

Scorpiozodiacc: Scorpio Short Horoscope: Let your emotions out today - step right up to that person you have been avoiding.

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2015/01/01 How to avoid repeating last year's money mistakes
When you make resolutions and plan and budget for what you hope will happen in the next year, do you ever ask yourself what went wrong this year? Why did it seem like there was never enough money? What resulted in that overdraft fee -- or onslaught of fees? Answering questions like that, and making sure you don't repeat your mistakes, can make for a better future.

2015/01/12 Disaster foretold? sri lanka ex-president's seer packs bags
As a defeated Mahinda Rajapakse slunk out of Sri Lanka's presidential palace, the astrologer who counselled him to call a disastrous early election was gloomily packing his bags on the other side of town. "Not all of Nostradamus' predictions have come true either," said Sumanadasa Abeygunawardena as he reflected both on the fate of his vanquished boss and his own reputation as a seer.

He/she talks: Aquarius Horoscope February 2015

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Capricorn horoscope for Jan 26 2015 Most people have a diverse blend of negative and positive traits. The people we get along with best tend to be those whose own strengths and frailties balance out our own. You may be involved in a relationship with someone - a friendship or a romance - whose less appealing qualities are on display right now. When this person is at their worst, it can be hard to remember the better traits, yet they still exist. If you are having trouble believing in this person now, Capricorn, think back to events that showed off this individual's best qualities, and that should help you to deal with a rough patch. -- Copyright © Daily Horoscope. Download it now —

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