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NMhealth: Health Insurance Exchange Events Planned For Las Cruces

PeterVogel: Bitcoin news of the day: regulated Bitcoin exchange set for launch. And it has half of all US states on board.  …

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86_haruppi: RT kodamasenkyo: Google + community for Kodama Haruka fan who lives abroad. Let the exchange of information overseas events!…

PrestonOdenbret: Wow! This is Art for 2015 and beyond Chevy Exchange: Nothing compliments a brand-new showroom like an Arctic...

Citr0nella: Bitcoin's first licensed US exchange opens with approval from 25 states

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zidagar ▶ ▷ talk: Google Keyboard 4.0.21173.1568296 APK Download - APKMirror - ...
They talk: Estrai i certificati dall'app in tuo possesso e da quella che proviene sicuramente da google (tipo estraendola dalle immagini di sistema) e verifichi che gli MD5 coincidano, ad esempio con keytool che trovi nell'SDK. Ma stiamo parlando di androidpolice, eh.
craiv, ti sostituisce l'app inputmethod ufficiale che già hai (versione precedente, ad esempio). se i certificati sono diversi l'app manco te la installa. ho ragione a dire che sei ignorante e parli a vanvera? :)
Piplo, era un'ipotesi, io la roba che linkate voi non la tocco nemmeno con un bastone lungo 50m, a priori
sono scelte tue, ci mancherebbe. però questo non è che ti autorizza a fare il sotuttoio su cose che nemmeno conosci, ci fai tu la figura del cretino. (poi fai quel che ti pare eh)
Commenti di Piplos a parte, qualche giorno fa per far funzionare keytool dovetti scaricare jre, fare una giravolta, aggiungere / al path e digitare rm -rf ./ per vedere un dump di un certificato ma senza possibilità di coontarlo con niente. Ci vorrebbe qualcosa che permetta di verificare i pacchetti (che ti dica se la firma è OK o NO) senza dover per forza conoscere i meccanismi di firma degli apk, tipo il lucchetto rotto su firefox ma per gli apk e senza doverare il telefono.
perché altrimenti arriva un nabbo qualunque (io) che con keytool estrae il certificato "di google" mentre la firma potrebbe essere anche fatta col certificato di hle, ma se non verifico il certificato non posso saperlo.
Però continua a sfuggirmi il "sotuttoio" quando almento 2 ho detto che non sono andato oltre al primo passaggio in quanto nabbo. Va beh, sto davvero rispondendo a Piplos?
guarda, non dovevi scrivere tutte queste gtificazioni per rigirare laittata, davvero, signor "stavo cazzeggiando"
Davo per scontato che se uno abilita "enti sconosciute" sul proprio smartphone sa che può andare in contro al rischio di prendere malware e prevedo anche il fatto che se uno clicca su quella spunta deve avere un minimo dipetenze per capire se sta installando roba firmata da XYZ o no.
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American talk: Time for Sean to be honest about what he is......... political-research] Jimmy Carter and the Jews--Demme's Documentary Sean McBride Sun, 16 Nov 2008 09:01:39 -0800
They talk: Why do you want to lie and misrepresent yourself. If you want to have dissions of I/P and Israel why don't you admit you are Jewish and be honest about it with. What do you think you have to gain by pretending not to be Jewish? You think you will be taken as 'unbiased' if you pose as non Jewish? Well that hasnt worked has it?
American -- I strongly respect the right of Intementers on Mideast politics, including you, to protect their personal privacy. Questions about one's general ethnic, religi and cultural biases seem fair enough, however -- although no one is obligated to answer those questions.
American -- did you assume, on no basis whatever, that I wrote the above Philip Weiss article? And then assume on that false belief that I am Jewish? An apology is in order -- you need to read more carefully before jumping the gun. I have beenpletely honest about my religi and ethnic background -- again, Roman Catholic, Episcopalian, Anglo-American, Irish-American, Dutch-American, with absolutely no Jewish family ties -- 100% Western European and Northern European by heritage -- and a fourth generation American. There is a tendency among some demented antisemites and Judeophobes to assume that anyone who disagrees with them is Jewish or part of a grand Jewish conspiracy. In fact, that may be the most conspicu marker of extreme antisemitism and Judeophobia -- one indicating a major break with reality.
No I did not assume you wrote it, I assume you passed it on to the mail group bece you agreed with it.....You are not going to get any apologiesom me buddy. what you will get is a large dose of your own medicine. You either make apologies to all of you have insulted and misrepresented or else....and you know exactly what I am talking about, so do it...apologize .
