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Download videos from youtube without idm or youtube downloader

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Use service dogs to boost employee moral

...Create work stations where the dog can practice its trained abilities. For example, the dog could retrieve the boss' Blackberry after it gets "lost."     Post a picture of the dog on a bulletin board in the lunch room or hallway with progress... use service dogs to boost employee moral

Create google account

...Service from Google, you may click "Accept" and finish creating your new Google account. Your new Google account will allow you to use products across the Google network, from Google Checkout to Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Documents and other features.... create google account

Let the fun continue by using an unblocked facebook proxy

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Download videos from youtube

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Mortimersparrow: The Lament for Icarus By Herbert James Draper remains one of my favorite paintings ever.I am lucky enough to be able to put it on someones skin today as part of a sleeve!A daunting honor but i am very excited about it :)FB update page, which i will be getting some tutorials up on soon!
Date: 2013-05-21 06:55:32 GMT

Rachelisafallenangel: Okay, I know I’m too late with this, and everyone is already voting for this one person, but it would mean so much to me if you voted for me! The person everyone is voting for so looks like they write their stories in the description of their photos, while I post them on the fanfiction website…so…. could you please vote for me? I’ll give everyone who views for me a shoutout! Those who don’t realize who I am on FF, I’m stuckbeingrachel! Please!!!!!!!! <3 #please #help #vote #for #me #best #fanfiction #shoutout #shoutouts #HOA #houseofanubis #writing #FF #fanfic
Date: 2013-05-21 10:20:15 GMT

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Date: 2013-05-21 09:04:11 GMT


we have just been bought a young starling, the lady’s cat caught him and she put the bird in an empty box in her rabbit run for over two hours.
When he got here he was stone cold and need reviving, its eyes are both a complete mess, ruined leg.
If you encounter a similar situation all birds even adult require heat after a trauma, and just as a human with mangled eyes and a broken leg would need painkillers so does a bird.
If a tiger bit your face and popped your eyeballs and broke your leg, i promise, as your pal, i wouldnt put you in a box in my rabbit run for a few hours

Post on: 2014-06-24 23:17:43 GMT

First Walk ins!:

I am very grateful to my jedi master and everyone at the shop for letting me do my first THREE tattoos today for walk in customers.
A white and grey dove on a girls ankle.
A Chinese symbol, meaning ‘beautiful’ on a chicks hip
and a big bold red and black lightning bolt on a boy who had just turned 21. 
I am itching to do more, the first time i have ever been given money for a tattoo *-* *-*

Post on: 2013-03-16 21:53:38 GMT

First day in the tattoo shop:

On the 7th, it went well… I was not nervous which was great and unexpected. As soon as my tattoo Jedi Master arrived he got me to tattoo a small blue diamond on the other artist.
"Throwing you in at the deep end - you have to learn fast"

I feel it went OK, the feedback that i got from both artists was priceless - practicing at home meant i had no mentor and no real way to improve, but i do now and i am so excited.

I am back in again tomorrow, i am hungry for it, hungry for it like i am hungry for beans that have been cooked for ages and have gone all soft and lovely. 
I will let you know how it goes!

Post on: 2013-02-10 11:34:32 GMT

Walk Ins - Saturday:

i got to do three walk ins!
Daffodil seed thing! on wrist
Paws on foot
Heart on Wrist

it was awesome, so grateful i got to do them, and talk to interesting Paw foot woman!

Woman came in asking for me specifically, designing and executing back design for her.
I rolled around on the floor joyously after she had left :) :) :)

Post on: 2013-03-25 20:10:00 GMT

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