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Self defense technique for women

...Person executing it. The stomp kick can be used in a variety of scenarios but the one that most people could relate to is when an assailant comes up behind you, grabs you around the shoulders, by the hair or puts a forearm across your throat. To begin the stomp kick, simply raise your knee and leg as high as possible while rotating the ball of your... self defense technique for women

Best surfing tips

...Turn and position your board so that it’s flat on the wave face. Make sure to keep your knees bent. Watch your arm position on a frontside wave. When you’re pumping a frontside wave, put pressure on your toe side rail with your board facing the wave. While you’re... best surfing tips

Busty south indian actresses

... These busty South Indian actresses are all beautiful talented women. Well known in both nationally and internationally, these women have all done exceptional performances as actresses.... busty south indian actresses

How to find happiness without buying it

...Time to work in a food bank, or to work with underprivileged children, can really alter your perspective on where you are in life, and can create a deeper appreciation for the gifts you do have in your life. Helping others can boost your spirits as well. There is a great deal of personal... how to find happiness without buying it

Whose goals are you really chasing?

...They? Unfortunately, there's a fair chance that some of "your" goals aren't really yours at all. They might belong to your parents, your friends, or even your society as a whole. Here's how other people's goals can become yours – and why you want to take control again. #1: Your... whose goals are you really chasing?

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