American -- you should know by now that I often pass along articles that I don't agree with -- they areeful as starting points for dissions, for acquiring insights into the opposition, etc. I do it all the time. Why in the world did you connect this Weiss article with the false acation that I am Jewish? Which I am not remotely? It's bece you find it impossible to believe that many non-Jews don't agree with all of your beliefs -- some of which veer into classical antisemitism and Judeophobia. That false charge is a crutch you need to lean on when your beliefs are challenged -- for instance, regarding the role of many powerful and wealthy non-Jewish interests in the United States in promoting a pro-Israel agenda. You can't handle the truth.
Ok -- I t reread this Weiss article on Jimmy Carter -- classic Weiss -- a wonderful article (written six years ago, in November 2008). I agree with it (and I am not Jewish). One notices that American received several critical responses in thements after he posted an extremely longment. I agree with his critique of liberal Zionism in hisments. I have absolutely no idea why American reposted the article here -- the only reasonable explanation is that he thinks I wrote it, although he denies this. If not that, what's the point?
American, thanks for this reminder about the documentary. I remembered it vaguely but did not have the time to go search for it. It's reallyeful for what I am writing. The chapter about how I came to America and discovered there is something mysteri bandied about called "Jewish values". Took me some decades (till my political awakening period) to realize those values are mostly plagiarizedom Christian values, in particular, the protestant tradition. In some embodiments, those "Jewish values" are made to look almost as if they invented the Quakers. The Jewish Century is one of my key references. It's all about the value of PR - as shown through the Old testament, repeating points ad neum has a purpose - if repeated often enough etc. Funny that in Israel we did not speak much of "Jewish values", probably bece there was that exilic affinity to it (bringing up marc Ellis again, another one of my key references).
Sorry for the OT, but the jewish reaction to Carter was indeed a flash point for me, my road to Damas moment. Such a deeply decent human being, whatever one thinks of his presidency (which proved that decency is NOT enough of an advantage for a high office where dirty politics is what it's all about). The Jews (and I say deliberately "The Jews" bece it was almost the full jewishmentariat) reacted to carter with something I can only describe as acute envy. That such a "goy" would lay claim to decency and directness. The gall of that guy! ad to call things by their name, without a shred of pilpul! really, who the heck does he think he is?
'' That such a "goy" would lay claim to decency and directness. The gall of that guy! ad to call things by their name, without a shred of pilpul! really, who the heck does he think he is? - Danaa)......:):):) Exactly! And exactly what we (and the world) need more of....plain talk and calling things exactly whatever they are. Not more seans, Slaters, and pilpul and hasbara and jingos and spin.
I said apologize Sean and you havent apologized to me or taxi or danaa for your deliberate lies and twisting of what we didnt even say.
American -- when I expressed strong opposition to the terrorist attack on the synagogue that was reported today, I was amazed to receive a barrage of excited criticalmentsom you, Taxi and Danaa. We all clearly have strong views on the subject of attacking civilians in hes of worship, and I doubt that further dission will budgeom our firmly held positions. We should agree to disagree on this point and move on to other issues that are not so contenti. We are already in a tiny minority as it is on these issues in general and it would be a mistake toacture further into disconnected and isolated atoms of personal ideological purity.
What is so special about a "He of worship"? what's different between that and a he where a person lives and storm troopers enter willy-nilly, destroy and kill bece they feel like it? why, did you stand up daily, Sean condemning all such acts? I realize it's a full-time job but hey, condemnation is as condemnation goes. At least richard Silverstein does do t that nearly daily. He condemns and excoriates. That does buy him some right to condemn the "other side" if he chooses though I doubt he would do so willy-nilly.
BTW, I condemn palestinians for being meat eaters, t as I condemn israelis, jews and everyone else. There now - consistency! go PETA!
