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Common internet scams and how to avoid them

...The Internet is a powerful resource that connects you to the rest of the world and helps you access knowledge in the blink of any eye. It can also, however, put you in the precarious position of sussing out legitimate offers versus complete cons. These Internet scams are quite popular, but you can avoid falling victim to them by learning to recognize their common red... common internet scams and how to avoid them

Tips for detecting lies

...Be something less than the whole truth. Eye contact When someone won't meet your eye when they tell you something, your inner alarm should start ringing. Particularly if this person is usually fairly forthright and makes an average amount of eye contact when you talk to him. Many people are not confident about their ability to lie, and so will find it hard to look you in the eye,... tips for detecting lies

Top 10 country artists ever

...The Flying Burrito Brothers make him one of the top 10 country artists ever. Dwight Yoakam - Dwight is a traditionalist but not needlessly retro. He keeps country real, to this day, when sugar-coated pop his taking over the country airwaves. He's fighting the good fight as one of the top 10 country artists... top 10 country artists ever

Best ways to report a scam

...Steps can help you minimize the damage. Take down the details. It's not always easy to know when you're in the process of being scammed. If you have your suspicions, try and take notes as soon as you realize something fishy is going on. Some things to record are the name and description of any people involved in the scam, why you think... best ways to report a scam

Tips on strength training for women

...Most will let their form go down the tubes when lowering their last rep of a set (for example during dead lifts or chins) Women are more prone than men to exhibit valgus collapse during squatting – while individual differences such as Q-angles contribute to this, “sitting like a lady” probably contributes to it as well A woman’s glutes can... tips on strength training for women

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