Danaa -- what is so special about a "he of worship": people are very emotional about their religi issues, hes of worship should be places of peace and sanctuary, and when you attack a he of worship you are attacking an entire religion and everyone who believes in it -- inciting a bloody holy war that could go on for years, decades, centuries or even millennia. It's a very big deal.
Worship-shmorship is what I say. A bunch of meat eaters where the meatesom animals slaughtered with the utmost cruelty (yes, that's kosher for you). Why do we allow Americans to go and "worship" with the cultists anyways? Isn't it the same as those going to fight for ISIS?
Also Sean, I do happen to think Judaism, as a religion kind of sucks. But then religion is not my cup of tea. It is based on the mostr genocidal book ever written , as you yourself said. What kind of a religion is this and why should I respect the balck hat nutcases with their 10 zillion children, all brought up to be zealots? Joking aside, it is high time to take the religion of Judaism to task for misdeed and misbegotten actions. No need for any protocols. t look around. behold whatanyahu plans to do to the relatives of the individuals who killed some people at that he of violence-worship.
Oh taxi, that's rough. You know there's a reason we get a little sick as we grow old. If we didn't suffer some degradation of the flesh we'd never go along with dying in the first place. I am trying to imagine a crowd of taxi-like macros in their 110th year raiding the hospitals and the nursing homes, laying waste to the country-side, absolutely reing to die no matter what. Ouch!
hey Taxi, perhaps when the timees you could join with some brave Hezbollah fighters to raid the zio-state! even if you are 80 I am sure they would have a role for you, and perhaps you can take some zios with you to the other place. At least it'll be a warrior's death, even if not so pretty. On your gravestone (sorry for being morbid) it'll say - "Here lies the brave macro-Taxi, Not a moment sick in life, and nary a regret". BTW, don't worry, my personal religion (all mine) is The metaverse, sometimes called The matrix. In this religion we are all programs in a universe set-up and played by the teen age boys of a future version of. They are tryiong to keep it going as long as possible while getting a good laugh now and then (as I said, they are boys. The teen-age girls of the future are, alas still girls. Their universes don't last as long. Everyone diesom too much gossip I think. t imagine two valley girls given a universe to p"play" with. Oh well...imagination is such a curse!).
So in my religion, if the "players" like your program bece it's a kick, they might t bring it back, though no telling in what version or gender. That's my kind of resurrection as I keep telling WJones.
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ipakaw2202 talk: домашнее задание по алгебре 9 класс макарычев миндюк нешков суворов
They talk: Скачать: ... (зеркало)
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p01yN0Nym0u5 talk: RichardSerino OiendFeed OpTwitter OpSearch ...
They talk: ...
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Emilyeggz: A piece of travel advice: if you can not understand the woman behind the counter, do NOT give her your money. I swapped £10 to $8.55 Brazilian Reais (the equivalent of £3) because of a miscommunication over a $20 Reais commission. It may be the most expensive bottle of water I have ever bought.
Date: 2013-04-05 00:52:00 GMT

Lost in Translation:

Language barriers are stressful and extremely frustrating; especially when you have understood tasks or questions completely wrong (and you don’t know what part of a tree you are meant to be cutting!).

But sometimes you have to step back, look at the situation and just laugh.

Yesterday I found myself shouting “PALTA PALTA” meaning “AVOCADO AVOCADO” to the children, because I confused it for the word for STOP!

What was funnier however was hearing the children shouting the actual word for STOP! right back at me which just so happens to be…: “BASTA BASTA”

You’ve got to laugh.

Post on: 2013-05-04 17:52:31 GMT lost in translation,


The City of Eternal Spring.
Boasting a year-round sunny climate and some of the friendliest locals in Bolivia.

Post on: 2013-04-20 01:17:12 GMT

1 Corinthians 11 v 6:

God works in different ways, but it is the same God who does the work in all of us

Post on: 2013-05-07 01:40:22 GMT Corinthians 11 v 6, it is the same God who does the work in all of us,


Paradigms effect everything we do, and we see and act through our reality and values. 

A Paradigm Shift is when we come to see the world in a different way by broadening our minds, education and understanding. 

Post on: 2013-05-01 21:09:38 GMT

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